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  1. Those are cool. I really like the sarcasm one, and the beer ones are pretty funny too. And that looks like a really high quality wallet. The texture on it looks like it feels real nice.
  2. I'm getting into the habit of playing again just by playing offline mode, but I could have sworn I used to play with Surround sound. It could be an issue with my processor also taking over my preferred audio driver during gaming mode. I get 5.1 sound with everything else, except DQX. So, does DQX support true surround sound on PC? I don't want to resort to using my speaker's matrix decoder, since it really isn't true 5.1 surround sound.
  3. Yeah, i would also like to know what these are. Been looking for stuff to read in Japanese, let alone something I could use towards DQX.
  4. And aging definitely affects decision making, let alone if you already had a history of a mental illness. Yeah, its stupid, if you are mentally stable and are able to consciously distinguish your options, but a mental illness like severe depression, let alone someone of age, is almost like saying a baby was stupid for almost choking to death with something because he should have known better. I've been doing volunteer service work at a local shelter for elderly people with dementia. The only thing that is really keeping some of them alive is the fact they really have no idea what their state of being is. If I was any of them and had a sudden realization of what had become of me, honestly, what would be my other alternatives to live? Mental illnesses are a serious thing, and "normal" people already complain on how life is hard as it is. Hope I didn't sound too harsh I re-read what i wrote and yeah, it sounds sorta strong, but I honestly don't mean to pick on anyone in any way, so sorry if it sounded like it had a negative tone.
  5. Thanks a bunch! I"ll get a reply for the job by next week. If I get the position, then it's all uphill from there. Yep, I'll even be able to invite this one cute girl out to eat guilt free
  6. Maybe its because I skipped breakfast, but for some reason I read that as "raising our pants together"
  7. Pretty much why I wish I could have lived on campus. We don't have dorms, so that isn't an option, but I'd rather spend a little more on rent and be able to hang out or study with friends, as well as leaving family drama behind and focusing on College, this to me is a must. I started Freshman year with Summer session, and while I did make some new friends, we can't really hang out because I live so far away. Friends are important to me, and from personal experience I've seen really close friends become distant because we could never hang out or keep in touch. Distance eventually does that. And of course, the driving is also annoying. Sometimes its taken me 2 hours to get back home because of heavy traffic. And that's not the worst of it, driving up the 15 North almost every day worries me in how much strain I am putting on my car. So yeah, here's hoping I get the job at my school. Studying and working on the same campus just seems so convenient, and if I do get a place nearby, that would be bomb .
  8. Actually, it is cheaper if I drive. I only spend about $300 on gas a month. Rooms or apartments in Glendora/Azusa area are at least $500+. Up until I got my Financial Aid recently (late disbursement), I was relying on my savings and credit card for gas money. But my family did give me money for gas every now and then, so I am very grateful for their support. Someone I met in school is looking for a roommate beginning Spring term of next year, but I am really hoping I can find someone starting Fall. Citrus College has no dorms. That sucks. You sure she didn't just try to ditch you? I recently became a Christian, though I would most probably not followed through had it been as strict as I had made it out to be. While things like a non-Christian marrying a Christian as well as gay marriage isn't necessarily condoned in church, we are taught to respect and even become friends with them. So i can date any girl I want to basically. Something like Christianity shouldn't be a burden at all, but certain [most] people will make it that way. These people are more worried about people scrutinizing them than the whole point of them going to church, thus rolling out the stereotype carpet.
  9. Yay, another DQX player! I use my Wii U Pro Controller with DQX. I think having a controller works best over keyboards because of comfort and convenience. I just don't like having to put down the controller to type, especially when we get a conversation going. And welcome to the Den!
  10. Even though I ordered the game when it was released for PC and played it heavily then, I forgot almost everything since I haven't really played in months. I would sign up for this, but first I am waiting to see if I do get the job so I can purchase a subscription worry-free. Otherwise, the only times I can really play are on Fridays during kids time at 9pm PST (for me). Kids time any other day is too late for me (12am). I also think I have a few boss coins I never used, including Metal monster coins. I might pop in during kid's time on midnights just to get used to the game again and read some Japanese, but I would be too tired to care about fighting bosses or anything else for that matter.
  11. Had a job interview at the college I go to. I think I nailed it, so if all goes well, I'll be working at the bookstore or school cafe after my classes during Fall. Which means I will finally be able to move out and rent a place near my college so I don't have to drive 1 hour to and from school every day!
  12. I see, thanks. And for the record, this has nothing to do with region locking with the non-pc platform versions, the Region Locking on the systems is still enforced, right?
  13. Wait, so are we now allowed to let other players know we are foreigners? It would be pretty neat to make some friends and not fear asking others for help.
  14. There are servers for people who want to play Solo (I think they are called ã²ã¨ã‚Šãƒ—レイ), but you will still encounter other players on there. Basically, if you play on a Solo Server, it means you don't really want to interact with anyone, so you will be left alone. I am not sure if being on the Solo servers prevents people from sending you requests, like party requests and stuff. Also, you can change the little icon that shows above your head to say you are playing solo. If you do this, people can't send you requests to join their party.
  15. Ah, this makes things easier! And looks like a good sign as well. I should get on soon, now that I am in summer break.
  16. Thanks Guys! While I didn't do anything on my B-day, today I hung out after Japanese Class Finals with some classmates. Afterwards, went out to eat with a new friend. Had A good time, but sad she is returning to her own college next semester. Honestly, today was a great day that more than made up for yesterday, and seeing this also makes me extra happy
  17. Well, next week is the last week of summer session and all I have left is my Japanese class, since I already passed my Math Final. I am actually pretty sad to leave my Japanese class. Since we had so many partnered activities, some of us got to know each other pretty well and had very similar interests, though none Dragon Quest. Some go to different colleges and only took some classes at my college to complete certain units because it was cheaper. Most I probably won't see again, and the experience I had there will make me miss the class very much. That said, for the final week I have a Cumulative Kanji test on Monday, Vocabulary test on Tuesday, lengthy Speech on Wednesday (which is pretty cool that it happens to be on my birthday), and the Cumulative Final on Thursday. Thursday will be a very bittersweet day
  18. Happy Birthday, enjoy Mario Kart 8 and your free promotional game!
  19. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for 3DS and Wii U for sure. You can transfer your save data between consoles so you can hunt on the go or at home on the big screen (and I have added surround sound ). I currently have over 1000 hours with the game, and 700+ for the old Wii version if that counts for incentive. I still enjoy playing the game. Playing the game with friends locally is where I think the game really shines. Other things for Wii U, I really like Injustice Gods Among us and Sonic Racing Transformed is also pretty cool. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge is also a great game, but be warned, it is very difficult.
  20. That's pretty cool, thanks! Definitely helps make it easier for folk who are starting off with DQX. I mentioned before I would be more than willing to help with translations, and especially now that I am taking a Japanese language class in college. I am already becoming good friends with a few Japanese international students, so I could even ask them for some translating help with Kanji or words I might not yet understand. Basically, if people start pitching in with translations, I would also like to provide whatever little support I can.
  21. You should. Since you've shown the proper amount of remorse, I can now wish you a very happy belated birthday. Hope it was amazing! What Platty said, plus an extra dose of Happy Birthday!
  22. That's cray cray! It's almost like reverse metadata discovery. Thanks for the heads up!
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