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    Currently playing:Dragon Quest Monsters:Joker<br />-at Infern isle with<br /><br />with King Slime-level 15<br /><br />attk:130<br />def:107<br />agl:60<br />Wisdom:87<br /><br /><br />Green dragon-level 17<br /><br />attk:143<br />def:114<br />agl:64<br />Wisdom:51<br /><br />Clubboon(Incarnus)-level 17<br /><br />attk:129<br />def:99<br />agl:96<br />Wisdom:72<br /><br /><br />and Animal Crossing-let me know if you have

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  1. oohh what happened to your DS?

  2. thats goood

    im in the process of getting mumboh jumboe

    already got 1 jum so i need like 3 more

  3. Hey thanks for the welcome! This is a good site. Lots of info. very helpful.

  4. oh what happened to your DS>

  5. Yeah, I put 80 some hours on it. Haven't played in quiet a while. Need a new DS.

  6. haha yeah just post alot

    do you have DQM:joker

  7. lol nice, More badges than me XP

  8. yeah kinda am but not anymore got 3 medals so im used to it now

    got better monsters in my joker

  9. I saw that you were recently new to teh site. Welcome. I'm kinda newish too.

  10. http://www.woodus.com/forums/uploads/profi...0500+1199678288 you might have it but i found it on google as a desktop and resized it so the mole you can see its 150 x 150 i dont know if thats big or small enough but it looks cool
  11. im at infern isle in dragon quest joker with abut 20 hours mostly synthing and im playing animal crossing and pokemon diamond
  12. welcome to dragons den

    hope you have fun here :D

  13. heyyyyyyyyyy

    soo whats your team in DQM:joker

  14. yo met

    sooo you got DQM:joker too?

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