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  1. Feel free to remove Danicka from the team. I don't think he'll play again.
  2. You can emulate the Wii remote or any other standard input device compatible with the Wii using the keyboard, mouse, or a USB/Bluetooth keyboard. If you plan on playing games that utilize motion controls, it's possible to play without a Wii remote, but would be much better if you paired a real one via Bluetooth. You can emulate the Wii remote pointer with the mouse, but if you're already using a real Wii remote you might as well use a sensor bar as well. You don't need any particular brand (such as "dolphin bar"), any battery or USB powered one will work (even the one that comes with a real Wii would work, if you really wanted to leave your Wii powered on alongside your computer). "Sensor Bar" is a misnomer as it actually contains no sensors - it just houses a pair of infrared LED lights which the Wii remote's built in IR sensor picks up and uses to triangulate it's position.
  3. My mom and her boyfriend just got a nice house. Relatively big, too. I'm happy for her.
  4. So this is playable on Android now, thanks to RetroArch's new EasyRPG core. (Tons of errors, dunno if they are fixable, haven't spent much time with it - but so far it works fine besides showing error messages.)
  5. For the record, DQX on 3DS has the same graphics as the other versions, as it's not rendered directly on the 3DS hardware - it's streamed from a server/render farm. The only differences are in the GUI layer - that is, menus and such (2D elements), which are rendered on the 3DS on top of the stream, as they're so small they could easily be ruined by compression/artifacting.
  6. I'm just waiting for DQXIS to finish the post game. It seems pointless do slog through it on my craptop at 8fps when an improved version is coming to Switch in December.
  7. Glad this is still a thing. Hopefully soon I'll be able to play again (again, again, again, again, again; lol)!
  8. The other day my best friend found Dead Like Me season 1 on DVD and bought it for me (it's the one TV show I've ever watched beginning to end multiple times). Glad to know I'll be able to watch it any time now, even if Hulu drops it. (I was pretty sad when I found out Netflix had dropped it, that's where I first saw it.) Now if only I had season 2... I kind of wish they'd bring back the series, but between the actors aging and Mandy Patinkin having passed away (wait, he's still alive? I could have sworn I read he passed... Maybe it was a hoax. I guess it's pretty hard to kill a reaper, huh?), I don't think it could be as good as it once was.
  9. One of my favorite YouTube channels, Extra Credits, did a video involving DQXI.
  10. Past John Williams' works for the series, the only memorable theme for me is Nicholas Hooper's The Ministry of Magic from the fifth film.
  11. I don't agree with your lack of familiarity. Perhaps you should remake that. Nah, I prefer it when all my classes are worthwhile.
  12. I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with Alltrades Abbey. Perhaps I need to study up and become a sage at Dharma Temple, then I might have a clue.
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