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  1. I'm guessing you saw the new Captain America movie . I actually saw it this Tuesday.
  2. I'm 24, currently practicing that song on my keyboard, and while I'm not saying I am a bad singer, I don't care to fine tune my voice when I do sing it out loud. When a song is good, it just is
  3. Its hard for me to admit Starfox is my favorite Nintendo franchise because of the lack of games recently. I don't tend to replay games very much because there's usually a new game for a series every year or two... or three. I feel like I'm losing touch with Starfox. Ever since command for the DS, it left me with so many questions and bittersweet emotions. I want to know what really happened afterwards, or if they [endings] all will technically happen at some point. To me, command really felt like they were trying to end the series in the way they had all those endings. That said, I want to
  4. As expected, Bianca is gaining momentum. Things aren't looking too good for Stella now You can vote for 2 contestants for each set, if you want.
  5. Welcome! There seems to be an influx (for the den) of Dragon Quest fans joining lately. Hopefully you decide to log in more often than you think you will
  6. Well, if you produce the high res ground version, it should still look slightly better when re-scaled down to a more "complete" size. By loss of detail, I don't mean it will distort. Scaling will simply remove some of the extra pixel detail, depending on the screen resolution and screen size on the viewer's side. This is not something you should worry about though, people (or more like their browser) scale images all the time while surfing, so if you feel better making it as detailed as possible, by all means go ahead Just thought that you shouldn't work so hard for us folk , but your work
  7. Both sky and ground look great. The ground version does seem like it has a bit more resolution to it, but in this case I would go for the one that requires less work for a few reasons. One is the obvious time-saver, and another is that the only way you would be able to see all the detail is if you zoom in on the map. The higher resolution, the more you will zoom in, and will be harder for someone to see surrounding areas or regions. I think someone who sees the map is most likely looking at it for reference, and would preferably want to see most of the map if possible. High detail wouldn't mat
  8. I always thought Stella was awesome because she's pretty upbeat. I was surprised when people started complaining about her. I'm also surprised Bianca and Nera are falling behind. I know It's just the second day of voting, but I expected them to have an early advantage. A Jessica and Debora finals seems like it would be a contest of epic proportions.
  9. For true I notice that I've practiced how to not plan projects, because I almost always end up with a different result because of how convenient things like Photoshop are. While I am often happy with the results, I'm still a little disappointed in that it's not something I actually envisioned at the beginning. People would be like "awesome" or "cool" , but I usually feel like something is missing (what I had planned). In the end, I do feel like the computer did it, not me. I will start planning ahead and stick to the "vision", regardless if the results are far from "good" just to pra
  10. I think this quality is excellent! Sometimes when we work on something (in this case images), we tend to nitpick the things people probably won't notice. From your perspective, I can understand why you would want to make it pixel perfect, but to me this is just fine, and that's coming from someone who is very critical of their own work It may be just me, but for some reason I actually like how the water looks. Not distracting for me at all.
  11. That is a pretty awesome drawing. It kinda makes me feel like I should start sketching on my free time. Out of the many things I tried doing, pencil & paper drawing is something I've steered away from, mostly because I am afraid of the end results. I noticed I feel a bit more comfortable if I use something like a digital drawing pad, probably because it makes things easier to undo and lessens the pressure of getting things done right the first time.
  12. My time-zone says I am not late. Happy Birthday!
  13. Yes, that would be the best solution! I mentioned earlier that screenshotting the game via an emulator to get a higher res would be a good option, but getting to those particular areas was the hard part. Now if you have them pretty much already in native format... definitely less time-consuming than applying filters and manual scaling
  14. Ok, here is what I managed to do with the backgrounds. I was planning on printing and re-scanning each so I could get a higher dpi and scale them down from there, but I forgot I ran out of ink . These should work out a lot better than if you used the original images anyway: Field Cave Mountain Desert Ocean Tower Snow Country Poison Swamp
  15. You can't invite him because you have already sent an invite. That's pretty much it "Oliver can't be invited to team. A request has already been sent."
  16. If you want to post a screenshot of the message, I can try and "decode" it But you might get things sorted out before that.
  17. Those backgrounds are 320x160, alot smaller than the needed output, not to mention they are 16:9 and you need 4:3, so there's only so much I could do with them. Here is a picture for comparison: Original Pixelated version: Re-rendered version: I don't know if the program you are using allows 16:9 widescreen format. But if not, here is my version of forcing a widescreen battle format, which lessens the stretching and distortion. Its still a 4:3 image: If any of these are ok, I can do the rest of the backgrounds the same. Another way to get higher-res images
  18. Thanks guys Even though in my eyes they are quite simple, they are also functional. Feel free to use them for whatever
  19. If you need a background re-sized a certain way, I can go ahead and give it a try. The image here seems to be either a small image made bigger (which is something you normally wouldn't want to do), or the image re-rendering software isn't very compatible with certain image formats. Link me to the background images you want to use (preferably bigger than output size) and give me the exact dimensions you need, as well as the preferred image format (JPEG, PNG, etc). I may have to crop the images a bit in the final render, but it's better than a pixelated and unproportionate image.
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