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  1. So should I live in fear that I'm going to have to use leather armor or something (old equipment) for a forge recipe? Or do forge recopies just use things like ore and feathers and bat wings and sticks from the sparkle areas? I'd like to sell some of the things I've built but upgraded past. But... I've seen others ask this and I've looked at things online, but I never have seen a straight answer. Does it function like the alchemy pot for some recipes, using finished items as ingredients, or does it just use raw components? Octagonia was great (he was on the juice!) and what came nex
  2. ^ Are you referring to "babe"? "Babe" is correct. http://www.learnersdictionary.com/definition/babe
  3. There are certain scenes/areas where I am wondering how they rendered it in the classic/SFC 'sprite' mode available on the 3DS? Specifically, things relating to horses and riding other creatures.
  4. It looks like there's "Hints/Tips" on the (PC) load screens - but with my SSD, I can't even get through a few words before they go away. #Complaint #Kidding
  5. That was fascinating. I would appreciate Horii going through a retrospective on each title and what some of the conceptual themes were going into it. Theory of Evolution in DQ IV, false Gods in VII? Where did those ideas come from? In this setting he's speaking in terms of XI, but he's also careful to not spoil anything, either. Perhaps they've published books like that in Japan. Travelling to Machu Picchu and getting inspiration was a surprise to hear. I wish I had tuned-in early enough to submit a question! One question I would have liked to ask is if he has little NPC side storie
  6. So... were the questions and answers ever posted?
  7. I assumed some monsters would chase after you, or there would be obstacles making it impossible to "run" from some of them because of tight spaces - especially in a cave/castle/etc. Is this not true?
  8. The incompleteness of the patch is exaggerated. It's 100% playable. There may be some text that isn't translated - or isn't translated right - but I hardly remember that. I've re-played it several times and the game never felt "incomplete" to me. I've never seen/played the "The Translation is Ending" version.
  9. Those 'previews' of Dragon Quest V and VI were torture back in the day. Interesting tidbit about the 'layering' feature. I guess that didn't make it very far in development!
  10. This would be a title I would buy a PS IV for. Would love to have the SFC sprite mode on the PS IV version! Do you think the save-games will be able to be uploaded to the cloud and shared between 3DS and PS IV?
  11. Been lurking this thread and saw it released (although not as in depth as first though, still pretty amazing!)... so after years of toying with RM98, RM2K... finally bought Ace and started to check this out again! @Ponarust - have you modified your tileset? Has anyone done a DQ V SFC tileset rip? I've seen DQ1-11R SFC (which are similar), but not V.
  12. I did something like this with tape and my PS2 controller once... Way to go! This is awesome.
  13. That's not so much an issue with your computer's specs as it is the utter imperfection of DS emulation. Playing around with settings on my emulator allowed me to make towns & dungeons run smooth or the world map run smooth, but never could I get both to run smooth at the same time without furthering having to adjust settings each time I moved from one to the other. In the long run, it's worth the cost of just getting a flash cart for DS romhacks, particularly dq4-6. Hmmm - when was this machine built? A previous-generation (or previous-previous generation) i7 with a cheap-o graphic
  14. I say totally. Just speeds up gameplay on RPGs. Absolutely ruined me, for sure, when the time came to play the DS titles and DQVIII on the PS2, but how I love faster timing/frameskip.
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