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  1. Nothing much [yeah right] just checking up on the Den
  2. I have an older 1 terabyte WD Elements hooked up to my Wii U. I no longer had use for it since I added extra storage to my Desktop so I just transferred everything there. Xenoblade Chronicles X had tons of DLC for enhanced experience, so I finally decided to just use my drive for that and other games I could re-download now.
  3. I think the chests are worth 50 points by themselves, but there are bonus points if you have certain furniture pieces together. Once you build a room and add all required basic pieces, you get a new tile to make another room. When you make a new room, you can expand it you aren't limited to the room's first size. Just remove the wall and build a bigger one after it has fully transformed into an actual room using the required basic pieces. Bigger room means more furniture combinations, i always keep the basics and add the cooking spit to each one, and 5 pots seem to make anothet bonus. Also, the signs you find in the overworld are worth 100 points bring those haha. I have 7 rooms 2 stories with the basics and spit, then i just fill the remaining space with pots, 50 points each plus i believe a bonus for having 5 pots per room. For the record, i noticed at some point before max level, when my camp leveled up, if i removed the furniture and alot of points were deducted, but my camp didnt level down, just decreased points on the gauge. Then when i readded that same furniture with those same points, if the amount of points i removed were greater than the ones deducted before the gauge hit zero, the points would stack and i would get more points. So if someone wants to try, when you level up, right away take away furniture and you shouldn't level down it gets locked and you dont have many points to begin with for the new level and just readd the furniture pieces.
  4. More fun than I expected, and I was already expecting it to be really fun Reached level 5 and nothing else seems to unlock. Didn't want to stop playing so I dedicated a little something to my girlfriend haha (our nicknames) EDIT: Got the Green Couch too from the Green Dragon. Worth 500 points.
  5. I haven't been here in a while. Finished first year of college. Currently work as a kitchen assistant in a sushi department for Marukai Corporation in west Covina. Broke as hell due to school haha. That and i have a habit of overspending on food and clothing Sooo, its been like a year already. Someone update me on the whole girlfriend thing we had going on a while back, haha. As for me, currently in a happy relationship
  6. Thanks! I haven't been here in a while. School, work, blah blah. But with all the recent DQ news popping up, i'll make sure to come here more often. Missed you guys!
  7. From what my Japanese guy friend told me, its ãã¿ã¯ãã‚Œã„ã ã­ (kimi wa kireida ne). Not supposed to be a pick-up line, just an honest expression, but could impress the girl. It's pretty informal, but normal around friends and with young people.
  8. One more freakin' final exam to go and I am done with fall term! Other than that, fall term was amazing. Went to awesome events, made whole lots of new friends, discovered new interests, and just plain ol tackled obstacles like I haven't before. School as an independent student is rough, but has had some of the most memorable moments thus far *cough* parties Still no luck with the ladies, but I don't worry about it anymore. Just glad I now know I actually have the guts to go up to girls and tell them they are cute, even if I don't know them very well. In fact, tomorrow will tell that to a Japanese girl, in japanese! She's been wanting me to say things in Japanese, so yeah, haha. Oh, and I finally upgraded to a smartphone after like, 5 years. Noticeable due to me getting all DQ games
  9. And like I said, I usually always go with my name for my games. So if this is confusing, I could do one with Flute when I have some time.
  10. I put Flute just for the proof, but I usually always go by Jose in my games. Havent really started the game, so let me know if further proof is needed.
  11. Ok, I'll take them I got paypal. To where should I send the payment?
  12. Ok, so I am definitely importing the Heroes PS4 Bundle. $680-$700 is about what to expect for an import, right? Play Asia has it, but for $800.
  13. Ok, I am interested. If you can let me know the total for all books with shipping, that would be my deciding factor. For the record, shipping would be going to Azusa, California. In case you needed the info.
  14. Not necessarily fanart for awareness, but if you've seen Interstellar:
  15. I used to post and draw alot there, even on the community for the Beta version way before the full game launched. Now I just go and "Yeah!" the things I like on there, but that's it.
