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  1. Now we're gaming with fire.

    Oh wait, that's my power supply.

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    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I was joking. But I can't have anything on during the day or I risk such a thing happening. The other day it got so hot indoors that both my personal desktop, and my work laptop (also owned by me, just used specifically for work) overheated. My work laptop is completely fried, it keeps crashing in a loop before even trying to boot Windows. My job was telecommute-only so I'm in the process of finding a new job.


      Thankfully my much more expensive gaming desktop still works, although I fear one of my drives may be failing now. The first few times I turned the machine back on I couldn't access anything on it. It randomly started working again, but I desperately need extra drives to back up to now. I've got several terrabytes of information potentially exposed to loss and I can't afford to back it up.

    3. ignasia


      Wow.  I'm not sure what to say.  I live in a desert, and while it's absolutely punishing being outside, it's never that hot inside (even without air conditioning, though I guess it's a product of Adobe style builds generally keeping a better temperature naturally...albeit this isn't true adobe, so it's not quite as cool as those buildings are, but then I'd never have wireless internet, as those walls absorb it, and wired would require running everything on the ceiling to get just behind the desired wall of the wall plate, as the walls are completely solid adobe brick, so not even plumbing is within them).

      I've been through a similar scenario before, but never quite that bad (though mine was more electrical surge issues based on super dry climate and heavy thunderstorms overwhelming the grounding elements).  Is there anything on places like Wish List for you?  You could potentially get a much cheaper, even if more cheaply made (it is a bit iffy as to product quality, but usually it's decent as per my sister and most of her friends' experience, and that's out here, the #$*! of the US, New Mexico, the place everything thinks is actually Mexico and 3rd world).

      Yeah, Wish List might be a good option for you, at least on the cheap, at least for right now until you can afford a better one, or move out of there.   You could also cross reference online for build quality reviews, though a lot of decent stuff does get picked up fast, there's often a fair amount of options.

    4. RyuKisargi


      At least a HDD can be kinda cheap man.

      Eugh on your Laptop though. Why can't you telecom through your desktop? You shouldn't have to jobhunt. :(

  2. DQ3 is almost playable in Yuzu, but the tiles don't line up properly and the font is slightly broken. Also, in the prologue, the wood grain background becomes a forground obscuring your view.

  3. So the gameboy emulator in DQM Retro works in Yuzu, I can go through the menus and move around and hear what's going on... But there's no video output whatsoever. Not just from the emulator but from the Switch frontend for the emulator either.

  4. RE9 will be "RESIDENT EVI7: 5IX"

  5. sitting at the file select screen like "today we need to talk about parallel universes"

  6. Where is Forge mode for Halo MCC PC? I want to use walls to shove people outside the map to their deaths.


    Also, I want to spam all the shaders.


    And spawn kill balls on top of people.


    I'm a horrible person.

  7. Streaming what will probably be the end of Uncharted 3 at 2:30PM PST. twitch.tv/erdrickthehero I may or may not start Uncharted 4 afterwards, depends on time.

  8. I just got to use the word "schism" in casual conversation. Very fine diction.

  9. When you kill two Liquid Metal Slimes and their non-slime guardians in one turn and don't level up.

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    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      DQ3 Switch.

    3. ignasia


      Damn, totally forgot to respond.  Sorry.  Rimuldar, as you're no doubt aware, is useless since the mobile.  Not sure why, but they kept the spawn rates identical for other areas, just nerfed that one.

      Rubiss Tower 5F (1 and 2F aren't bad)

      Zenith Dungeon 3B and 5B  (the first part of the bonus dungeon, leading to King Zenith)

      Other than that, the Goopi's, but they're a bit slower in the mobile and likely in the Switch to spawn the larger summons.  There's also 4B of the Zenith Dungeon for the highest spawn rate of the metal Chimaera's.  Then there's the cave North of Tantegel for the strongest of the oriental dragons (Salamander in the GBC version, I guess Auroral Serpent?).  Those last two aren't fantastic, but the Metal Chimaera's give 9k before the split, and the Serpents, 6k, both of which are very easy to kill.  Unfortunately, they don't spawn at a particularly high rate, though in Rubiss Tower 5F, you do encounter the Serpent's at a reasonable rate (5%, less than the LMS).

      So there's that option.  Unfortunately, they seem even more prone to running, so even with Puff! tactics, it's a bit iffy to get more than one.

