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  1. Gov doesn't like legalizing something they don't get tax $'s from but they don't have a problem wasting $ to keep people in prison for using it.
  2. I don't know if I could fathom going through such a long game on a handheld.
  3. No DQ for this year, the world is ending in December remember?
  4. Do you still have your Halloween Havoc entry from Slimeknights?
  5. I don't need to toss up proof I bought 2 copies of DQIX, just take my word for it.
  6. Lol @ some of the names. Ah c'mon! I want SON-OF-A-$#!&@!
  7. Whatever you wanna call that thing on SE Members, it's not Slimeknights.
  8. Why do avatars need to be pre-approved here anyway? I'm not currently interested in changing mine, just curious.
  9. There's a DW VII Prima file here. http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10880 This was the one I was thinking of doing next and I might still do it cause the file here is kinda low res. This guide should be at least around 200 megs. The DW II file on emuparadise is nice but not near as pretty as mine.
  10. There might be a problem with links on these boards lately cause the links are fine in my profile setting but the site is cutting part of them off for some reason. If you're not able to download them from my sig you can go into the DW2 and DW4 NES links from the homepage. The DW2 file is here...http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dw2nes/guide/dw2unveiled.pdf and the DW4 guide is here...http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dw4nes/guide/dw4tokuma.pdf If you still have trouble let me know as these links are looking weird also. Can you link me? I'd be interested to see what they have as opposed to what I had in mind.. Now that our big fan project is mostly done, I'm actually thinking of jumping back into another guide project.
  11. Here's my beef with the bonus board. For a while there I was under the impression due to a comment I saw somewhere on another thread that the end prizes were a Metal King Armour and Shield but turns out that Starkers is the final prize. I did find the shield on the board but never did find an armour. I've recently wiped out all my saves and started a new game and I may not fool with finishing the final board in this playthru since I really have no interest in Starkers. The way I see it, Starkers and Rebjorn are useless recruits since there's really nothing left to do by the time you obtain them.
  12. I've tried to take this route repeatedly to see the various outcomes and determine if it was pretty reliable but using the route I will outline here, I've managed to land on the finish line twice within about a two hour period. I have the guide but I refuse to look at it till I've done everything I intend to do with the game and if it has a better route mentioned then someone feel free to toss it up. While you're going on this route, keep in mind to not go inside any caves or examine any grass patches along the way as the hidden trapdoors are pretty random. 1. Go down at the 1st directional prompt and continue to the steps. 2. On the next level, continue going down when you reach the next directional prompt. 3. You're now on a long pathway going up and to the right, continue to the steps. 4. On the next level, there are two direction signs just a few steps in front of you, the 1st one forces you down and the 2nd one forces you to the right. Continue down from here and pass thru the toll gate. Along the path just beyond the toll gate there are several portals only a few steps apart. You need to land on one of these portals. I tried to play the board several times to see where all these portals take you but I'm going on a hunch and say they all take you to the same place as I landed on two of these portals and they both took me to the same spot so I'm gonna assume the other portals in this area will also take you to the same spot which brings me to #5. 5. The path you see now (assuming all the portals above bring you to this spot) will have a directional prompt a few steps in front of you but it doesn't matter which path you take as they both lead to the same steps. Just to make sure you're on the path I'm referring to here, you'll see two trapdoors back to back on the pathway going down but as I said, it doesn't matter which path you take as they both lead to the same steps. 6. The next level contains a long path that basically takes you around the outer edge of the entire level before it comes around into the middle of the level and just loops in a big square. On this level there are several trapdoors and from what I've seen so far, it doesn't matter which one you land on but you need to land on one of them as you'll drop down to the level with the finish line. 7. Now that you're on the level with the finish line, you're likely on one of the looping paths outside of the final leg and in order to get on the final leg, you'll need to hit the portal that's on your particular path. Any one of the portals on these paths will take you directly to the final leg. (There are some steps leading up to the final leg from somewhere so I probably should examine the board a little better from the outside and try to determine where they are leading up from.) 8. On the final leg, cross your fingers and hope you don't get a crappy dice roll. I can't say with 100% certainty that all of what I've said above is correct since I've not hit all the portals and trapdoors along the way, but to me, this seems like a very good route to take and I've done seen it pay off more than once. I've hit the finish line twice in a very short time and that doesn't count the several other times I've reached the final leg and hit a HARD CHEESE so luck of the dice roll still plays a big part in this.
  13. Damn, I just overshot the finish line by 1 square. I don't really think the board is so hard, I just don't know where to go exactly to get to the final leg cause there are so many caves and portals. I also just found a "Robust Lingerie" in one of the chests. I hadn't seen this armour before and thought it might change the wife's appearance since she's the only one who seems to be able to equip it but it didn't. Boo!
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