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  1. Hey. YOu added me to your friends list, you could at least leave a comment on my profile :P

  2. You stop by my profile and I don't get a single hi? That is just mean :(( why you act like that, aren't we like friends Maddy? Fine I will be the adult! HIYA MADDY MISS YOU :)

  3. I read it off line, and occasionally get a book. Only have 1 and 2. So many more manga to finish first >.o

  4. I read it on line and buy the books when they come out. How about you?

  5. XP I just now got teh "I'll be staying till the next flaming" part on teh comment you posted way back XP

  6. I love Megatokyo, do you buy teh manga or read it off line?

  7. Yep I love Megatokyo, how about you?

  8. I see you read Megatokyo!

  9. I forgot to thank you again. I got my cards. Thanks a lot man.

  10. Yeah, I put 80 some hours on it. Haven't played in quiet a while. Need a new DS.

  11. haha yeah just post alot

    do you have DQM:joker

  12. lol nice, More badges than me XP

  13. yeah kinda am but not anymore got 3 medals so im used to it now

    got better monsters in my joker

  14. I saw that you were recently new to teh site. Welcome. I'm kinda newish too.

  15. You have a Great Christmas Bro and a Happy New Year!!!!

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