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  1. By translation department do you mean localization for the games? Each game is kinda handled differently. For DQ specifically, actually, message me! Haha, I'm very satisfied career-wise but it's a lot of hard work. It's interesting seeing the inner workings and seeing how fans comes up with their own conclusions as to why things are they way they are.
  2. That's not really what's going on. The business side is more complicated than "not putting in effort" or anything like that. That said, you'd wanna bother Nintendo anyway.
  3. Thank you. Most recently I was really happy with DQB2 at PAX East. Lots of people interacted with our cosplayer and photo wall, and tons of people loved the demo.
  4. Dragon Quest XI S is being completely handled by Nintendo outside of Japan. I work for Square Enix America. 😛
  5. Sorry to kick up an old thread - apparently I have not been on the forum in months... I started working for Square Enix a little over a year ago. Started just on DQ, and now I work on almost all of the Japanese titles.
  6. Oh I almost missed this, thank you guys
  7. I thought it would be nice to share some Japan exclusive stuff with the Western audience.
  8. More DQ videos from our Japan trip, yes, more to this dev interview, no. But I'd love to do more dev interviews in the future.
  9. Thanks for sharing this! I'm super proud of these interviews and the team was so much fun to work with.
  10. Thank you for posting it! I'm really happy with the interview. Part 2 coming soon!
  11. I'm sending out your prizes today >_> I was out of town for Tokyo Game Show, haha. Congratulations!!
  12. Japanese version had zero voice acting, including no grunts or anything. Other additions: - first person camera mode - adjusted camera in general, quality of life stuff especially when inside - updated UI/menus
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