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    Dragon Warrior I (NES)
    Dragon Warrior II (NES)
    Dragon Warrior III (NES)
    Dragon Warrior IV (NES)
    Dragon Quest VI (SNES)
    Dragon Warrior VII (PSX)
    Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)
    Dragon Warrior I (GBC)
    Dragon Warrior II (GBC)
    Dragon Warrior III (GBC)
    Dragon Quest V (PS2)
    Dragon Quest VII (3DS)
    Dragon Quest I (Android/iOS)
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    Dragon Quest III (Android/iOS)
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    Dragon Quest V (Android/iOS)
    Dragon Quest VI (Android/iOS)
    Dragon Quest VIII (Android/iOS)
    Dragon Quest VIII (3DS)
    DQ Heroes (PC)
    DQ Heroes II (PS4)
    DQ Builders (PS4)
    DQ Builders (Vita)
    DQ Swords (Wii)
    Taloon's Quest I (SNES)
    Torneko 2: The Last Hope (PSX)
    DW Monsters (GBC)
    DW Monsters 2 (GBC)
    Itadaki Street (PS2)
    DQ Wars (DSI)
    DQ Heroes II (PC)
    Dragon Quest Builders (PS4/Vita)
    Dragon Quest Builders (Switch)
    Dragon Quest XI (PC)
    Dragon Quest XI S (Switch)
    Dragon Quest 1 (Switch)
    Dragon Quest 2 (Switch)
    Dragon Quest 3 (Switch)
    Dragon Quest X (Switch)
    Dragon Quest of the Stars

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    Dragon Quest, Scuba Diving, Crash Bandcoot, Game Development, Spyro the Dragon -- In no particular order. Also, Dragon Quest VII (Deserves it's own spot.)

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  1. Hey @Woodus, can we go back to the old forums? I can't even type a post without this version locking up on me. My text cursor keeps jumping around, and then it disappeared altogether. Refreshing the page didn't fix it, I had to come to this page to be able to type again.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Woodus


      Are you on the IPS theme or the one I bought?

    3. Mimas


      Interesting. I tend to only browse and not type anything on the mobile site, and tend to use Firefox on that as well. The bottom says "IPS Theme by IPSFocus", but I have a slime background. Is this the Woodus theme or the IPS theme then?

    4. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Mine also says IPS Theme by IPSFocus. I also have the slime background.

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