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  1. That is what I thought. Oh well. Hopefully the reward isn't worth it like say the Goddess Ring in DQVIII.
  2. Can I go back to the past? I missed some red aura monsters and I am in the present or what have you now with green aura.
  3. I love the smithing system. It took me some practice to get some +3 items but I have done well lately.
  4. I cannot wait for this game. I have ultimately decided to get the 3DS version mainly for cost reasons.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gildan_Activewear Genesis, S.A. is a Haitian factory manufacturing T-shirts whose main customer is Gildan Activewear. It has been accused as the most serious offender in a campaign of retaliatory dismissals, targeted at the leaders of a new labor rights and union organizing effort in Port-au-Prince.[18] Harshest working conditions in the global apparel industry[19][edit] Genesis, S.A. is a Haitian factory manufacturing T-shirts and its only customer is Gildan Activewear.[20] Genesis, S.A. has been the most serious offender in a multi-factory campaign o
  6. I was wondering if there is a good place to buy Dragon Quest t-shirts mainly Japanese ones (and ones that don't use Gildan or Fruit of the Loom blanks), there's one I found last night featuring the DQII box art. I got this one and I will see how it is: https://www.redbubble.com/people/augoosto/works/18223682-dragon-quest-2-nintendo-famicom-box-art?p=classic-tee&style=classic-tee&body_color=royal_blue&print_location=front
  7. Thanks. Yeah I remember when I played DQV PS2, I recruited a Cure Slime and a Metal Babble as well as two Slime Knights. I love the Metal Babble not just because of the experience although that is mostly the reason. The other reason is I love the silver color.
  8. I figure I just use this topic instead of making a new thread. Is there a Liquid Metal Slime party member that I can recruit in the Android version of DQVI?
  9. Thank you for the reply. I actually ended up finding the answer beforehand but I had to translate a Japanese site to do it. Not one Wiki had the answer and I figured if a Japanese site didn't have it, this site surely would.
  10. Trying to complete the Big Book of Beasts so where do I find this thing?
  11. Okay so I beat Zoma solo but since I can't get a wish granted solo, I guess I better bring my Thieves to the slaughter to open up the second dungeon.
  12. Now what happens with the Sky Dragon and the other optional boss because I am playing the Android version so what are my plans for them? Pretty much the same for Zoma?
  13. Update: I beat Baramos after spending the past few days farming seeds. My stats are not at max yet but I just wanted to get past Baramos and then once I was ready for Zoma, do some more farming.
  14. I couldn't wait until my Clerics learned full heal so I transitioned them over after all of them learned Zing at 24. I will Level the Thieves until 33 however and then farm for seeds.
  15. Just for the effect (since I can't write Japanese), I played the original DQII with the password system and to get around my inability to write the characters I just used my digital camera. I think back in 2005 it was a Canon Powershot A510 or something.
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