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  1. Not sure yet but I think the PC version scales the 2D assets using nearest neighbor rather than blurring them as in the Switch version. Which means we should be able to rip tiles straight from screenshots - but I am in the middle of so many things right now I don't feel like dropping immediately to play the game a third time through. If I could use my Switch save on PC somehow (assuming it's even on my NAND, as my SD card got corrupted), maybe I could start. But I don't want to comb every map of the whole game alone.
  2. My favorite casino story is any time in the original versions of VI or VII when the little people come out and bless and/or curse your slot reels. I was not happy that the remakes nixed this.
  3. I'm a bit late to the party, but here goes: 1) English language 2) Minimal, from what I've seen 3) I wouldn't know, but if it is I would hope it takes more cues from Minecraft. It's interesting to see a building game with a story but the fact that there is a definitive ending and the game doesn't get updated with new features for extended play gives me little reason to build anything beyond the bare minimum to progress. I want an open-ended world like Minecraft, a sandbox of interconnected systems, but with a Dragon Quest setting. 4) Almost certainly the Drakee.
  4. I don't know how you've localized the title, but may I suggest DRAGON QUEST Mystery Dungeon: Torneko Taloon's Terrific Treasure Hunt 3? (Plus a subtitle if necessary, I can't remember if there is one in Japanese.
  5. I'm happy with the forums and do not wish to replace it with Discord/etc. This is the best online community I've ever seen, let alone been a part of. That said, I don't feel the Den needs a revival. It's not dead. Quiet, yes, but that's part of what makes the Den so special. There is relatively little drama here.
  6. My counter-argument to those complaining about the game's length: it's more for your buck. I much prefer a longer story anyway, but that part is subjective. Objectively you get more for your money with a longer game.
  7. We had a decent arcade open here just before COVID and it has been shut down for months. I hope it doesn't close permanently because I'd been wanting an arcade here since Tilt! closed when I was a child.
  8. Why does SE suddenly care about releasing Mana and Saga everywhere but we still don't have DQX?

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Hey now, it’s SaGa. The capital G is very important.

    2. Erdrick The Hero
    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      If you were talking about Unlimited Saga, then you would use the lower case “g,” instead of a capital one. For some reason it’s the only game in the SaGa series that doesn’t use the capital “G” in the title.


  9. I just saw this. If you'd like to share the documents with me, I could work on filling in translations in my free time.
  10. The 3DS version does exist though. These companies need to stop acting like the world hasn't globalized.
  11. The DS version of DQVI, while graphically improved over the SFC version, is worse in just about every other way. The SFC version has never seen a proper translation patch. The most complete version was abandoned almost two decades ago by both teams that had been involved (DeJap and NoProgress). If I recall it's only at about 42%.
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