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  1. Did either of the WhiteKing's direct parents have BigBang when you bred them?
  2. It has been that way for at least a couple of months. I assume one would have to contact Kaioshin about it. As far as DQM1+2 is concerned, no progress has been made in some time. Kingcom isn't sure when he will get back to working on it.
  3. Trivium's album "Shogun" is easily the band's high point. I could basically cite any song from the album as my favorite depending on the day. A buddy of mine introduced me to pirate metal a number of years ago through the band Running Wild. What an unexpected subgenre.
  4. I recently purchased this bundle from Humble. Part of the bundle is a free trial to Pathfinder Online. Anybody here want the code?
  5. I have, however, the item does not seem to work outside of combat.
  6. Thanks, guys. I am not so grand as to age in reverse, but I am good enough that I maintain... Guess I am just a great alchemist. Hahaha.
  7. The first two DWM games were severely underrated with the Pokemon hype train running around. DWM2 is absolutely fantastic, but there are a few things in DWM1 that are really cool and are missed in DWM2. I liked the concept of the Traveler's Gates and that the last room of each gate had the gate's boss and the room was thematically tied to whatever game the boss was from (for instance, the green dragon had the princess in the room and the golem was standing in front of a town). I liked the additional traveler's gates hidden all over GreatTree. I also thought it was cooler to play as characters from mainline DQ games... not knocking Cobi or Tara, but getting to play as Terry was a really cool touch and having Milayou (Milly) as your rival was icing on the cake.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/CyberPower-CP1500PFCLCD-Sinewave-Outlets-Mini-Tower/dp/B00429N19W/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1545585863&sr=8-8&keywords=ups
  9. I'm not sure about cheap options, the one I bought was almost $200. I can post a link when I get home.
  10. PSU. Keep your electronics safe. Like me. Don't lose progress due to (unlikely) power outages.
  11. Unpopular opinion around here, but I always felt like FFIX was the worst... At least out of the first 10.
  12. I was aware of that before the game was even released in the US. Since I superleveled to 99 I just beat him down the "hard" way.
  13. 3DS version was good, but PS1 version was and is my favorite Dragon Quest game. I absolutely love that engine and I am glad they reused it in the 4-6 remakes. The ability to make god-like characters capable of using every skill and spell in the game is exciting to me. I also miss how fast battles moved in the older games.
  14. Picked up Heroes and Heroes 2 from the Steam sale. Been looking forward to these for a while.
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