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  1. The Heroes games are Hack n Slash games with RPG elements. I bought them on sale last year and just recently have had time to play them (a little I have only managed to get 8 hours in the last month) and am enjoying the first one so far.
  2. The GBC games aren't terribly difficult to edit the text in. They could update the translations and re-release the games here. Aye, the PS1 version is beautiful, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Translating DQM1+2 for PS1 is a tall order, even with proper dev tools. I commend Kingcom for the progress he made before taking the hiatus he is currently on.
  3. DWM 1 and 2 are easily two of my favorite games. They are really well-made.
  4. DWM then, probably. Unless you're only playing an hour a day. Then LttP should last long enough.
  5. With what's listed, 5's party is the worst. The monsters are so much better than the humans that there's no contest.
  6. Wait. There's people that play TES games in 3rd person? That's so weird to me.
  7. Wow. A year, already? I didn't realize it had been that long.
  8. Downloaded and played as Hero for a bit today. I have to say, he's pretty good. Ban-worthy? No, I really don't think that's the case.
  9. Finally getting around to playing Dragon Quest Heroes. About 3 hours in. So far? Enjoyable.
  10. I am surprised there was a response. Maybe the object is mislabeled? Welcome to the Den.
  11. There you go, sir. I did the Rito one last and when I got that ability I was like, "Well, if I had known what I would have got from here to start with, this would have been the first place I went!"
  12. Huh. Didn't realize there was yet another BotW clone coming out. I am also looking forward to Gods & Monsters and Decay of Logos. But I don't think anyone smashed anything over the announcements of those games.
  13. It's entirely possible. I haven't really played the Slime Mori Mori games. Put about 20 minutes in to the GBA one and 45 minutes in to the DS one. I just remember seeing it in the Joker 2 Pro trailer and thinking it was new.
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