  16. I actually found someone already, but thanks for the thought! I am going to interview someone who is an Actress/Model/Gaming Journalist. She and I actually write for the same Gaming Blog, hence why I was able to get a hold of her easily. And the fun part is I now realize she and her sister, who both write for the same blog, live in Azusa as well! Her sister even goes to the same College I do! Go figure, after a few years of writing together, but never being able to meet up, turns out we live in the same city and one of them has been at the same campus all along! Of course, I just moved to Azusa, CA like almost 2 months ago, so, yeah. Crazy.
  17. Alright guys, so for one of my College Assignments, I need to interview someone who is currently in the field of a career I am interested in. Currently, I am interested in translating/interpreting (mostly Japanese and Chinese), Acting, music, and fashion design. If any of you guys fall into any of these categories, have worked professionally at some point in any these categories, or know someone who can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Interview summary is due the 28th of October, and it is for my Counseling 145 class at Citrus College. I will be sending a list of questions based on the career, and the person being interviewed would simply fill out the answers. Thats it. The hard part is not the 3 page summary of the interview. It is finding someone who I can even start to interview. If I can get help with this, it would be greatly appreciated. I am asking everywhere because I really want to get started on my summary. Thanks.
  18. So... went to another rave, but I ended up passing out. First time that ever happens, and I don't like it one bit. After last night, I probably will steer away from any drinking for a while Still, good memories. That is, whatever I actually recall, haha.
  19. Just this Friday I went cosmic bowling for the first time at Brunswick during Zombie Night with co-workers and a friend. Then last night I went to the Hatsune Miku Halloween Dance Party at the Belasco theater in LA. Somehow I was able to get in for free. There was also a Deorro performance at the Jungle hall in the other side of the room, and people from the Miku dance party had access to it, so I went to both. It's funny how there was a huge line outside (with people who had pre-paid tickets) to get into the Deorro event, and people from the Miku event were going into the Deorro performance freely. People could just easily go into the Miku Dance Party that no longer had a line and was at this point free entry and just access the Deorro performance via the Miku hall, practically free. I only paid for parking, and I ended up participating in two events for free Both were frigging awesome! But now back to being a good college student and time to do my homework! Hatsune Miku Halloween Dance Party 2014 Deorro Event
  20. Oh man, sorry I missed this a while back! Its been the longest since I actually even played with the patch, but do you still need this info? If so, gonna have to look into it on my other PC, which is currently not set up. You are welcome! And no, I have not submitted the patch to the PCSX2 project. I had no interest in creating an account just to post something there, but feel free to share if you want.
  21. Yes, he is very overrated in the sense that people think his speed and strength is too much. That is why I use him defensively. People always expect a Little Mac to be aggressive, and so people get confused when I use him very laid back, usually always resulting in a victory for me in for Glory. Unfortunately, he is fast, so when there is lag, I feel him almost impossible to use online. But other Little Macs I face online are pretty easy to beat. The trick is to not be aggressive, because people expect this. His 1,2 punch is key in my opinion, as it can block most projectiles and withstand many attacks (almost like Charizard's super armor when using rock smash).
  22. Were you Pac-Man at first? I played someone who started as Pac-Man and moved on to Dr. Mario at some point, and I actually almost lost to that Dr. Mario as well. Most likely just a coincidence, but we have registered each other, so we can have our own Dr. Mario vs Shulk anyway, haha. Maybe? I didn't start as Pac when I played the guy, but he did play as Marth, Robin, Dark Pit, and Shulk (mostly Shulk). I do remember playing as Duck Hunt, Toon Link, Ness, and then stuck with Dr. Mario for the rest of matches since he stayed as Shulk (white color scheme). Ok, that wasn't me then. I actually have not used Marth and Dark Pit at all yet. And I tend to use either regular color, black, or no armor Shulk. I'll be on in a bit if you want to host or I host a game.
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