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  1. This seems like a cool contest. Couple of quick questions for you though.


    Do we have to submit all 3 quotes at the same time, or for example could I send you right now and send the other 2 tomorrow?


    And this is probably a stupid question, but how accurate do the 5 requirements need to be? For example I know the quote, the person that said it and who it was said to, and the game. But don't quite remember the circumstances for the quote and can't seem to find it short of playing the better part of game again.


    I didn't find out about Slime Knights until after it was "gone". (I only joined the Den a month after SK closed down.) Any chance it will ever be back up?


    Those chances are proportionally linked to the chances of us getting another DQ game times the amount of marketing money that will be spent on those games.  So 1% x $0 = 0% chance. :tounge:


    I don't like those odds.


    Why must we love what we can not have?

  3. Now that the contest is over do you plan on posting the answers for this? I wanted to join in but I only knew about half the answers for sure, and a few just plain out stumped me.

  4. I was never a part of Slime Knights. Was it really that good?


    It really was a great site, and to be honest it was a great time to be a DQ fan as well. It's kinda hard for me to describe it but SK felt more like a home then just a fan site (no offense woodus, I do love the den too).


    Hahaha what. I didn't open my envelope. It's still sealed! Square Enix Members existed separate from Slime Knights, in Japan before the US version opened, so I didn't even think about that.


    Yeah I don't really count the Square Enix Members thing either plus the site feels too... cold and businessy, if that makes any sense. Either way I don't like that site.


    I still have my Silent Hope sealed and put away inside one of my DQ guide books, I forget which one now. I've been thinking about framing and hanging the envelope somewhere but I think since it's out of sight it's out of mind thus removing the temptation of opening it.


    Sorry if I've been rambling I didn't realize how much I've typed.

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