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  1. I can't even fathom, it feels like it was yesterday, but really, some people have gotten married, or had kids, or graduated high school or college, since SlimeKnights went down. That's crazy.
  2. So what did the group post actually say, that we are allowed to open them now?
  3. Ahahah, Number 88 here. Didn't even notice this thread!
  4. i got =( -star ocean 3 -lord of the rings dvd -rocket slime -the last hope those are the only ones i remember...
  5. Yeah! do the south park you!

  6. Hey Shar, have a Merry Christmas.

  7. You need a pretty boy pic on here already Shar XD

  8. I'm tempted. It's still sitting next to me. <_<; I kicked a trash can in anger of SK never being back. Now I'm just twiddling my thumbs thinking about not opening it.
  9. OH EM GEE, KS GRACED OUR PRESENSE! Quick, everyone bow!
  10. I GOT MINE IN THE MAIL TODAY. T__T; This mission of endurance will be the toughest yet, it has a big emtional/moral push to it.
  11. Ya, it's our last mission as Slimeknights not to open it!
  12. I wonder if theres anything inside it other then the card. T_T I wonder what card I got..BUT I CANNOT OPEN IT. *salute*
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