    4. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Yeah, I've been grinding in Rubiss' Tower. I haven't taken on Castle Charlock (or whatever they call it nowadays) yet.

  10. Rock it don't stop it, you gotta rock it don't stop.

    Rock it don't stop it, you gotta rock it don't stop.

  11. Grocery shopping is even more tedious and disappointing than usual. And I'm not even buying a lot today.

    1. eal


      I had to wait in a line outside while they herded us in. To make sure no one cut the line, they used upside down carriages with caution tape wrapped around them as a fence.

      Everyone in the store was covering their mouths or had gloves on and were aggressively nice and polite and let me go first because they didn’t want our carriages to bump each other’s. BUT I got toilet paper today. 

    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I'm glad we bought a metric ton of toilet paper just before everybody else did. It wasn't even a panic thing, we just keep a ton stocked and don't buy it very often. Granted, that definitely wasn't my purchase or decision, I'm not taking credit for it.

    3. eal


      I had enough beforehand but I went to Walmart after the first wave of panic shoppers and that Walmart just so happened to be restocking toilet paper at the time so I just stumbled into getting some.

  12. Uhhhh... And the point is...?


    1. RyuKisargi


      YTMND is still a thing?

  13. Of course Netflix is putting Happy! Season 2 up in America this week after I already used a VPN to watch it on their Japanese servers.

  14. PSA: If you're sick of fearmongering, it *is* possible to tell YouTube you're "Not Interested" in their "COVID-19 News" section on the homepage.

    1. Twinkie


      True. But most of the fearmongering stuff I see is on Facebook. I just ended up blocking and removing a lot of people over it and it is a lot better now.

    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I haven't signed into Facebook in years.

    3. solo


      most of the shite i see is from twitter and reddit


  15. I am feeling an odd nostalgia for the Windows XP install process. I did install the OS countless times growing up, but still... Odd.

    1. ignasia


      Random thought, or did you just install windows 10?

      I mean there was a certain amount of control over the process.  A lot of customization elements, then that pesky key request that pops up.  Along with the question of which files weren't installed, or were installed incorrectly (wrong folder or partial files), then running recovery to check core file integrity and for any missing files.  Then a disk check to double check core file integrity based on the registry.

      Then knowing it's best to only update windows and drivers in safe-mode.  Then reset.  If you want to keep your OS stable.  Even better if it's installed on a flash drive...that was a fun time, back when you could install your windows system on a pen drive, along with whatever executables you needed, to run anything on any computer.  I think you can still do that with most current builds of Linux, but I haven't tracked or used Linux for 10 years.

      Or use a Raptor 16/32/64GB HDD as an independent setup with JUST the OS, to a raid setup for everything else, which was the best way to maintain stability over extended periods of time, and assure core files loaded into RAM fast, often bypassing a lot of bottlenecks.

      Also the days when Codec Packs were just popping in, as they were required given the limited codecs available and the number of file types being developed.  That was a crazy time.

    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I'm pretty sure Microsoft has an official utility available to create a bootable Windows thumb drive.


      No, I just saw a terminal with a blue background and grey text. Then that funky OOBE music started playing in my head and I started seeing visions of the alternate reality in which we all live in a technologically advanced and economically thriving world brought upon and driven forward by innovation. Then I got a call and had to return to the reality of my dead end job with no prospects or any hope of getting back out of this godforsaken town again, let alone finding a well paying job (they definitely don't exist here).

  16. Imagine Danny Devito. Now imagine him at the height of Rubeus Hagrid. Now imagine him with a ponytail. I work with this person.

  17. The PC port of the XBox One port of the XBox 360 enhanced port of the the PC port of the XBox classic, Halo: Combat Evolved is rather good so far.

  18. Discovered Langrisser over the weekend. I'll have to buy it now.

  19. The medicinal herb cannot be equipped.

  20. Played a bit of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon demo. It's alright, but it really just makes me want to play Torneko or Young Yangus.

  21. はじめまして! エードリックですとアリアハン出身です。

  22. Happy New Decade, Denizens!

    I'm so glad I got to ring in the new year with some of my pals on the Dragon's Den team in DQX. I haven't been able to play in a long time, and therefore haven't had much chance to speak with them in a long time. Great way to start the next 10 years!

  23. I keep staying up late to play DQX during Kid's Time, but losing track of time until after it's (almost) over. This is starting to tick me off.

    One moment I look at the clock and it's 10:45, and what feels like 20 minutes later it's 1:30.

