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  1. *snif* I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be able to open my envelope. Thanks for the heads up xd
  2. Well at least I know who to blame now if Slimeknights dosn't come back thanks to a few of you breaking the spell that that sealed cards contain by opening them to early *grr*
  3. I ordered mine but I doubt it'll come in the mail for at least another week or two since I'm in Canada and all. Not that I'd be able to see it until Friday at the earliest living in Residence at collage anyhow since my I don't trust them enough to have my mail come here. I've got a place in my room at home ready to enshrine it until the day comes that it can be opened.
  4. I'm still amazed I managed to get upto 59 on that list despite the fact I'd really only been active in November.
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