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  1. For those that remember the previous topic about this game, the game's testing is done and we are nearing release of the game, probably in the next week or two. Figured a brand New topic for release + post-release discussion was warranted.
  2. My brother said DQVII, not builders, but now that I think about it, I kinda doubt VII & Builders would be both out in October, we'll just have to wait until tomorrow when they show DQVII on the Nintendo Treehouse.
  3. My brother said I think they put other games in that spot
  4. Don't get too excited for DQVII this week, my brother works at target and told me while they also have those spots for the game, they also had them for Mighty No. 9 months ago, and that's still a week out for release, so this really doesn't mean DQVII is coming this week. The street date he says has DQVII for Halloween.
  5. UPDATE: Testing for the 3rd section took longer then expected, going to start working on the final section in the next day or 2. Looking at an Early-Mid Summer Release hopefully.
  6. Grand? maybe, lol, it's been a good day though.
  7. UPDATE: Balancing is close to 75% complete, the 3rd section of the game is currently being tested for that. Providing all goes well, should start balancing the final section in the next couple weeks or so. That'll probably then be finished sometime in mid-August, then balance testing for that will be done sometime in September. Do some finishing touches and good chance it'll be ready sometime in October, any additional testing would certainly extend release window. Thanksgiving will be probably the absolute latest for the release date.
  8. We've been pretty mum on everything relating to the game, story, screenshots, etc., don't really want to show off anything, let everyone wait until they play the game to see what's it about.
  9. The Game is probably like 80% complete, all that's left is the balancing/testing, which is going well, updated release window is looking like sometime Mid July-Early August area.
  10. UPDATE: Being a month plus since the last update, balancing is going fairly good so far. About 25% complete with it, but certainly may need some adjustments before the end, Current Release Period is at Late June/Early July.
  11. SMALL UPDATE: The problem I had forced me to pause on balancing, just need to make some game changes, then back to balancing.
  12. You know when creating an event, there's 3 pages of options for you to use? On the 3rd and final page, under "Advanced" it says script, allowing you to put a script into the event, I need the text box to go longer to fit a certain script in 2 lines, because extending to 3 lines it won't work. I'll send you a screenshot to show you since it won't work to put a pic in the forum. EDIT: Trying via PM won't work either, oh well.
  13. sure, I wanted to post a pic I took a screenshot of my game from to clarify more specifically what I'm talking about, but putting a pic in the post wasn't working.
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