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  1. Yes I am just lurking like usual. I wouldn't consider myself good with RPG Maker, I'm just learning it like most of you. The only thing that I'm OK at (I think) would be scripting, besides that my wife is making most of the stuff for me since she is way better than me in that aspect. Right now the game is no longer on my laptop so I can't show anything since I'm planning to switch laptop soon. This whole project has been on a hiatus since almost a year and a half and as I said earlier, I may start back on it once again if I get the urge to go back to it.
  2. Once I get this ole clunker of mine fixed, I might go back since new ideas emerged for the past couple months.
  3. Man I almost forgot about Tesla's game as well. Seeing all these people making fan games sure makes me want to tackle my stuff once again.
  4. Happy Birthday Met and stay classy!!
  5. Wow all these fanbase game in the works sure makes you want to work on one.
  6. A second game huh, I sure like the sound of that.
  7. SK babies huh...Man better hurry up and make sure I am the second one to have an SK baby
  8. Happy birthday to the one guy who kept teasing me with a bottle of beer. I ain't buying you any but have one on me today.


  10. Man, I might be one of the few that loves scripting. To learn what you can do with VX via scripting. Game looks very good tho, keep up the good work!
  11. Say Mist.... I notice it doesn't show Cloudy as one of your friends... and yet... I see Albel... that's odd!


  12. WOOHOO! I'm the first person to comment this year! Do um I get an award or at least a congrats? Well whatever... boy its empty in ere we have to remodel. Love ya honey XD

  13. Tnx anyway. ill ask tifa.

  14. HEY MIST!! I hadnt bugged you in a while so i figured....yeah..

  15. Have a Merry Christmas Mist...Have fun in my freezer, I wont be here.

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