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  1. Is anyone playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes? It's a simple, addictive game for your mobile device where you lead a five person squad of holographically generated characters from the Star Wars universe through various scenarios including competitive PvP, raids (against a big mean rancor that eats your characters!), and special events. The main pro is that it's a free to play game. You can go to your mobile device App Store, download the game for free and play immediately. The main con is that it's a free to play game. They sell packs of characters, which are extremely difficult to get and bring to 7/7 star status if you don't make purchases. If you play the game, please join my guild! Rustling of Bamboo, The Guardians Lead the Way, Since two thousand-two. Introduction The Guardians [TG] was founded by a stalwart group of gamers in 2002. Originally created as a player association for Star Wars Galaxies (Starsider server), TG evolved to become a multi-gaming guild, accommodating all community minded gamers, from casual gamers to those serious about raids. TG remains devoted to maintaining a gaming community founded on camaraderie and other traits, and remains composed of many Star Wars fans. Who are we looking for Like anyone else, we would like active members who will participate in Daily guild activities and raids, but there are no hard and fast rules on that score. Preference will be given to those at least level 60 who are active and value a community oriented guild. Above all else, we are a community oriented guild. We have a long history and a clear code of ethics.You are welcome to see our website and participate on our forums at http://www.guardianhq.com I've been gaming with the Guardians since 2003, in the days of Star Wars Galaxies. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to game with. How to contact us Out of game, you can access our website http://www.guardianhq.com In game, you can contact myself, th Galaxy of Heroes Squad leader at 824-863-262 , or the following officers: Thranx 656-167-256 Jaedric 891-917-379 Ivahoe Tegat 967-622-383 Icksbin 977-211-339
  2. Hi fellow DQ fans, it's been so long, and I've been so busy that I don't even know if we ever got a Dragon Quest 10! I've been really busy these past few years with a very serious problem involving the theft of family owned real property. I'm trying to bring as much attention to what happened to us as possible, and hopefully get the authorities directly involved. If you all could please read my petition and sign, I believe it would be a big help, thank you! https://www.change.org/p/barack-obama-united-states-attorney-general-eric-holder-united-states-attorney-eastern-district-of-new-york-loretta-lynch-new-york-state-governor-andrew-cuomo-new-york-state-attorney-general-investigate-and-prosecute-the-theft-of-the-sharp-rea
  3. I went to Mexico in 2003 and I had a great time. Of course, I was with friends, and they likely knew what was safe and what wasn't.I went all over the country; to Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Vera Cruz. I drove from Mexico City to Vera Cruz which took a long time, but the area around Vera Cruz was quite beautiful. I never felt in danger. But one time, I think it was in Monterrey, a policeman stopped us for a traffic violation, and the guy I was with gave the policeman money and he let us go.
  4. That, combined with the use of captured monsters in DQ5 which later became the hallmark of the insanely popular Pokemon franchise. Horii sure seems to be in the zone.
  5. I played the original Dragon Warrior. I saw the preview articles in Nintendo Power ages ago and was very excited at that time.
  6. My 2 favorite of 2008: Bamboo Blade Macross Frontier
  7. Go to the metropolitan museum of art Also see the Cloisters. Most tourists tend to overlook that. You wont be disappointed. Go to Kinokuniya near Bryant Park. It's like my toy store
  8. I'd like my display name changed to "Dervish", please.
  9. It's a three way tie for me between DQ4, DQ5, and DQ8.
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