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  1. I didnt, how i can enter such contest and what i have to do?
  2. Well i tried now and beated it at lvl 23, he didnt make the attack so often now and i easily killed him! The problem was the beast couldnt stop casting his powerfull blaze and he was quicker than me sometimes, now he didnt do the same, and was easy as i remembered! And by the looks of it, yes, he has the same stats than Snes version. Now onto DQII again! (I hope i remember the location of the important items in the overworld..)
  3. He cast his powerfull fire blaze and does 55 dmg every turn, im 22 and i use Erdrick Sword and armor and the silver shield, im defeated because he doesnt stop casting his blaze and sometimes hes first on the turn, killing me before i can heal..
  4. Hi, im on vacation on another country and decided to beat DQ1 on IOS, but im lvl 22 and got best equipment and i cant destroy his final form, he is quick and he does 50+ dmg per turn, i have 159 HP and the damn beast keeps owning me, i beat the game both in NES and SNES and never got a problem..is he harder? Whats the deal here?
  5. I love that figure, i'm thinking on buying all the heros on the Soft Vinyl set, they are really well made!
  6. I love it!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait dammit! i want it! :heartslime: :heartslime:
  7. Such beautiful game!!!!!!! i cant wait, it has to be mindblowing, simply amazing!
  8. Playing Dragon Quest III R on the supernes, amazed how tough some bosses are, even when you are at a good level. The other day finally beated VI DS after more than 80 hours and played some VII on my psx, but found that my save was gone forever and decided to wait for the remake. Yesterday i was showing DQ VIII to a friend that never played the series and was amazed by the magnitude of the world and the battles, i may ended giving the world another fan And i'm so tempted to buy the entire soft vinyl figures...
  9. You dont know what you are passing, i suggest you to grab any copy of DQ 1 and start playing ASAP, you'll end playing them all , i recommend DQ 1+ 2 Snes, its the best version of all.
  10. They arent, the only thing i remember having the same on DS was the character sprites.
  11. Botsu


    Then it would be only a port
  12. You need a visit from Nokturnus you know?
  13. http://gamemania.net...ivia/dq/001.htm I found this while doing my tipical japanese googling for images, i dont know what it does exactly, but i think it says something being a scrapped Hero design, you can see Toriyama in the image also, it would be nice if somebody would be willing to translate the text!
  14. Botsu


    I was thinking the same some time ago, and they've heard us :) :) Now we can play IV trough VII and IX on the 3DS (and if DQ 1+2 and III GBC comes to the eSHop, from 1 to 7 and 9!)
  15. My party: Hero - Hero Hassan - Gladiator Mireiyu - Sage Chamoro - Sage With this basically you can beat the game with no problems, even Mortamor is pancake, Terry and Barbara are too weak for my taste, their level gains are crap. I disagree with this fully. Luminary and Dragon all the way. Giving her a lot of strong 0 MP abilities is easily the best thing to do with her. >_> I'll agree with the Luminary part, but you can't really get Dragon until later. Slimopolis wasn't that long after Alltrades, was it? Either way, even if it's late in the game, it's perfect for her. She can learn whatever in between. >_> Those extra hit points come in real handy. She's... so... weak. :-/ Wait. You can get a Dragon's Dilligence from Slimopolis? You can get one in the final dungeon also.
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