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  1. Assissans creed 2 and call of duty modern warfare 2.
  2. Well currently my time is divided between call of duty modern warfare 2, kenka bancho(psp) and chrono cross.
  3. NBA 2K10 and Need for Speed Shift both for the ps3.
  4. has not set their status

  5. Currently I am playing nba 2k10 draft combine, and Condemned 2 on my ps3. For psp I have dissidia playing. Finished both Cloud's and Tidus' story, am playing Firion's story currently.
  6. Well I am 4 hours into final fantasy 10. I am gonna start playing a lot of blitzball. I am also about to begin chrono cross and replay killzone 2.
  7. I finally finished the campaign in Rise of Nations so I guess I am moving on to MGS Portable ops for psp. I also started a new game in pokemon gold about a week ago but never went back.
  8. Well I just started to play pokemon yellow, brings back good memories. Also am playing gta sa. One day hope to play the new pokemon game for ds platinum.
  9. I am still playing killzone 2, but I just started to play star ocean. As for dragon warrior 3 I am taking a bit of a break then hopefully go back to it by May.
  10. Well I am still playing killzone(I can only play when I come home) and nba live 09. Lately my gaming has been at a minimum mostly because of studies.
  11. I would recommend it, I got it a bit before Christmas break. Did not get that far in it mostly because I cant take my ps3 when I go back to campus. Its a pretty good game, story is alright but battle system more than makes up for that. Currently I am playing Killzone 2 just 2 hours into the story. I played online for a bit but now I have to wait until next weekend when I come home again to play it.
  12. So I just got all of the orbs in dragon warrior 3. Now I am going to get the phoenix.
  13. I am still playing dragon warrior 3, I just got the red orb. Now I am going to go check on my town then go orb hunting again.
  14. I am actually planning on playing every game you just mentioned here. All I need is time, I already posses them. But first of all need to finish dragon warrior 3(which by the way I am playing on my psp with a gbc/gba emulator, I also have a nes emulator for psp).
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