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  1. I just found out that like half the characters Ithought were voiced by Billy Crystal were actually a man named Nathan Lane.

    1. Bururian


      It seems your mind was crystal clear.

  2. Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy in Fortune Street Portable for PSP has a nearly complete translation patch. Some flavour text is broken/untranslated, but all the menus and a significant amount of CPU banter are translated, so it is totally playable.
  3. @foxfirenelli Happy Birthday! I hope you haven't forgotten about us...
  4. Not reading the post because I don't want more spoilers but the topic title itself is. I don't mean to impose, but for the sake of others would you consider being more vague in your title?
  5. I think CenturlyLink is throttling traffic to the Den and/or it's host. Lately the site has been slow - often to the point of completely timing out - but only on my home network. I don't have this problem with any other site.

  6. What do you mean by "builds"?
  7. Off the top of my head, excluding video games, this: https://www.amazon.com/Gateway-SK-9920-Multimedia-Keyboard-Silver/dp/B000KK4JHU I still use it for a significant amount of time daily.
  8. I've known too many alcoholics to really enjoy alcohol. Very, very rarely (once or twice a year, and only with a group of friends) I'll drink some liquor. If I'm going to drink, I prefer a bit of Hennessy. If that's not available, then literally whatever rum is available, with coke. I've not found a beer I could stand to smell, let alone drink.
  9. No. Wrong. ArtePiazza used Matrix Software for the programing end of DQ V.
  10. This is infuriating if true. I actually had the game pre-ordered at EBGames, we put $5 down on it when we got DWVII and it's Prima guide.
  11. When I tried to screeshot the error last night, I didn't get it and the game actually let me play アードリック. Now I'd prefer he wasn't removed from the team if he hasn't been already. Please still add Skye if there's room on the team. If there's not room, don't worry about it.
  12. I'll try to remember to take a screenshot during Kids' Time.
  13. I intend to play as アードリック in the future, I just need to reformat my Switch SD card (or buy a new one) so I can redownload the game and get somewhere where I can switch platforms. I have V1-4 on both PC and Switch, but I am saved at the Pyramid, which has special restrictions, as I understand.
  14. Lost access to アードリック because he's stuck somewhere I apparently can't access on PC (and my Switch has no room to download the game). So I started a new Elf character, Skye. If the team is full, feel free to remove アードリック in favor of スカイ.
  15. For the record, I have no way to dump the script from this patch. I contributed through an online tool to edit the script database on TimK1980's server, but only Tim had the tools to build a patch from the database. The database is now offline and has been for years.
  16. Thank you, everyone! This is incorrect. Dunno why it says that.
  17. Not sure yet but I think the PC version scales the 2D assets using nearest neighbor rather than blurring them as in the Switch version. Which means we should be able to rip tiles straight from screenshots - but I am in the middle of so many things right now I don't feel like dropping immediately to play the game a third time through. If I could use my Switch save on PC somehow (assuming it's even on my NAND, as my SD card got corrupted), maybe I could start. But I don't want to comb every map of the whole game alone.
  18. My favorite casino story is any time in the original versions of VI or VII when the little people come out and bless and/or curse your slot reels. I was not happy that the remakes nixed this.
  19. I'm a bit late to the party, but here goes: 1) English language 2) Minimal, from what I've seen 3) I wouldn't know, but if it is I would hope it takes more cues from Minecraft. It's interesting to see a building game with a story but the fact that there is a definitive ending and the game doesn't get updated with new features for extended play gives me little reason to build anything beyond the bare minimum to progress. I want an open-ended world like Minecraft, a sandbox of interconnected systems, but with a Dragon Quest setting. 4) Almost certainly the Drakee.
  20. I don't know how you've localized the title, but may I suggest DRAGON QUEST Mystery Dungeon: Torneko Taloon's Terrific Treasure Hunt 3? (Plus a subtitle if necessary, I can't remember if there is one in Japanese.
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