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  1. I hope that they port those games worldwide.
  2. I would join you but I don't have the game.
  3. I really hope that they considering release it on the iPads and iPhones outside Japan. They could make a lot of money.
  4. Nooo!!! Isn't there a way to access them via VPN? I can switch my Apple account to Japanese pretty easily?
  5. I really hope that they release this game outside Japan. I'm tired of waiting for this game.
  6. Have you guys seen the video? He was running the game on Windows Surface!! They also give more info on the Windows version.
  7. Any videos of the benchmark on youtube????
  8. Not worth getting a PC version. Suck that there is no news about localising the game.
  9. Allright. Thanks Saigan. Byw, I like your videos on youtube man. Keep it up.
  10. but some people importee the game. Right?
  11. I played FFXI a long time ago and also played WoW. 1- How is it the lvling system in this game compared to other mmo's. 2-What are the classes in this game? 3-How do you travel from town to town? 4-Any of you has the Wii U version? Is playing on the pad good?
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