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  1. Yes, the old pillows are not very functional. The padding inside is very thin and if they were used, they'd probably flatten pretty fast. Iloveslimes, I love your collection and note we have a lot of plushies in common and probably about the same number. I store my slimes in the same types of plastic bins, too.
  2. Michi pretty well answered for me. It would be impossible to get my stuff in a single photo. I keep most of my large plushes in two huge Sterilite containers, and then the smaller plushes are in a plastic filing cabinet. I have an additional plastic container with the bandannas and other flat things, and then my full bookshelf. I try to keep the stuff secure from my 2-year old and the cats (Palom has been known to attack slimes and chew on tags), so that makes photos difficult. Heck, the child is the reason my page is rarely updated anymore. XD (Geez, look at how long it took me to respond to this thread.) I love seeing all your collections. I feel so behind because I have so little of the new stuff. I LOVE the Smile Slime line. I have always dreamed of having a kitchen or bathroom totally decorated with slimes. I'd want a stockpile of the items, though, because I'd be afraid of something happening to a single item.
  3. You get used to it. Besides, the only one I ever slept in view of was my really big one (which I haven't posted a photo of yet) and that was the only time it was a bit disconcerting to look up and see its smiling face. @_@ When I first started my heavy duty collecting, I kept my largest slimes clustered on the stereo in our bedroom. It could be really freaky at times in low light and you see these large, eerie glowing eyes across the room. At first, I turned them all away when I undressed. I think the Santa Slimes are the creepiest in a way. They make me think of a perverse Santa mannequin in an episode of Are You Being Served? "Ho ho ho, little girl, have I got a surprise for YOU!"
  4. *bzzt* You rang? Your collection looks lovely! I love the look of the soft fuzzy slimes - I am guessing those are the Smile Slime version? Whenever you get your collection up online, let me know so I can link to you! I don't have a lot of these recent releases (though I did get the Smile Slime calendar, spoon, and salt and pepper shakers as a Christmas surprise) and it's hard for me to update at all, but by golly I can link! Feigr, that's the first time I've seen how the vinyl monsters look outside the sales sites. The size actually works pretty well since the new character figures. Oh, to be a kid and stage mock battles, complete with background battle music...
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    OMG! I've been visited by Besu! =P

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