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    Well, now.....theres gaming(obviously), chatting, monkeys/cows, manga, anime, whoseline and some other shows, horror movies, comedies, sleeping, and various other activities like punching random strangers in the face at wal-mart or using my stepbrother as an oversized Yo-Yo off the edge of a mountain.:P
  1. You do, and it eats you. I wish I had more free time.
  2. I wish you'd quit your damned whining. If it annoys you so much, STOP CLICKING IT!
  3. Just started watching one, I randomly picked it out of a list on the streaming site i use, it's called kateikyoushi-hitman-reborn and it's reeeaaaallly weird. Funny as hell, but weird.
  4. We're all in love with your slime...

  5. You sleep for three years in a coma hooked up to an IV, until a troll comes by and gives you the mankiss of true love. I wish I could get the "Freakazoid!" song out of my head.
  6. Granted. Instead, it's the target of a massive series of A- and H-bomb tests. I wish Dhoulmagus was actually a "Bloomin' good bloke"!
  7. Granted, but you just wasted your wish. (Deja vous, anyone?) I wish there was more to eat around here.
  8. Granted.You are strapped to an autopsy table for a lobotomy right after these messages from our sponsor. I wish I had known what you really meant.
  9. You find it with a frayed end. (Nope not there) I wish I had DQIX right........NOW!
  10. It slaps you in the face with its tail fins. I wish I could find my freaking DS
  11. but it bursts and the gel gets all over you burning through your flesh at 5000 degrees centigrade. I wish that I was a Sailor Scout! (XP)
  12. Saila MOOOOOOOOOOON!!! But seriously, bleach, one piece, used to watch Gin Tama....
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