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  1. I found my Nintendo Switch! Right between my couch cushions, one of the first places I checked and it got checked multiple times. I don't know how I missed it for literally weeks.

    1. ignasia


      Wow.  Nice find though.  It's funny how things sometimes disappear in the most obvious of places.

    2. cprmauldin


      Hahaha. I'd lose my mind if I couldn't find my switch!

  2. Nah it should look like XI - it's the natural progression from X which is what IX should have been all along. They should literally just take IX's story and Japanese dialogue, relocalize it (at least for English, God the English script for IX is terrible), and make it play like X.
  3. I ground up to ~Lv 50. Haven't actually taken on Zoma's castle though because I lost my Switch.
  4. Not that DQ2 shouldn't be defended... But how can you defend DQ2 when you can't remember the plot or the name of the main antagonist?
  5. *.srm is a common SNES/SFC save extension. It's short for "S-RAM", or Save RAM. The actual cartridge would have a RAM chip powered by a watch battery to hold on to your game saves, this file is the would-be contents of that RAM chip.
  6. I just minimize damage by buying the best equipment available. In my experience, surround almost never works. Forgot to mention Sap line and Insulate line. @Plattym3 The Heavy spell makes your character harder for enemies to push around the battlefield. Useful for protecting weaker, near-death, or support party members.
  7. The only non-attack spells I ever find useful in battle are the Buff line, Heal line, Reheal line, Zing line, Oomph line, Snooze line (only on certain bosses), Squelch (only if envenomnated) and "Heavy" (unlocalized, DQX only).
  8. I literally never use Surround. Which version of DQII are you referring to? Surround is an old spell name.
  9. Now we're gaming with fire.

    Oh wait, that's my power supply.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I was joking. But I can't have anything on during the day or I risk such a thing happening. The other day it got so hot indoors that both my personal desktop, and my work laptop (also owned by me, just used specifically for work) overheated. My work laptop is completely fried, it keeps crashing in a loop before even trying to boot Windows. My job was telecommute-only so I'm in the process of finding a new job.


      Thankfully my much more expensive gaming desktop still works, although I fear one of my drives may be failing now. The first few times I turned the machine back on I couldn't access anything on it. It randomly started working again, but I desperately need extra drives to back up to now. I've got several terrabytes of information potentially exposed to loss and I can't afford to back it up.

    3. ignasia


      Wow.  I'm not sure what to say.  I live in a desert, and while it's absolutely punishing being outside, it's never that hot inside (even without air conditioning, though I guess it's a product of Adobe style builds generally keeping a better temperature naturally...albeit this isn't true adobe, so it's not quite as cool as those buildings are, but then I'd never have wireless internet, as those walls absorb it, and wired would require running everything on the ceiling to get just behind the desired wall of the wall plate, as the walls are completely solid adobe brick, so not even plumbing is within them).

      I've been through a similar scenario before, but never quite that bad (though mine was more electrical surge issues based on super dry climate and heavy thunderstorms overwhelming the grounding elements).  Is there anything on places like Wish List for you?  You could potentially get a much cheaper, even if more cheaply made (it is a bit iffy as to product quality, but usually it's decent as per my sister and most of her friends' experience, and that's out here, the #$*! of the US, New Mexico, the place everything thinks is actually Mexico and 3rd world).

      Yeah, Wish List might be a good option for you, at least on the cheap, at least for right now until you can afford a better one, or move out of there.   You could also cross reference online for build quality reviews, though a lot of decent stuff does get picked up fast, there's often a fair amount of options.

    4. RyuKisargi


      At least a HDD can be kinda cheap man.

      Eugh on your Laptop though. Why can't you telecom through your desktop? You shouldn't have to jobhunt. :(

  10. Got my hands on an early access build that runs Crash Team Racing near-perfectly. Also DQXIS' 2D mode is kind of playable but the graphics are corrupt. It looks like the red and blue channels are swapped. Sometimes the text renderer glitches out, with letters missing or flashing, and sometimes they'll make weird shapes that can look like cracks in a screen. Still no FMV playback so some cutscenes are just a black screen. Thankfully the Switch version has "(Y) to skip". 3D mode still crashes while loading. Also noticed it let me set my name to Erdrick (I didn't even think about it). Is this supposed to be possible in the Switch version? PC version wouldn't let me.
  11. Sorry.

    1. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I didn't know there was anything for you to be sorry about...?

    2. DragonQuest2IsGood


      I got mad when during that DQ10 thread.

    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I didn't think you were serious. No worries though.

  12. The game shouldn't be soloable if it's multiplayer? So you shouldn't be able to play at all when all your friends are offline? The game is soloable *because* you can rent offline players as NPC party members. If the game was offline-only that wouldn't be a possibility. Lol I'm serious though. All the clunky multiplayer mechanics that felt forced in IX have been improved and actually work very well in an MMO environment.
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