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  1. .srm should be saves .zst or .zsX (where X is 0-9) should be states
  2. Holy #$*!. I think I just won an argument on the internet.

    Granted it was two on one, but we got a rich whale to stop defending microtransactions.

    At least for now...

    1. Wes


      Grats on winning, but you can always start a new argument file and try to beat it solo

  3. Essentially DQ3 on Switch is the NES version with SNES graphics and GBC menus.
  4. I want more Sugiyama music. I'm not saying I don't want a new composer when he's gone, but I want more music from him while he's alive. Some of his modern stuff is definitely under par, but DQX and DQXI *do* have some good new music. Even IX's music is pretty good if you listen to the symphonic versions. He *can* still write good music, it's just he's evilly stubborn about using synths in-game. That and he doesn't seem to be doing any experimentation, instead relying on the same sound pallette DQ has become known for. (I'm not asking for a radical change, I like his music for what it is. But something subtly new would be nice.)
  5. XI used a(n) (in)decent amount of DQ6's music. I like the music, but would have preferred new music.
  6. Telling an angry person that they "let" themselves become angry is just victim blaming. Nobody just decides to be angry. There's always a reason.
  7. For the record, Theatrhythm DQ is totally playable in Citra. I tried translating the game, and I have a decent chunk of the script localized (the text is pretty much all menu stuff) but the in-game font is missing a bunch of English characters, and I haven't figured out how to replace it. There is a bcfnt font file, but replacing it does nothing at all, so the actual used font must be stored in an archive, in the executable, or as a sprite/texture sheet. In addition, apparently the trial now goes past the base game into the first expansion. But my account isn't a trial account, so I still have to pay to play.
  8. Peach's Castle in Itadaki Street DS be like

    "Scrub scrub scrub all the floors in Hyrule, scrub scrub scrub all the floors in my house, scrub scrub scrub all the floors in MY LAIR, scrub scrub scrub my Wii"

  9. I mean, Crash Bandicoot 2 is contender of best game of all time in my opinion and it's remake comes close (a minor bug and a few odd changes hold it back from being quite the complete package the PS1 version was). I haven't really played Trials of Mana. I've got the demo and it looks neat but I've got little money and other priorities.
  10. Half-Life 3 was a PocketStation game only available in the Japanese version of Half-Life on PS2.
  11. I know you're memeing but XI is definitely not the best game of the 2010s. The best game of the 2010s was Dragon Quest X and it's a shame it will be skipped over even by the majority of DQ fans because SE have not localized it. Then, if you count remakes, Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, *then* DQXI.
  12. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is one of my favorite meals.
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