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  1. I'm playing today.and I 'm still riding on the hype train. But in summary the Music is Awesome and the graphics are good I don't need more for a remake. Seriously, I'm playing whith headphones. That remaked Ost is very nice. Long Life to King Trode
  2. I need play again Dragon Warrior VII (PSX) for remember that. Comiiiiingg to play it !!! Long Life to King Trode
  3. O.O I played the first game and thats so cool !! Yes, I want more !! Hi hawkeye77o4 Do you need a Spanish of Spain translate? The spanish community will be grateful to have it!! . I can do it. Please, if you need it send me a Private Message. Long Life to the King Trode
  4. I love see that video and I hope you enjoy it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bl8X8qk7ZpQ The advertisement is produced in Barcelona (My City!!) and was recorded in Monells (Girona) about an hour from Barcelona !! It's Amazing !! Long Life to the King Trode
  5. I'm with you. I always prefer a physical copy ! Game looks Amaizing!! I want an European copy right now !!!
  6. O.O That advertisement is so cool !! They Speak in Spanish of Spain!! that's Amazing!! Maribel: ¡ Ahí, Ahí está ! --> There, there is Maribel: A mi no me engañas, eh --> you dont cheat me Maribel: ¡¿Pero que haces?! --> What are you doing?! Hero is walking ... No talk, but he is happy Maribel: ¡¡Yo también voy!! --> ¡¡I go with you too!! Maribel is walking. Hero and Kiefer are under a table Kiefer: ¿Y esto has encontrado en la red de pesca? -->Do you found this in the fishing net? Kiefer: Que pasada --> (Similar tu Awesome) Maribel: Os he encontra
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