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  1. I didn't know, I have the pc version since release and a friend the switch version, we havent played because of the restriction.
  2. Erdrick in smash brought me back to the forums. I waited over 10 years for this since I got introduced to DQ in 2007. This is amazing and Ive never been more of a smash fan than I am now.
  3. I think you were interviewing people as they were leaving the area early on. But when I was finally in line waiting for my turn to meet Horii San, I was so nervous I forgot about everything else haha. Once I got my autograph, I immediately exited the expo to keep my signed card safe in my car, worried I was going to damage it otherwise. But then I never went back since I saw most of the expo already (plus it was ridiculously crowded Saturday). My life was complete so I just headed home. On a side note I saved the cat in the demo
  4. I was there and managed to get a ticket for the last signing. I got there at 7am and waited several hours including outside in blazing heat, almost died but worth it, got to meet the man. Will update with pictures soon.
  5. Flute_Warrior is irreplaceable Yes to the submission And Yes to the suggestion. I haven't been active like I used to so having Plattym3 to keep things goings is a good idea.
  6. $150 *hovering over checkout button Eating 3 meals a day is over-rated anyway *click
  7. Story wise, divide and conquer was my last mission. I've been doing alot of online, and fighting and beating a Gigantes was by far the most dangerous map boss so far. The battle dragged on as we slowly chipped away at its health dodging 1-2 hit kills. Currently level 33 martial artist with staves.
  8. Not sure if this has been addressed already, but there were numerous reports about online not working for many people. Well, it turns out the slime weapons break multiplayer. Even using the skins or transforming weapons to look like the slime weapons break online gameplay. Simply remove the skins or use a non slime weapon and the online works again. I had been breaking my head over this for 3 days and never occurred to me that the slime weapons were the culprit. Not a lot of people realize this, so I thought I may help others with the same issue. Already contacted SE of NA support and they had previously replied to my concerns before I knew what the problem was. Already contacted them again with details of the exact issue.
  9. Had this game preordered too My actual online name for this game is Zeekatron, just did this for proof.
  10. Im Zeekatron on DQ Heroes II if anyone bumps into that name online :)

  11. There's always sign-posts if your username is too long
  12. Thought it was out a few days ago already. Turns out I now have a past due bill. I knew I should have double checked my dates
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