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  1. now about 15 hours into DQ XI S, planning on restarting FQ XI DS, and Zero no Kiseki
  2. finally...missed delivery so I had to drive across town to the FedEx office.
  3. Lately I've been bouncing between Trails of Cold Steel 3, and probably 8 hours into DQ XI S (3D mode)...been a blast so far.
  4. Just got the update notification....cant seem to find what it changes though...
  5. having fun with it so far....though IMO the new characters aren't as "likeable" for me so far....
  6. Retstarted Tales of Destiny (PS1) FINALLY starting DQ XI latter today, it's been a LONG wait.
  7. TOTALLY stoked, the first is so much fun, and this looks to improve in many ways.
  8. I'm really hoping with a holiday they ship a little early as I have a three-day weekend will be nice to have the time to tear into it right away LOL
  9. Preordered the big LE set from the Squenix store and just counting down the days till it comes out... super hyped
  10. Super Robot Wars X (Vita) Rogue Galaxy (PS2 on PS4)
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