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  1. It also depends on your processor and whether it has integrated graphics (more stress on the CPU), but if you have a dedicated graphics card, chances are you should run the game no problem I think I ran into a freeze once early in the game. I don't remember exactly where, but I simply restarted the game and its been running smoothly with no problems since then with an average of 59.9 frames per second.The only times the game slows down is when I access my inventory or check out stats, but I realized this is caused by me running the game at 3x the native resolution. If I lower the resolution to 2x or less, it won't give me the slowdown, but I'm not going to let a few frame drops stop me from playing it at a beautiful 3x!
  2. I ordered the digital code like a usual purchase and received it within a few minutes. Never received or was told about confirmation via phone. Granted, this was last year, so maybe things have changed now? I've also been a registered customer for a few years, and although I've done most of my importing from amiami, I do buy some stuff from Play-Asia every now and then, usually when amiami runs out of stock, as was the case for DQX.
  3. I've been trying this for the longest, but my few gamer friends have huge backlogs of games to play, and the only way they break the log line-up is if there is a game they really want or expect will be really good. Dragon Quest would sound like nothing more than a typical save the Princess typish game to someone who's never played the series, and therefore not interesting enough to cut in line. Well, Dragon Quest/Warrior was like that, but you get the point
  4. That really sucks, but PC users still have the option to use WebMoney to buy Crysta. That is what I have used to pay for DQX subscriptions. Does the Wii/U have the WebMoney option? If so, then there will always be that, although now it looks like that is the only option
  5. You say "streetpass desert", but I literally live in the High Desert. No figure of speech needed There aren't many gamers around Hesperia/Victorville/Apple Valley, let alone Dragon Quest. Quad biking is the activity of choice up here, and the only real gaming scene I've come across is Call of Duty groups who are very 420 friendly...
  6. You can open the pnach (patch) file and just edit some digits to fit you screen. These are the addresses: patch=1,EE,2081B5E0,extended,3F400000 (for towns, dungeons, etc) patch=1,EE,2081A8D1,extended,003F4000 (for battles) patch=1,EE,2081AB02,extended,56043F40 (for overworld) Red is aspect ratio address, and Blue is the Value address you would edit. Simply change the F4 on all of them to F5 or whatever it is you may need. The original fat value is F8. I am assuming F4 (which is equivalent to 16:9) is too narrow for 16:10, since the extra aspect height stretches the image, so I am guessing F5 should be good enough. Editing the zero's on the right additionally edit the aspect by tiny amounts, if you wish to extremely fine tune-it, but I don't think its needed. This is for editing the horizontal aspect, so I am not sure if you are really going to need the address for editing the vertical aspect for 16:10, which I did find but didn't bother saving it. The patch is for PCSX2 emulator only, but the raw address codes within the patch should work on cheating devices if used alongside the game's master code (found separately), and only if the cheating device supports raw code. You can also edit the game ISO via a hex editor, and just edit the addresses manually to match the patch addresses, then burn the ISO to a disc and play on a modded console. Like Erdrick The Hero mentioned, if the game does not support 16:9 natively, then all you get in PCSX2 is a stretched 4:3 image. These patches force 16:9 output into a 4:3 aspect and then PCSX2 just stretches this crammed output to a 16:9, giving proper widescreen.
  7. I don't know if it was just me, but the Widescreen patch for DQV PS2 didn't affect the overworld or battles, only villages, dungeons, etc. I also couldn't find another patch that would fix this, so I decided to make my own. So here is an updated widescreen patch for PCSX2 emulator, in case I wasn't the only one with this problem. If anyone can test it out to make sure it works on other machines, that would be great Download Link
  8. If either of us gets those cards, I'd be willing to give you the Roto card if you are willing to give me the shiny Midenhall one That said, I got a few TCG and Battle Road cards if anyone is willing to trade the Midenhall card and/or others!
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIH2tTuz8WQ
  10. If I am reading it correctly, it says that you have a Fortune Card that will expire in 2 days. Aren't those Fortune (or destiny) cards the ones related to Meena? Also, someone do correct me if I make a mistake with the translations. I enjoy translating small stuff to go with my studies, but I don't want to give the wrong context, although things feel pretty straight forward with DQX after having played it.
  11. My question is probably more suited for the DQX Questions and Answers thread, but since it's related to recent posts here, then I'll just ask in this one When is the last day for part 2 of this Slime event? And can it be done if I didn't do part 1? I am planning on getting on during kid's time to try it before I miss the event. Kids time would be around, 12am PST for me I think? I haven't played online since like forever! That said, if someone can get on during my time, let me know. I could use some help getting it over with, preferably before kids time runs out I still don't know when I might be able to get on though.
  12. I don't know about including just certain Heroes instead of all of them. It would probably make things even more one sided. Perhaps include all men (including all unofficially named heroes), and make a rule that if you vote for a Hero and there is more than one Hero in a particular group, you MUST vote for a non-hero. But then this will not really reflect how "liked" a certain character is... I would allow all men, unnamed Heroes or not, and just go with the 2 votes thing. Depending on the final results, the contest could be modified a bit for next time. Or we can completely rule out the main Heroes and just make a separate contest for favorite Heroes, which would include any female Heroes.
  13. DQVIII was my first mainstream DQ title. After playing Rocketslime when it was released in 2006, I wanted to learn more about the series. I ordered DQVIII online in 2007, I think it was on Ebay, and I got it for around $28 in very good condition. I later got the Slime Controller as well for the PS2. DQVIII went on to become my favorite game ever, and after trying some more DQ, went on to become my favorite series. I was emulating the game recently, since I don't have a PS2 anymore (plus I wanted higher resolution), but as soon as I got everyone in the party, the game started slowing down just a bit, enough to make me not really play it. I don't have a dedicated graphics card, and although I have an integrated AMD processor meant for gaming, its not powerful enough to emulate something like a PS2.
  14. It's pretty cool to date the captain of the soccer or swim or softball team, but you look deep down, all guys want the big boobs or the Barbie. Not true... Some guys like butts more than big boobs. Only trust people who like big butts, they cannot lie.
  15. Then how about a video instead? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCxx_TEDxYw
  16. You have to defeat one of these: Not sure if its in a certain area though. EDIT: Unless by t-rex, you mean this guy, then my post is probably useless
  17. Aw, the group page doesn't allow transparent PNGs, so it ends up giving it a black edge-fill. I made the square one for that purpose if you want to use that, or if the edge fill isn't a big deal, then that is cool too.
  18. Unlike my save, which got corrupted. I was going to hotlink the Curse jingle in this post, but after previewing, I decided I did not want to give anyone a heart attack.
  19. It's pretty cool to date the captain of the soccer or swim or softball team, but you look deep down, all guys want the big boobs or the Barbie.
  20. Woops, sorry. Don't know why it might not be working for other's, but I updated the link anyway. https://mega.co.nz/#!t5lT1ACa!YfGuOiRNzj2Ovb7Thj7Et80PRtSwHh0SEtmoVlZ4iNo
  21. Does the steam site support transparent PNGs? If not, then just in case I made a new style with both Round (with transparency background) and Full Square, all of them 184x184. I made them with two tones of outlines. Here's a comparison on how they would look: And here are the zipped images https://mega.co.nz/#!t5lT1ACa!YfGuOiRNzj2Ovb7Thj7Et80PRtSwHh0SEtmoVlZ4iNo
  22. Thanks! I know its a bit bland and doesn't really fit in with the group page scheme, but I'll leave it as a work in progress. Today I just wasn't in a very creative mood I'll make it more "techy" some other time.
  23. Here's what I came up with after playing around for a bit: Let me know if you want a different color scheme
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