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  1. My daughter busted a set of 10-year-old headphones a few days ago. I have another set of headphones that I bought the same day as the now broken headphones that still see heavy use. I have a pocket notebook that I have been using for 15 or so years to take notes at work (I don't take very many notes). The keyboard on my computer is from a Lenovo desktop I purchased in 2010. The matching mouse finally bit the dust last year, but the keyboard is still in great condition. My van is 16 years old. In true Ohio fashion the bottom of it is rusted to hell and I will likely be able to see through parts
  2. I downloaded it on Day 1, but never opened it. No point in starting now.
  3. I haven't managed to get either. I did 10 of the 10 pulls on human Dragonlord. I only managed to get two S-ranks, one of which were the guaranteed S-rank for filling the stamp card. My S pulls? Both MetalDrak.
  4. Any monster can learn any skill/spell and have maxed out stats as long as it's born with high enough base stats and a high enough level cap. The biggest difference between monsters are their resistances (and, to a lesser extent, the skills they can learn naturally and pass on to offspring). There's someone on Gamefaqs message board that claims resistances can be inherited, but I have never personally tested it or witnessed it. In any event, the fastest way to the strongest monsters is good breeding and having a good place to level grind. Best of luck!
  5. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08397JQZG?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share I used this exact replacement to fix my joycon. It's very easy, took less than 10 minutes start to finish. If you don't have the tools cheap kits are available on Amazon. Nothing wrong with having backups.
  6. This would be helpful, but at least with setting tactics in the newer games the AI does a better job than the original DQ4 did... There are still instances that are face-palm worthy in terms of MP efficiency.
  7. Yesterday the DQ Tact Facebook page acknowledged the startup problem due to the dev options being turned on. Still have a problem with crashing on my phone, but not as frequently as on Bluestacks.
  8. I don't know. The games play pretty different. I really feel like when I play the two versions I am playing two different games that have the same story. I prefer the PS1 version for mechanical and localization reasons.
  9. It's all good. Crispin/Andy is there to pick up the pieces.
  10. Y'know, I looked for almost two hours, trying to figure out why the game wouldn't run. This was it. You da man, Pendy. I didn't even bother with the retry since I got three S-ranks on my first pull, but I now know they weren't even that good as far as the S-ranks go.
  11. This game doesn't run on my Sony Xperia XZ2 for whatever reason, so I am playing it on Bluestacks. It crashes every 20 minutes or so. Game's decent outside of that, so far. Not as mechanically in-depth as the FFT games, but a significant improvement over DQ Wars. What are your impressions so far?
  12. I doubt mobile-only is going to be the way forward... But it would make sense, wouldn't it? Has the biggest user base. Efficient distribution method. Easy enough to develop for...
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