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  1. Were you Pac-Man at first? I played someone who started as Pac-Man and moved on to Dr. Mario at some point, and I actually almost lost to that Dr. Mario as well. Most likely just a coincidence, but we have registered each other, so we can have our own Dr. Mario vs Shulk anyway, haha.
  2. Almost every Little Mac I come across tends to lose. Little Mac is strong and super fast, but gets knocked out easily. When using Little Mac, stay in the center of the stage and avoid trying to be a hero, unless you really, REALLY know what you are doing. If you get knocked off the stage even slightly, the chances of you recovering are very slim.
  3. Got the game at midnight launch a local Gamestop where they also held a Brawl tournament. I've unlocked all characters, but not all the stages. It's too bad we can't share replays. Just last night I used Little Mac vs. Little Mac on a 1 vs 1 For Glory mode online, and had a flawless 0% damage win. Took down this person's 2 stock Little Mac without taking any hits from him, haha. I currently enjoy using these: 1. Shulk 2. Little Mac 3. Wii Fit Trainer I play a very laid-back style with Shulk, and that has netted me many victories, as opposed to being aggressive, as per what pe
  4. It looks just amazing. One way or another, I will get this game.
  5. I can play almost all the "Let It Go" song on keyboard
  6. I grew up speaking both English and Spanish, so both are pretty fluent. I feel like I write better in English, but I find it easier to speak with Spanish speakers. This is probably because I had to speak Spanish at home and with other relatives, since they didn't know much English. Also took 2 levels of Spanish (including AP Spanish) in High School, but English was my favorite subject then. Currently learning Japanese as a 3rd language. Already have the basics covered, like the Kana, basic phrases, and even some Kanji. Should be enough to hold a basic conversation, but I am not getting eno
  7. Here's my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/josegallardoisinyoururl
  8. Scratch that, turns out one of my new College friends got the email, and it was a tough decision, but I ended getting the last code!
  9. I would also welcome a code if anyone has extras. I am not a Platinum member this time, unfortunately. But thanks for sharing guys!
  10. I am thinking of importing it myself. I would finally own a Sony system since the PS2.
  11. That looks super amazing! And I thought Hyrule Warriors was a great idea to begin with!
  12. I didn't know about the game until today. I adore horror games, an this looks amazing. I'll play it really soon, but it's too bad I currently don't have my gaming setup with my big TV and my surround system.
  13. What, you totally forgot about me? How sad And welcome back. I am curious as to what exactly made you decide to pop in once again. I don't remember you being "obnoxious" though.
  14. Yeah, good luck to you both, but I shall be the one who is victorious I have my eyes set on cute and smart girl I met in my Japanese class during summer. She is from China, and I find her accent... very appealing, haha.
  15. Finally going to move out to my own place this weekend. Ended up renting a room in Azusa 5 mins away from my school, $500 a month, not bad considering utilities/internet included, and I could use the living room, kitchen, washer/dryer/ pool table, etc. It's the house of a friend I met this Summer, just that their mom so happened to be renting a room. I already started working at the college bookstore, but will start full-time classes next week alongside my job. Going to be pretty busy most days (classes start around 9am and I clock out of work around 8pm starting next week, but I am happy
  16. Ooh, it has Endless World from DQII, nice! From what I have "gathered", below is a list of all the tracks. And you can listen to samples here. CD1 CD2
  17. None of my younger siblings watches Dora anymore, but I sure as heck bring it up whenever someone asks "where are we going?".
  18. Yes! I, like Erdrick The Hero, have also joined the [official] League of the Employed! (again, sorta). Will be working at my College's bookstore starting next week, mostly training prior to the start of the Fall semester. Really convenient, since that means after classes I don't have to travel anywhere else to work. I'll probably be on campus from 9:30am - 7:00pm every week for both school work and work-work. Now time to start finding a girlfri... I mean a place to rent near my school to avoid the long commutes and just plain focus on college.
  19. Honestly, that looks more like a pissed-off Mega Shellder to me
  20. I think that's nearly everywhere now, haha. But I do enjoy when people do it for the sarcasm. And the only person who I met during Summer Session in College that knew about Dragon Quest was a Japanese international student who I hung out with. Unfortunately, he didn't care for the series or cares much for video games in general. He is more into working out and hanging out with friends. So no, haven't met anyone who really cares about DQ. Though I have heard some people say they have played DQIX, but it's not anything especial to them.
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