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  1. Switch to fighting games. You can beat another game every 30 minutes. 😂
  2. To be fair murder and genocide are two very different things. DQ11 is very much lacking in murder. It also doesn't help that
  3. I love being a dad and husband, but, for the love of all that is holy, I miss getting to actually enjoy playing video games. Cutting out sleep to play games is basically the only way I get to play them now and, I'll be honest, it's just not as fun.
  4. ... I am going to be honest with you here. Even without those two Rhapthorne should be pretty beatable by lv 40. Luck, tactics, and equipment all play a part though.
  5. Ragazzo! You have done yourself a disservice! Morrie and Red are both amazing on offense.
  6. This. Not only are Golems great, but they have a respectable recruitment rate!
  7. I actually feel that the forced alliteration is a good idea, marketing-wise. DQHTWTWATBB is silly. It's an incredibly long subtitle and TWTWATBB could have totally been DQXI's subtitle... What are the chances? As far as the puns go... I enjoy a good pun every now and then, but that's the key. Every now and then. I feel that DQIX was the biggest offender in this category and just had puns entirely too frequently.
  8. Are you not a fan of forced alliteration? I personally don't care about the subtitles enough to like or dislike them.
  9. DQ 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 - Mobile DQ 3 - GBC DQ 7 and 8 - 3DS DQ 11 - Switch As far as DQ7 is concerned, I actually prefer the PS1 version, however, as far as being definitive goes, that's the 3DS version, hands down.
  10. Favorites: DQ1 Hero - saved/married the princess, 1v1'd the fearsome Dragonlord and won, also founded his own kingdom. BAMF DQ3 King of Romaly - a slacker of my caliber. I could run my country... or I could hand my crown over to random visitors and take off for the monster arena. DQ4 Kiryl - this is how healers should be made. Not fragile like Angelo or the Prince of Cannock. Sturdy and capable. I appreciate this guy. DQ5 Papas/Pankraz - An absolute badass who dies way too soon. DQ5 Debora - fantastic artwork/character design. Hilarious party chat. Swings the Hela Hammer like a bad #$*!. DQ6 Hero - I really like this character design... actually, as far as aesthetics go, this is my favorite hero. DQ6 Terry - Actually, now that I am thinking about it, with the exception of Chamoro, I really like all of the character designs in DQ6. Outside of that, what makes Terry important, I am a fan of the Heel-Face Turn trope. He's also always striving to improve and prove himself. I also started as a fan of Terry due to DWM1. When I finally got to play DQ6 I just liked him more. DQ7 Marvin - an OG. As God's right hand man in the battle against a demon king, you know he's gotta be a badass. DQ8 Marcello - focused, driven, powerful. Able to wield the sceptre without succumbing to its power. DQ11 Hendrik - Dislikes: DQ2 Prince of Cannock - Ugh. Nothing like a healer that can't frickin' stay alive. DQ2 isn't a particularly forgiving game to begin with and this guy being so fragile is just extra frustrating. DQ4 Cristo - I know, I know, I have Kiryl up there, so why is Cristo down here? The A.I. system in DQ4's original incarnation was sometimes painful. You couldn't manually control your characters and this friggin' idiot... loved to cast Beat/Defeat (Whack/Thwack in the newer localizations). Even against enemies with complete resistance to it. I love that they referenced this fact in Kiryl's super in DQ Heroes. DQ8 Charmles - Ew. What a prick. DQ8 Angelo - I finally did a playthrough where I made bows his main weapon and I don't dislike him as much as I used to, but... still... another healer that can't take hits. Not a fan of this. Also, only character that can't get Thin Air out of fisticuffs... can't use boomerangs... his AoE's are really expensive... Rabble, rabble, rabble... DQ11 Veronica - So. Frickin'. Obnoxious. Do not like the design and wasn't terribly effective in battle. DQ11 Serena - DQ11 Sylvando - I am not a fan his design or of flamboyancy and this guy has it in spades. He's actually useful, which irritates me further. I just want to leave him in the wagon, but he's actually REALLY good.
  11. A member from long ago suggested Protectors of Paradise. I still, to this day, believe that would be the most fitting subtitle for 7.
  12. Jump on board with this calling BS action: Bianca and Flora have yellow and blue hair for a reason. They are descended from a very specific half-Zenithian with green hair. Yellow + Blue = Green. Come on now.
  13. Best DQ3 DQ4 DQ1 DQ2 Worst For me, this list stands as-is whether remakes are a part of the equation or not. The things I like about the games are still the same and the things that get fixed or added don't make enough of a difference to change position.
  14. Who doesn't enjoy a well-written, densely informational treatise on Dragon Quest material? I am a fan.
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