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  1. My DQ3 party now has 3 pairs of elevating shoes and I'm spamming the Lyre of Ire in a room that spawns LMS. Still not leveling as fast as I'd like.

    1. ignasia


      Using the Lyre negates the Elevating Shoes.  Even if the Golden Claws worked as they did in the NES, it would still help negate the Elevating Shoes, as it tracks only to each individual character's steps.  So even if walking around, the rear characters are always 2 or 3 steps of EXP behind, which over time does add up.

      Plus the Elevating Shoes are only worthwhile from levels 1~40.  Post 40 the EXP amount is so high 1 EXP per step has no value.  Though the Luck bonus does make it worthwhile for status defense.

    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Wait that's how elevating shoes work? I read they increased your EXP from battle.

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