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  1. That is what I thought. Oh well. Hopefully the reward isn't worth it like say the Goddess Ring in DQVIII.
  2. Can I go back to the past? I missed some red aura monsters and I am in the present or what have you now with green aura.
  3. I love the smithing system. It took me some practice to get some +3 items but I have done well lately.
  4. I cannot wait for this game. I have ultimately decided to get the 3DS version mainly for cost reasons.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gildan_Activewear Genesis, S.A. is a Haitian factory manufacturing T-shirts whose main customer is Gildan Activewear. It has been accused as the most serious offender in a campaign of retaliatory dismissals, targeted at the leaders of a new labor rights and union organizing effort in Port-au-Prince.[18] Harshest working conditions in the global apparel industry[19][edit] Genesis, S.A. is a Haitian factory manufacturing T-shirts and its only customer is Gildan Activewear.[20] Genesis, S.A. has been the most serious offender in a multi-factory campaign o
  6. I was wondering if there is a good place to buy Dragon Quest t-shirts mainly Japanese ones (and ones that don't use Gildan or Fruit of the Loom blanks), there's one I found last night featuring the DQII box art. I got this one and I will see how it is: https://www.redbubble.com/people/augoosto/works/18223682-dragon-quest-2-nintendo-famicom-box-art?p=classic-tee&style=classic-tee&body_color=royal_blue&print_location=front
  7. Thanks. Yeah I remember when I played DQV PS2, I recruited a Cure Slime and a Metal Babble as well as two Slime Knights. I love the Metal Babble not just because of the experience although that is mostly the reason. The other reason is I love the silver color.
  8. I figure I just use this topic instead of making a new thread. Is there a Liquid Metal Slime party member that I can recruit in the Android version of DQVI?
  9. Thank you for the reply. I actually ended up finding the answer beforehand but I had to translate a Japanese site to do it. Not one Wiki had the answer and I figured if a Japanese site didn't have it, this site surely would.
  10. Trying to complete the Big Book of Beasts so where do I find this thing?
  11. Okay so I beat Zoma solo but since I can't get a wish granted solo, I guess I better bring my Thieves to the slaughter to open up the second dungeon.
  12. Now what happens with the Sky Dragon and the other optional boss because I am playing the Android version so what are my plans for them? Pretty much the same for Zoma?
  13. Update: I beat Baramos after spending the past few days farming seeds. My stats are not at max yet but I just wanted to get past Baramos and then once I was ready for Zoma, do some more farming.
  14. I couldn't wait until my Clerics learned full heal so I transitioned them over after all of them learned Zing at 24. I will Level the Thieves until 33 however and then farm for seeds.
  15. Just for the effect (since I can't write Japanese), I played the original DQII with the password system and to get around my inability to write the characters I just used my digital camera. I think back in 2005 it was a Canon Powershot A510 or something.
  16. That's kind of gone. I used it with I believe Orochi and then I had to un-curse myself which of course gets rid of it. <--- This guy is Level 40 and I have better stats than him mostly. The following includes seeds I've used and I also have the Meteorite Bracer equipped. Level 48 Personality: Free Spirit Strength: 174 Agility: 178 Resilience: 216 Wisdom: 90 Luck: 133 Max HP: 428 Max MP: 177 Attack: 256 Defence: 206 Experience: 1,354,236
  17. I am in the middle of a solo hero game and I am at Baramos and cannot defeat him. It almost seems as though his HP is infinite. I am playing the Android version so I am assuming he has the same amount of HP as in the SFC/GBC version which is 2,500. I am Level 48. I have Orochi's sword and stopspell. Just how much HP does he recover each round. I even have the Thunder Sword and Blade Armor. What am I doing wrong?
  18. I heard a rumor that it would be next May so by then it would turn 31. I mean that makes sense. I figured the earliest it would be out would be around Christmas in Japan but Pokemon Sun and Moon is set for November 18, 2016.
  19. Play-Asia has a great deal on this game so when I'm done playing all I can out of DQVIII I may just get DQVII but I need my Bazaar and my Metal King equipment. So I can easily buy it no matter who I recruit?
  20. How do I get the Rainbow Sandy Quest to trigger? I would imagine her appearance is the same as the other five colored Sandy (or Sandies) but do I actually get to see 143 in my log?
  21. x_loto translated DQ scripts for I believe all four Dragon Quest famicom games. There is some mild profanity in DQ II and III but nothing that is homophobic that I'm aware of.
  22. Trying to get a picture of this and was wondering if anyone can help because I was a fool and I sold mine. I imagine it looks like the regular Big Boss Shield with just a color alteration but I still want to see that if anyone has that. Edit: Okay I found it... never mind. http://i.imgur.com/o0fwP46.png
  23. So in my experimentation of going to certain areas and then warping around. I have found certain colors of Sandy in certain areas. I am beginning to wonder if perhaps the area you enter and exit determines the color and location and that it's all completely random. Thoughts?
  24. Lucky. Only Sandy is preventing me from a full card.
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