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  1. Yuji Horii has stated that he wants XII to be an action game. The only way I think it could work is if it took some cues from Kingdom Hearts. I feel that would be the natural progression from X's battle system, anyway. Dragon Quest's combat is too complex to nix the menu system, and I wouldn't be interested in a simplified version. The simplifications in XI's Unreal 3D mode were already disappointing. (Most of these actually originate from X, but the simplifications to buffs/debuffs/status effects made sense in the MMO context and were balanced out by other complexities.)
  2. These are actually the ones I have gripes with, myself. Not like it matters, but if I were to rename them, they'd be: "The Dark Diety of Destruction" "Legend of the Luminary" and "The Paladins of Paradise".
  3. Nah, I just think some of the localized subtitles are dumb, and prefer the Japanese ones.
  4. To bring this back on topic: Dragon Quest: GBC (expanded maps, extra NPCs/dialogue) Dragon Quest II - Luminaries of the Legendary Line/Pantheon of the Evil Spirits: I'm going to say Switch as it should be identical in content to the iOS version but it's played with a controller. I haven't actually gotten to this version yet as it just released and I've been busy with III and XIS. Dragon Quest III - The Seeds of Salvation/...And Into the Legend: GBC owing to the extra dungeon. Dragon Quest IV - Chapters of the Chosen/The Guided Ones: mobile, owing to the finally-localized party chat. Dragon Quest V - Hand of the Heavenly Bride/The Heavenly Bride: mobile or DS - these versions are practically identical. I'm tempted to give it to DS since it's got a controller, but since the Switch is not backwards compatible with DS/3DS games it's far less convenient now than it once was. Special mention to the PS2 version which would win out if it weren't for the extra content added to the DS version. Dragon Quest VI - Realms of Revelation/Realms of Reverie: SFC/SNES, despite the lack of a completed English translation. The remakes REMOVED content, and it baffles me. Dragon Quest VII - Fragments of the Forgotten Past/Warriors of Eden: PS1. Once again, the remakes REMOVED content, baffling me. Dragon Quest VIII - Journey of the Cursed King/The Sky, The Earth, The Ocean, and the Cursed Princess: (*new*) 3DS. This version not only contains extra content, but it lacks the menu and system changes that the PS2 international version received (which turned me away from the game for years). This contains most of the voice acting from the PS2 international release, along with new voiced lines - it received the VO treatment in Japan this time, too! One more thing of note, though: while we had an orchestrated OST on the PS2 version and Japan got one in their 3DS release, the music has been downgraded to the old synth version worldwide. That said, if your system is running CFW it's trivial to hack the symphonic OST back into version. Final note: avoid on old 3DS due to performance, graphical, and control issues. Dragon Quest IX - Sentinels of the Starry Skies/Protectors of the Starry Sky: DS on account of it being the only version. Dragon Quest X - [The Undeciphered]/Rise of the Five Races ONLINE: Any Japanese version as the Chinese version was heavily censored and no longer is playable. PC version has the best graphics, though only marginally better than PS4, which is only marginally better than Switch. Supposedly it's much easier to pay the subscription fee outside Japan via the Nintendo eShop, but I haven't had to do it this way yet. Special note: The Wii version can no longer connect to the game servers, but it contains the offline mode content that was removed from all other versions via a patch. Looking for a complete experience, you'll need it as well as a version that is still live with all the expansions. However, the Wii version of Dragon Quest X can only be run on Japanese Wii consoles or in the dolphin emulator. Im aware there are methods to spoof a Wii console's region, but they are incompatible with DQX as it uses some system files that were only ever signed for Japanese region consoles and cannot be installed on others. Dragon Quest XI - Echoes of an Elusive Age/In Search of Departed Time: DQXIS on Switch. It's literally the definitive edition. I'm told the 3DS 3D mode is also worth a play, though. Despite bring much less graphically impressive than the Unreal versions, I'm told the animations and cinematography are much more expressive and emotional in the 3DS version, leading to a better storytelling experience. Rumor is someone is still working on translating this version... We can only hope.
  5. 2D Octagonia isn't all that octagonal. I saw this coming when I first heard/read the name in the PC version.

  6. Serena is Pheobe, just slightly less ditzy.

  7. 1. I don't know. 2. Installation is mandatory. 3. Not for the Wii version. 4. I can't say for sure, but I've read that region changer doesn't work for DQX. Something about some required system files that were only ever signed for Japanese consoles. Try playing in Dolphin, or import a Japanese console.
  8. I'm sure the meme is considered dead by now, but the other day my best friend played this song in the car, and despite seeing the movie this soundtrack belongs to, I don't remember ever previously hearing this version:
  9. So, I've come to the realization that to most Americans, every single turn based game is Pokemon.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Neofrodo


      Thats funny. Since I am an American and my first was Dragon Warrior.

      Then again I am also really adaptable and play most games that arent too hard. And that arent FPS's.

    3. Bururian


      That's why he said most and not all.

    4. JaybirdC


      To my dad, every game with monsters in it is Pokemon.

  10. Feel free to remove Danicka from the team. I don't think he'll play again.
  11. You can emulate the Wii remote or any other standard input device compatible with the Wii using the keyboard, mouse, or a USB/Bluetooth keyboard. If you plan on playing games that utilize motion controls, it's possible to play without a Wii remote, but would be much better if you paired a real one via Bluetooth. You can emulate the Wii remote pointer with the mouse, but if you're already using a real Wii remote you might as well use a sensor bar as well. You don't need any particular brand (such as "dolphin bar"), any battery or USB powered one will work (even the one that comes with a real Wii would work, if you really wanted to leave your Wii powered on alongside your computer). "Sensor Bar" is a misnomer as it actually contains no sensors - it just houses a pair of infrared LED lights which the Wii remote's built in IR sensor picks up and uses to triangulate it's position.
  12. My mom and her boyfriend just got a nice house. Relatively big, too. I'm happy for her.
  13. So this is playable on Android now, thanks to RetroArch's new EasyRPG core. (Tons of errors, dunno if they are fixable, haven't spent much time with it - but so far it works fine besides showing error messages.)
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