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  1. To add, much of the symphonic suite does of course beat out their PS1 counterparts. But a few of my favorite tracks from the game were not written for orchestra, and the PS1 version's instrument samples are good enough, even for the orchestral tracks, that overall I do prefer it. The tower themes (collectively, "Screams from the Tower of Monsters"), Paradise, Fighting Spirit, and World of the Strong use non-orchestral samples and therefore don't transfer 1:1 to an orchestra. Many variations of Screams from the Tower of Monsters are missing entirely, and the ones that are there are all part of the same track in the remakes rather than getting spookier as you go up higher in a tower. Singing Stadium is bizarrely cut short in all symphony renditions. Place of Stopped Time is played faster and in a different key for some reason, making it sound a bit less mysterious. Tula Dance (later renamed Sacrifice Dance, perhaps because it's no longer played with a tula) and Prayer of Revival have totally different instrumentation, which don't at all fit with the Terra Tula/Torban of Truth being played in the game. Fever (VI) is cut from the remakes of VI and VII entirely as the slot machines were changed to be like the ones from DQV PS2 and no longer have the "Good Luck"/"Reach!" state where the music would play - but Fever would also not work as an orchestral track. There's actually an unused piano arrangement of Fever in VI mobile's files, but it lacks the feel of the original version anyway. Unfortunately even the synth music used in the mobile/international 3DS versions of VII mostly used orchestral samples instead of being faithful to the PS1 synths - and the samples chosen were rather weak, too. At least they added the rest of Singing Stadium back in. That said, most of the other tracks in VII, the ones actually written for an orchestra, sound amazing in the latest symphonic suite/Japanese 3DS version.
  2. Wow, this is the first I've seen this thread. Nice! Looking forward to hearing more about this project. If this gets translated, I'll have to hunt down a copy.
  3. @topic All of this game's music is among my favorites. The idea of a "worst" track from DQ7 is blasphemy. Mobile/international 3DS soundtrack uses horrible instrument samples though. Best version of the soundtrack is the PS1 version - as some tracks were not written for orchestra, unlike much of the series' music.
  4. I've done the second trial several times. It's been a while, but I think I still have a couple wishes left. Then the third trial, then whatever is after that. Can't remember if I ever finished the Wheel of Harma.
  5. The other day I finally defeated Zoma and earned my username. Just VI, VIII, and the expansions for X left! Oh, and XI's post game.
  6. @TigermaskHow's the patch going? Looking forward to finally getting to play Torneko 3.
  7. Are the tools used to add maps to DQ3 SFC (like the extra dungeon in K.Mix) publicly available?
  8. I've been watching this project since I was a child. I fear it may never release.
  9. I would love to go camping. I haven't been camping in over a decade. But I've got nobody to camp with and I also do not see the point of camping alone.
  10. I took a look at that page but my Japanese isn't very good and the Google translations were pretty rough. Basically, what I'm looking for is just the GBC version of the game but with SFC graphics and sound.
  11. Awww man It would be so cool to have the GBC bonus dungeon in the SFC version. But otherwise I would want a vanilla experience.
  12. @Democrobot Haven't heard from you in a while. Everything OK?

    1. Democrobot


      I liiiiiiive

  13. @BelatarrI'm sorry to hear about your friend. Nothing can replace a friend. But I know a good game can help one move through grief - DQ has helped me in that way, too. I hope you enjoy it enough that it becomes more than a tool for dealing with grief - new fans are always welcome here.
  14. I don't want to see any other "HD-2D" remakes. Peak DQ was PS1/DS/V for PS2.
  15. Anybody here aware of any official artwork of Castle Charlock/Dragonlord's Castle/Zoma's Citadel? Interior or exterior, but particularly exterior. @Dwaine (You usually seem to be the person to have artwork.)
  16. I would cast my vote for the Den's own @hawkeye77o4, he did a great job with the music in DW Classic I&II
  17. Everybody brings up DQ Swords... I didn't like that soundtrack and I recognized right away that it wasn't Sugiyama's music. I don't mean to diss the artist, the music was alright in and of itself but it did not invoke Dragon Quest to me *at all*.
  18. Currently Citra doesn't run Theatrythm (no rendering). It worked in older versions, but I don't know how old.
  19. A bit late, but here's Bunnidict Thumperhatch.
  20. My Vita won't turn on. I've read if the battery dies completely it will only charge off a real wall charger, not a USB cable. But I don't have a wall charger to try that with.
  21. I just found out that like half the characters Ithought were voiced by Billy Crystal were actually a man named Nathan Lane.

    1. Bururian


      It seems your mind was crystal clear.

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