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    Well, now.....theres gaming(obviously), chatting, monkeys/cows, manga, anime, whoseline and some other shows, horror movies, comedies, sleeping, and various other activities like punching random strangers in the face at wal-mart or using my stepbrother as an oversized Yo-Yo off the edge of a mountain.:P
  1. Just started watching one, I randomly picked it out of a list on the streaming site i use, it's called kateikyoushi-hitman-reborn and it's reeeaaaallly weird. Funny as hell, but weird.
  2. We're all in love with your slime...

  3. The cake is a lie.

  4. Saila MOOOOOOOOOOON!!! But seriously, bleach, one piece, used to watch Gin Tama....
  5. No, he's just weird that way

  6. Yeah, Striffy dint get an envelope. D= But this means I have no temptations to open it. I've always assumed that the only way that promise could be fulfilled is if they make a sequel to Rocket Slime. But if it happens, I'll be the first to take off my shirt and party.
  7. Skitter's comment explains your signature.

  8. lol only half dead

    also, my Aim works again

  9. haha, I just got your message of you letting me know you were still alive...but that was back in July, you still alive?

  10. Ouch. That's cool that you have both though. In my experience, Tara's Adventure is tougher to find nowadays. Yeah, well. When they were new my mom got my brother Coby's and me Tara's, but he's abandoned most of his GBC games. In fact, if I didn't have two already, I could swipe his GBC and he'd never know.
  11. I still have both [email protected] cobys journey and Taras adventure, or whatever. I went to replay them last year, but the saves don't stay once you turn them off anymore...
  12. You get that PS3 you've been questing for?

  13. Theres a lot of that going around among the fans of the original. I didn't like the voice acting, because it made me wrong. I still mispronounce Cecil and Yang though. Anyway, the 3d was fine, but it w3ouold have been interesting to see at least SOME of the cut scenes in the same manner as the intro. Also, The augments left a bit to desire. But you know what the biggest irk? The New game + limit. WHY would I replay if I have to start a new game after three pluses?
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