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  1. I can't even fathom, it feels like it was yesterday, but really, some people have gotten married, or had kids, or graduated high school or college, since SlimeKnights went down. That's crazy. I still really miss the site, as much as I enjoy this one. I know I've since gotten married and moved into our first home since Slime Knights 'went the way of all the earth' though I'm glad to see so many names that recognize still enjoying Dragon Quest so much.
  2. My first Dragon Quest game was the original Dragon Warrior for the NES which, famously, came as a free gift with a Nintendo Power subscription. Little did I know then that 20-some odd years later Dragon Quest would be my favorite RPG series and that I'd once again be subscribing to Nintendo Power (just picked up a 2-year sub at $19.99 a couple of days ago). Talk about coming full circle. So, my thanks to all the principle Dragon Quest creators, and everyone that has worked so hard behind the scenes to make these great games, and bring them to us. It's been a fantastic jour
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