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  1. But history repeats itself, so being sober is just a bygone trend that is actually one step ahead into the future. Who's late to the party now? Huzzah!
  2. Biggest new thing with me is that I started summer session last week at Citrus College in Glendora. Taking Japanese 101 and Math 020 for summer session. So far, Japanese class is great fun. We do lots of partnered activities and oral reviews/performances, which is something I wanted. I already knew all the kana and even know proper stroke order for 90% of them, so so-far it's been a breeze. Also, a native Japanese international student complimented me on my Japanese pronunciation. He thought I studied Japanese in some other school, but all I've really done is study on my own.
  3. I actually think it's going to be even harder now to create a translation patch if there would ever be one. At some point during one of the DQX regular updates, I noticed that some of the DQX game EXE files went from being EXEs to DAT (example: offline.exe is now offline.dat). This makes me think the game now relies even more on the server side which now loads those DAT files for you instead of your computer doing it through executables. I don't know much about computer programming, but I have messed around with PCs enough to guess that this is aimed towards piracy measures, since EXE files are easier to work with, and the DAT files now have updated unique encryption. This will affect any sort of translation projects for sure without it being intentional, since it prevents further modding of what were once EXE files. If this is the case, whenever the server checks those DAT files, if the files have been modded, the game should spit out an error and possibly flag you for suspicious activity.
  4. You guys are forgetting I hold the power of persuasiveness. Nobody argues with me unless I want them to
  5. Dang it Plattym3, you should really put a spoiler tag on some of that
  6. Wow, this is great news! Unfortunately, I don't have any devices to buy it on. Even so, my current situation doesn't allow me to spend freely (hence why I haven't purchased another DQX subscription and why I don't have a smartphone to begin with). Honestly, I prefer to play DQVIII on a bigger screen and surround sound, with a more practical controller option, but this is coming from someone yet to play the mobile version to fairly compare. I would buy it just to add to the cause though once I get some extra cash.
  7. If that app works as intended, at least most of the time, then even garbled sentences can really help. I mean, when I played, I managed to read enough Japanese to pick out keywords such as locations, names, items, monsters. Knowing how Dragon Quest games work, and familiarizing myself with DQX by exploring lots, I managed to do lots of quests on my own simply by putting "2-and-2" together. Some quest are very specific, and usually use Kanji of which I don't know very much, so if the app can decipher the kanji, then the keyword method should still be useful. Also, keep in mind some text in DQX, especially smaller kanji, can be very difficult to make out. That usually isn't a problem to someone who already knows and understands the context, but just a heads up that the camera might not be able to pick it up. When this happens and I can't read the text, I usually run the text through filters in photoshop to blow it up and make it just sharp enough for me to identify the kanji radicals, then I proceed to decipher. It won't come up much for important things though, but if it does, just do what I do with photoshop and hope CamDictionary can read it. If not, it's off to identify the radicals for you
  8. Optionally, you can wait until August 7 for the release of the All-In-One DQX package, which I assume to have all the updates. It's retailed at 4,800 yen + tax, so averages around $50, not including shipping. Unless, that is the "combo pack" Ashes was talking about? I am talking about this one:
  9. Aha! I remember the last time I played DQX, I think it was Mimas who I mentioned the dolboard should come in different colors, including a black with blue version. That and the ability to turn off the annoying dolboard sound effect or change it.
  10. Definitely much less, to the point that I can run DQV at 3x the original resolution, whereas DQVIII is only really playable in native resolution on my PC, which is ok I guess, but I usually emulate to play a game in a higher resolution.
  11. I tried this code and another one I generated using the latest version of WfcReplay v0.5 (using a flashcart), and both got positive results! Both times that I tested the DQVC with the 2 codes on the same save got me items from the Alchaid 4 week, which according to the DQVC list on http://www.yabd.org/apps/dq9/dqvclist.php, should have started on May 10, 2014, so it seems the auctions are stuck on the day of the packet dump, but definitely not random, other than the usual randomness of the items for that particular week's listing. These are the items I got the second time, all from the Alchaid 4 week that takes place during the month of May: I assume that the rest of the DLC (quests, guests, etc) should work. I'm gonna have to create a new file to test it, but overall good news! Oh and here is the code I generated in v0.5 using a clean DQIX rom I dumped myself. It is significantly different for some reason, but works just fine. I also assume that patching the rom and uploading the patched rom back to the original cartridge would work, thus avoiding the need to use the Action Replay DSi (that I don't have). Will probably do that for my other 2 copies of DQIX while I just use the AR code for the one on my flashcart.
  12. You probably clicked on the Big Red button in the launcher, which is for online mode only (once you created a character in offline mode first). Which is odd, since the first time you should get a launcher like the one below with a yellow game registration button instead, but it has happened to a few people: Since you probably don't have this launcher settings, simply click on the button on the bottom-left (the long one, not the small one) and after you click it, you should get the following screen: Click the left option, which is to connect your Japanese Square Enix account (the same one you used during the registration process for DQX). If everything went well, you should get the registration launcher like in the image above. Ignore Step 1, since that is to register a purchased game code. Simply fill in step 2 with your Japanese Square Enix account credentials and you should be automatically taken to the character creation screen. Once done, you should see a blue button in the launcher (under the big red one), which is the offline mode, like shown below: And Sk8erpunq is right about those messages, though it has nothing to do with region locking. At least from what I can read from the get-go, it simply says you can't play online as a guest player and to first make a character offline, and that you can also register a previously created character from any of the DQX environments (PC, Wii, Wii U, etc).
  13. Seeing how everyone is fighting to be the coolest member here makes it clear I am the only one fit for the title of "Most Handsome" . And welcome to the Den!
  14. Those are perfect, thanks Cesar! I have updated the roster to include these:
  15. Aw, how did I miss this? Happy birthweek, yes? ...No? Oh well...
  16. Apart from Old Man Shards and Wallace of Wormwood Creek, here are the contestant icons in order (left to right): EDIT: Added Old Man Shards and Wallace. Thanks to Cesar for finding the artwork for those
  17. Some of these could really use an image for exposure, but then those like Old Man Shards and Wallace I believe have no official artwork, and there are no appropriate screenshots either. Currently working on the manly icons, but unfortunately I think some of them will be left out due to lack of artwork.
  18. I don't know about any saves in circulation, but I do have a save file of my last playthrough which has a Schleiman Tank. If we start compiling a list of saves, I would be more than willing to put mine up.
  19. One of the best things in DQ has been the ability to rename your bag:
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