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  1. The 3DS version does exist though. These companies need to stop acting like the world hasn't globalized.
  2. The DS version of DQVI, while graphically improved over the SFC version, is worse in just about every other way. The SFC version has never seen a proper translation patch. The most complete version was abandoned almost two decades ago by both teams that had been involved (DeJap and NoProgress). If I recall it's only at about 42%.
  3. ファーラット = Feralball https://www.woodus.com/den/resources/monster_wiki_result.php?monsternumber=1581&pickedname=Furrat レノファイター = Enormoose https://www.woodus.com/den/resources/monster_wiki_result.php?monsternumber=2015&pickedname=Moosedon コロファイター = Battle Pip https://www.woodus.com/den/resources/monster_wiki_result.php?monsternumber=1925&pickedname=Koro Fighter ピチファイター = Conkerer https://www.woodus.com/den/resources/monster_wiki_result.php?monsternumber=1926&pickedname=Little Fighter
  4. It looks like you've got small ャ and small ァ switched here. If you swap them, all of those monsters exist. And by Furrat I mean Feralball
  5. Are you sure those are spelled right? Looks like Furrat The others are Reno Fighter, Koro Fighter, and Peachy Fighter. I believe these are the Foo/Pod/etc. fighters. Edit: Reno Fighter is actually Moosedon/Enormoose
  6. I didn't mean online vs local, I meant an online event vs just chatting on the den like we normally would.
  7. Well, I can only insert text in the Wii version so far, anyway.
  8. 3DO DOOM may be a choppy rushed port, but some of its OST is really good. Check out this version of Donna to the Rescue:
  9. Bumping this as a reminder to myself
  10. I can take another crack at putting together the multi-patch, but I can't send you a burned disk. You'll still have to obtain the hardware to burn it yourself. I'll need some time though. Both the machines that had those files on it are out of commission at the moment, so I'll have to start over.
  11. So is this just login info or also posts and stuff?
  12. Hey @Woodus, can we go back to the old forums? I can't even type a post without this version locking up on me. My text cursor keeps jumping around, and then it disappeared altogether. Refreshing the page didn't fix it, I had to come to this page to be able to type again.

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    2. Woodus


      Are you on the IPS theme or the one I bought?

    3. Mimas


      Interesting. I tend to only browse and not type anything on the mobile site, and tend to use Firefox on that as well. The bottom says "IPS Theme by IPSFocus", but I have a slime background. Is this the Woodus theme or the IPS theme then?

    4. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Mine also says IPS Theme by IPSFocus. I also have the slime background.

  13. I like FF7 and FF8 (haven't finished either yet tho) but just can't get into any other FF game. I've tried, in fact I own at least one version of each FF from 1-9, excluding (the real) III. But the only ones to ever actually capture my interest were VII and VIII... And VII has always lost me by the end of disk 1. (I'm very far into VIII though, on what is essentially my first playthrough.)
  14. Switch *is* a home console. People gotta stop acting like it isn't and demand publishers put their games on the system. Despite what publishers would like you to believe, there are very few games that would *not* work on the Switch. They are just too lazy/cheap to put the effort in. Unless it's a very heavy simulation or something, you just have to reduce the quality of the graphical assets, and maybe optimize parts of the code for ARM chipsets (which are very common to develop for as they are in most if not every single smartphone that exists, as well as countless other things).
  15. Hey, somebody played that! Awesome! Sorry it wasn't more coherent. I continued working on the script for a few months after the final update, but was unable to publish the patch myself as I didn't write the build tools and I didn't have access to them. The guy that did ghosted us.
  16. I'm not too familiar with DS-specific hardware/software/hacking, but couldn't you find all the necessary program changes for DQMJ2Pro by doing a differential compare between the Japanese and English DQMJ2 roms? You may have to offset either rom by some amount (multiple times) if the executable and data have been reorganized, but if you can line it all up, you can see what's changed. This is theory. I assume this kind of program must exist, because people release patches where they themselves have reorganized the rom (if your patch contains any part of the original rom, in an
  17. マイプロべレムスアーノットユーアースツヂールウィス。アイアムソーリー。プリーズハブアナイスデーイ。
  18. I can at least understand why Erdrick and Erik are blocked, but with Albatross it just seems pointless.
  19. I could get used to listening to Japanese, but I wouldn't enjoy the experience as much. I do believe the original author should have the right to demand accuracy and quality of a dub, but not to veto the inclusion of a dub entirely. If they have a problem with the concept of their work being dubbed for a foreign language release, they don't deserve to profit from the foreign region. While no games should be limited to any one region/country/language, international versions of games should not be feature incomplete. The ability to understand what is being said is not only a feature,
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