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  1. The materials for herbs become more abundant later on, like around where you see the third green dragon(there are three in all to kill in hapter 1, and they all drop something different). Also, once you have a mallet, you can just dig straight through the mountain for further shortcuts. I'm on the part where I have to use a blueprint to upgrade the stockade further. Though I hardly need to upgrade it with the way I expanded my stockade. Spent all week messing around creati/remaking certain parts of my town. I won't bother with certain challenges until I either finish the game or get to further chapters. Heard one challenge was to beat chapter 1 in 20 ingame days. I'll have to make use of getting everything I need in the first island before doing any quests. Until you progress the quests, you have no hunger meter and days don't go by(unless you sleep in a bed).
  2. Playing the ps4 version right now. Got the digital one for the dq builders theme. One thing I noticed is, there is a lot more of everything(more materials, more monsters). Downside is, it made fighting the green dragon a bit more annoying because there are more slimes hanging out near him. And I swear he does more damage than in the demo. He crit'd me for like 38 damage while I was wearing my rag armor. Normally I could take several hits without a problem without wearing anything.
  3. Wow, 60. First time I beat him in low enough turns in the original, I was 48-50. Wonder if he is tougher or easier in the 3ds version.
  4. I do the same thing when I have Maeve. It makes it so you don'5 have to grind much later, because she makes it easy to do so at the beginning.
  5. Whoever you make druid, make sure to have them master healslime as well, so that druid will have multiiheal. Only the basic human classes spells/skills carry over to other classes, but all monster classes spells/skills carry over to any class.
  6. You probably didn't miss any scenes then. Seems the trigger is missing a scene that was on the other side of town. Basically, just go through the whole area making sure you don't miss any scenes before you leave the past after finishing it.
  7. There's three new dlc ones now. The dracky one is the first easy dlc I've gotten. Got a slime stick out of it. Weaker than the weapons I have, and nothing special about it. Probably just for appearance.
  8. I've been having a lot of fun with it in both vita and ps4 version. Need to tear myself away from it to focus on finishing up DQVII first though. Plus, We will probably have to start over in the full game anyways. It tells you how great the game is when even the demo with limited resource can provide hours of fun. Did you beat the green dragon? I beat it on both vita and ps4. I honestly found it easier to fight it normally than trying to attack from underneath it, since it sometimes will break the blocks and come crashing down on me.
  9. I beat the dragon in the vita version, but having a tough time in the ps4 version. He keeps destroying blocks, so now it is impossible for me to go under him. Key to beating him easily is going down a couple blocks and dig under him, then hold L and attack from underneath him. I had no trouble beating him in the vita version that way, but in the ps4 version he keeps coming down to my level by destroying blocks. Now I can't beat him that easily. It is still doable, but will be a chore without the ease of being safe under him. Also, you don't gain exp for building anything over two blocks high. So only build rooms with two block high walls. You can build higher, or even lower, if you want, but it won't help your score. I made an underground passage under my city in the vita version, just to to mess around.
  10. I think they did it so that people would rely on tablet dungeons for class leveling more. Since it is easier to level classes in it than outside of it. The first 3 tablets you get from regular npcs(not counting the dlc ones) have a level cap of 19. Next three(axassin, babygoyle, etc.) have a level cap of 24. All others after it, the dlc ones, and ones you can create yourself after you beat the dragon in the tower west of nottagen/loomin all have no level cap.
  11. Tactics for the hero would have actually made sense if they went full auto mode in battle, but they don't.
  12. They do say something different when you talk to certain npcs though, just not a lot of npcs trigger it.
  13. Actually, I've noticed less lag when I go to setting and switch strong 3D to weak 3D. That option is for the 3D battle background. So that may have played some part in the lags happening in battle.
  14. It was much easier for me because I spent time on Lucky Panel before going to the abbey and got some equip upgrades/extra gold from selling off extras. Rasher and Stripes were still a bit of a pain even when prepared for them though. The arena and rest of the fights were far easier though.
  15. I only cleared up to the axeassin one of all the normal tablets. Only dlc one I tried was Tough Nut, because I thought they would be like the ones near the abbey. They do trip up/cast op spells without enough mp, but when they attack normally and connect, they hit like a muthatrucker, even the mage types. XD But yeah, I'm going to save the dlc ones for later, and maybe remove some regular ones when I really need to. Sucks that there is a limit. There are many different types of tablets to get through. Just look at your stamp list to get an idea(you get a stamp for every completely new tablet you enter apparently). Something around 417 stamps to collect. O.o
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