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  1. My dad used to play this a lot when I was a kid: Still the slaps.
  2. Rock it don't stop it, you gotta rock it don't stop.

    Rock it don't stop it, you gotta rock it don't stop.

  3. My parents wouldn't let me get a job in high school and I feel like that severely held me back. I have so much less work experience than everyone else my age. Pretty sure my stepmom at least intentionally sabotaged me in an attempt to keep me under her thumb my while life... My mother and father didn't do much to stop it. It didn't work but I definitely feel like I could have used some more responsibilities growing up. There wasn't much my parents did in the way of teaching me skills or life lessons. They fed me and gave me a room to sleep in so their part must be done. As a result I constantly feel incompetent and have little to no self worth. I was looked upon as some sort of savant (supposedly I was gifted, I certainly don't feel that way) so I must have been so smart as to not need teaching. A couple years ago, my mom told me that when I was an infant, the doctors thought I might be autistic, but that embarrassed my dad so he wouldn't let me get tested. It's not something I want to claim because I haven't been diagnosed, but sometimes I feel so broken I have to wonder.
  4. I don't have time for it now, but I've had an itch to replay DQ7PS1 for a while now. When I get around to it, I'll try to remember to snag these. I've never completed the Monster Park, though.
  5. In concept that game sounds cool, but I kind of loose all interest when I realize it's not DQ. It's not tuned *exactly* the way I like it, but DQ is so I'd rather just play DQ.
  6. I wouldn't actually *want* to work at GameStop specifically. They just stuck out in my mind as something that is actually doing business right now (even if it's not for long).
  7. How does one get a full time job? I've only ever seen openings for part time positions because part timers don't have to be given benefits. I guess that's not entirely true. I see full time positions sometimes for people who have several years of dedicated experience. But I never see jobs available to earn that experience - unless you're rich enough to afford college or poor enough / a minority / a savant so that someone else will pay for your schooling as a charity case, all that's available are part time labor jobs. I'm lucky to even work in an office but it still doesn't really make a living because hours are scarce (even before the pandemic). I was about to search for a second job before I got sick and then the shutdowns started happening. Now, because what little savings I had managed to scrounge up have burned away, I basically have no choice but to find one as soon as the shutdowns are lifted. I'm even tempted to go apply at GameStop or something that is open during this crap, that's how bad my household and I have been hit.
  8. Grocery shopping is even more tedious and disappointing than usual. And I'm not even buying a lot today.

    1. eal


      I had to wait in a line outside while they herded us in. To make sure no one cut the line, they used upside down carriages with caution tape wrapped around them as a fence.

      Everyone in the store was covering their mouths or had gloves on and were aggressively nice and polite and let me go first because they didn’t want our carriages to bump each other’s. BUT I got toilet paper today. 

    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I'm glad we bought a metric ton of toilet paper just before everybody else did. It wasn't even a panic thing, we just keep a ton stocked and don't buy it very often. Granted, that definitely wasn't my purchase or decision, I'm not taking credit for it.

    3. eal


      I had enough beforehand but I went to Walmart after the first wave of panic shoppers and that Walmart just so happened to be restocking toilet paper at the time so I just stumbled into getting some.

  9. Uhhhh... And the point is...?


    1. RyuKisargi


      YTMND is still a thing?

  10. I think there's a setting in the configurator that has to do with these, but I never messed with it.
  11. Uh, what the actual #$*!? I feel like I'm not getting the whole story here.
  12. DQII Switch: Just rescued Moonbrooke, grinding. DQIII Switch: Just finished Rubiss' Tower, grinding. DQVI iOS: just got entry to Turnescotte DQVII 3DS: grinding through all human classes prior to engaging Orgodemir V1 DQVIII 3DS: I think I'm about to unlock the Dark Ruin. DQIX: Just restarted, defeated the Wight Knight and just grinding. DQX: Awaiting an influx of cash so I can pay the subscription fee again. Nearing the end of V2 content. DQXI S: Everyone but Jade and Veronica are now level 99. Running through Drustan's Trials. Chrono Trigger DS: Just started, 600 B.C. and the princess has vanished from time altogether. Technically I'm running FF7 and FF8 on Switch but they've both been out on hold because I'm playing too many games right now. FF7 is at Junon and FF8... I think I just graduated to SeeD rank.
  13. I certainly cannot afford that. Anyone planning in buying it and ripping it?
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