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  1. If only my japanese was better, I could be enjoying Battle Road Victory even more!

  2. You eating your Brain food? Eat healthy and take care!

  3. キソグム-ãƒãƒ§ (or Mucho Macho) DQVII - 2000 If you need a scan, let me know.
  4. Hiya ghost. Hope I was of some help. Enjoy DQIX!

  5. 0_0 I opened my envelope. I assumed Square Enix Members was the 'when our paths (officially) meet again' part. I remember meeting lots of ex SKers there.
  6. It was beyond great. The site was much fun (with activities, rewards and whatnot), but what made it special was the community of awesomely unique, DQ FAN individuals. The faithful Slimeknighters made that place as great as it sounds/was. I wonder where most SKers went to? I've been out of internet for over 8 months now. otherwise, I would've patroled the Den more often. Even so, I don't see many SKers here anymore. Or is it just me
  7. I'm a bit more modern, so I'll have to vote for DQVIII.
  8. Hello Woodus. Its been a while since I was last active on the Den, but now that I'm re-visiting, I thought it would be neat if I changed my Avatar to something more "modern". So do you think you can upload this Avvy to the members' gallery please? You can delete my current one. New Avatar: Thanks in advance!
  9. Do YOU have any money? Buy me a Wii, with a copy of SWORDS, Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy...

  10. Yep, I'll be staying 'til the next flaming XD

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Does this mean the link isn't supposed to be broken anymore? Because it still redirects me to "no-where". Anyhow, Its not like I'm going to slimeknights.com only to click on the Square-Enix link. Its no big of a deal, really.
  12. That link actually leads to this address: http://www.slimeknights.com/slimeknights/www.square-enix.com, Which means its non-existent. I can't believe a common error like this was left unnoticed.
  13. Criticism granted

  14. Guess I'm not the only one with a little request ^_^
  15. King Slime mentioned that we could open it once we all meet on a future Square-Enix community. Then again, its not like your forced to "Not Open It", but I'd rather keep the Silent Hope spirit.
  16. Funny how I usually receive things I order by mail within 2 weeks, even from Slime Knights. I guess the speed at which you receive your orders also depends on the quality of service your local Postal Carrier provides. I remember I got the postcards from SK in less than a week. I got my hardcover not too long after I placed the order. What DID take a little longer was my copy of Joker from Amazon.
  17. Slime knights has closed for good.
  18. Shake it. It works for Christmas presents ^_^
  19. Ok, now it is officially closed. I thought I would spend a little more time, but it closed before 4pm Pacific time
  20. It was a great run. Thank you King Slime for maintaining such an awesome community.
  21. If by "officially closed", You mean "Doomsday is near", then yes. Slime Knights will close today, but you can still have last-minute conversations.
  22. You can still get instant mms with polls and quizzes. Not a lot, but its better than nothing.
  23. I do hope another official community opens soon. The envelope will be tempting... But I have enough SK willpower to resist!
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