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  1. I've only been playing in 2D mode on Switch, so I can't set a permanent costume. That said I actually prefer XI's default outfit over the Eight costume. Probably would wear the Dundrasil armour the whole game if I could. I do set the field music to DQ8 when Act 3 starts. Adventure is the weakest of all the DQ world map themes, and it gets old after a while. Wish I could set it back to The Hero Goes Forth with Determination.
  2. Like that Sandy chick The moon bit is a v1 side quest. And I didn't spoil any of the story info. V1 been out for like 7 years now. Why don't I remember this? Also I thought I read that it was V4 content.
  3. I found a piece of beauty worth crying over. The sound of a well tuned music box has always made me somewhat emotional. Coupled with this particular piece of music... Well, I feel extreme longing, mourning, and joy all at once.
  4. Thanks for the X spoilers, guys. I'm only in V2 postgame because I haven't been able to afford to play anywhere near as much as I'd like. If only Kids' Time was at reasonable hours for America... On the bright side I got a new job and they actively encourage you to bring your Switch (or a book) to work as it's just phone work. Next month, once I get paid, I should be able to play X all day long. I just need to renew my subscription and switch back to an unlimited data plan on my phone.
  5. Fredrick just hit Lv. 99. Just been grinding today while I'm at work. I also did the Third Trial on the Wheel of Harma. Last night I did the First Trial on Trial Isle. Fredrick doesn't have enough skill points to fill his Character Builder?
  6. Maybe rendering 3D graphics in 4k is out of the question, but I could see 2D or low-resource-intensity 3D games running in at least 2K. Hell, my cheapo phone has a 2K screen. There's no reason a Switch Pro couldn't at least do 4k media streaming. I understand a lot of games are sub-720p on switch, but a lot are at least 720p, some 1080p docked. I would hope that a Switch Pro could handle current games' docked modes in handheld mode - you can do this with a modded Switch already, it just drains the battery faster. I understand better hardware = higher price, but assuming they keep selling the original switch or switch lite as a budget option, it wouldn't be too bad to raise the price a little on a pro variant.
  7. New Nintendo Switch should include a 1080p touchscreen with a thin bezel and support 4K output via HDMI. I wouldn't expect every game on the system to output 4K, but some definitely could, and it would would great for Hulu, YouTube, and (hopefully soon) Netflix.
  8. Back on topic with a progress update: I've made my way into the Eerie Valley in the first Trial. Found the item in the Cruel Crypt for that last quest - BUT IT'S NOT WHERE THE GAME SAYS IT IS. Supposedly it's near a statue of Erdwin, but it's just sitting in a chest in a tiny room off the beaten path. I wonder if there's a statue there in 3D mode? If that's the case, I'll be even more disappointed that we never got the 3DS version of the game because that would mean they didn't actually bother to comb through the differences between 2D and 3D mode when localizing the game. I've definitely found some other things in 2D mode that didn't translate well (from 3D to 2D) - but those had to do with names of major locations so I could kind of understand that they didn't change between modes. Like Gondolia doesn't actually have gondolas in 2D (just rafts) and Octogonia isn't, well, an octogon in 2D - neither the icon on the world map nor the town layout.
  9. Technically nothing should be missable anyway since you can time travel by switching between 2D and 3D modes - still, I'm trying not to do that.
  10. I would play the hell out of DQ Walk. Just like everyone else I know played the hell out of Pokemon Go.
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