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    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I mean I keep missing kids time

    3. ignasia


      Oh, given your last line, I thought you were indicating how easy it is to get embroiled in the game, and how annoyed you were at staying up so late without noticing.

      That makes no sense then.  So it's prior to 10:45?  Or after 1:30? 

    4. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Kids time is 12:00-2:00


      By the time you really get into the a game that last half hour is just gone

  24. Why is Star Ocean priced at $20.99?


    Actually why does a lot of stuff on the eShop appear to be just over a nice round number like that? It's dumb. I just wanted to get a classic JRPG with my Christmas eShop card, but no, they had to price it just out of reach.


    Maybe I should just pirate the game and give SE the middle finger.

    1. ignasia


      It's designed to make you think an item is cheaper than it is, even when it's rounded up.

      I guess it's less annoying than 20.97, or 95?  Where it's like....really, 3 / 5c less?  Wow, that's like 1/1000th a slice of pizza.  Woooo.

    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Not saying I want communism (dear good please no) but I'm getting reeeeeeaaaaaally sick of rampant unchecked capitalism. Every day it seems the corporations have found one more way to duck us raw without consent.


      Actually I'm starting to draw a lot of comparisons between today's capitalism and cold war communism. Today's world is dominated by monopolies. What is communism but a government owned monopoly?

      Really feels like one of those "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenarios.

    3. ignasia


      That's not capitalism.  It's corporatism.  Corporate protectionism, which is a form of socialism, with corporations as the gearbox.  Capitalism would have no protections of any kind.  A bank fails...too bad.  Most of the corporate buyouts are government sanctioned as well, leading to super sized enterprises, and many of them have heavy government investment.

      Then if you check, not the budget, but the income reports of the US Federal and all State governments.  I forget what the US financial report is called, but the state's abbreviation is the CAFR.  You'll find since Clinton, over 95% of all the stock market growth is government investment.  Then there's the dumping of all the Troubled Asset Relief Funds granted to all the banks in 2006~9.  They spent nothing, but instead gave it back to the Federal Reserve.  About 60 billion.  The Fed put that into the stock market and futures, and about 2013 or 2014, it was over 380 billion in value.

      I forget the bill Clinton signed, but it was one proposed by the first Bush administration to allow government funds to be diverted into alternative sources instead of the Fed or back into the Treasury.

      As a result, the Federal Government makes somewhere over 8 trillion in profits annually off the stock market and futures buying and selling.  This was due to changes to banking regulations proposed by Dodd-Frank, that would reduce interest and tie interest payments to the Fed, rather than allow banks to independently vary their interest rates and use the Fed as a baseline.  It really hasn't worked out that well.  Of course Dodd-Frank wasn't able to pass the house until 2008, and only when proposed by those two, and separated from a housing investment bill John McCain had proposed back in 1994 or 5.  Those regulations are no longer fully active (allowed scamming people out of money by charging negative interest, but that's back on the books again and in discussion...as Dodd-Frank is still law, even if most if its proposals are insuspension...like charging for having a bank account, which was meant to be the precursor to negative interest rates).

      Though yeah, monopolies are a bane, but a lot of them aren't even local.  Most monopoly companies are owned by European investment groups.  They're not even American anymore.  The only true American mega companies like Alphabet and Facebook, are government subsidiaries that are falsely presented as independent corporations.  Facebook's own code was ripped from a company that was working with the CIA at the time, to do the exact same thing.  What's his face wasn't nearly good enough of a programmer and his story of setting up the service for his wife was nothing but hogwash, and a good sales pitch.

      There are a few independent singular large companies that are American, and are legit.  Walmart, Microsoft, and Dell.

      It's not even like you cannot make a new business these days.  There are ample avenues to make money, but the traditional method is stymied hardcore.  It's much more expensive to build a restaurant in most districts, depending on regulations.

      It's unfair, but not because of capitalism.  Just people taking advantage of the system, then paying off law makers to assure they retain their positions of power.  Or start-ups that get grants, and have an idea a government agency or investment group likes, and pumps in money.

      Though if you look at Amazon.  Amazon took the Getty route of moving money around constantly.  Only instead of moving to a shell company, they keep expanding.  It's interesting, they would be making ogles of profit daily as they are right now, if they stopped their growth.  Looking at their financial reports, almost all of it is moved to new ventures.  The rest is dumped into banks to pay prior loans, rainy day funds for various parts of their business, or corporate bonuses.

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