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  1. Garin

    Dark Eye Album

    Upside down Dark Eye
  2. Sorry about that. My post should've had a "brain explosion" warning. You should probably get a doctor to check that out. As I understand it, the brain is a vital organ. Here they are, side by side, the upside down Dark Eye and the Heyedra. Please note, if you are going to look at these two images, first go to a store, buy a hat, and hold the **** onto it.
  3. During the closing credits, the game lists all the monsters in your Library (you don't need the full library entry) by the DQ game they came from. I've got most of the monsters, so most of the spots are filled in, and those that weren't I was able to figure out. The list was interesting because of two monsters that I did not realize were from earlier games: the Heyedra and the Missing Lynx. The Missing Lynx is listed under DQ7, and while I didn't make the connection until now, the Missing Lynx is a dead ringer for the Gerion. When it listed the Heyedra under DQ2, I thought for sure they were pulling my leg because I would've remembered a monster like that, but low and behold, take the Dark Eye from DQ2 and flip it upside down and - bam! - you got a Heyedra. I don't know if this'll interest anyone else, but I looked all over and couldn't find it anywhere so I put it together myself. I thought that I might not be the only one looking for this list. Anyways, here's the list (the monsters in brackets are my guesses because I haven't found that monster yet, but I'm pretty sure my guesses are valid): Dragon Quest Chimaera Dracky Dracolord ????? [Dragonlord] Drohl diabloist Drohl drone Ghost Gold golem Golem Green dragon Metal slime Red dragon Scorpion She-slime Skeleton Skeleton soldier Slime Dragon Quest II Archdemon Atlas Belial Bubble slime Dancing flame Frostburn Gargoyle Gigantes Hargon Headhunter Healslime Heyedra Hunter mech Killing machine Liquid metal slime Malroth Mud mannequin Muddy hand Mummy boy Orc Pazuzu Silvapithecus Treeface Walking corpse Wrecktor Dragon Quest III Bag o’ laughs Baramos Boreal serpent Boss troll Cannibox Crabid Cureslime Ethereal serpent Firn fiend Funghoul ???? [Garuda] Goodybag Hades condor Heedoovoodoo Imp Killer pillar King squid Lethal armour Living statue Lump wizard Magmalice Merman Mimic Orochi Restless armour ????? [Robbin’ hood] Rockbomb Shadow Shell slime Skelegon Spiked hare Stark raven Weaken beaken ????? [Xenlon] Zoma Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen Barracuda Bodkin archer Bone baron Bullfinch Cheeky tiki Dangler fish Erazor blade Estark Firespirit Flyguy Grim rider King cureslime King slime Komodo Marquis de leon Metal king slime Mischievous mole Moosifer Night clubber Night emperor Platypunk Powie yowie Psaro Roseguardin Scissor beetle Stump chump Weartiger Winky ????? [Zenith dragon] Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride Balhib Bjorn Black dragon Bona constrictor Boring bug Brownie Cross bones Cross eye Firebird Great dragon Great sabrecat Great sabrecub Hammerhood Mechanowyrm Mental pitcher Metal dragon Metal slime knight Nimzo Slime knight Snowbird Soulspawn Wax murderer ????? [Wight king] Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation Demon-at-arms Demonrider Dhuran Eveel Gasbagon Giant moth Gracos Gryphon Hacksaurus Hell hornet Jamirus Jumping jackal Lesser demon Lips Malevolamp Mortamor Mottle slime ????? [Murdaw] Noble gasbagon Nokturnus Octavian sentry Overkilling machine ????? [stormsgate citadel] Tyrantosaurus Yabby Dragon Quest VII Abyss diver Aquestrian gladiator Bad egg Conklave Dragon slime Drakulard Fright knight Missing lynx Night knight ???? [Numan] Orgodemir Rotten egg Seasaur Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Alabast dragon Anchorman Argon lizard Beetleboy Boe Boh Buffalogre Capsichum Captain Crow Chainine Cockateer Dancing devil Dhoulmagus Diemon Dingaling Don Mole Dragonthorn ????? [Dragovian lord] Dragurn Dullahan Empyrea Fallen priest Fencing fox Frogface Frou-frou Gemon Gorerilla Great argon lizard ????? [Great godbird] Heligator Hellhound Jailcat Jargon Jum Khalamari Khalamari kid King kelp ????? [Leopold] Mecha-mynah Megalodon Mohawker Mum Mumboh-jumboe Pan piper Phantom fencer Phantom swordsman Puppeteer Rhapthorne Rhapthorne II Riptide Ruin Satyr Sea dragon See urchin Skipper Snapdragon Spitnik ????? [Tortured soul] Trap box ????? [Trode] Wailin’ weed Wild boarfish Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies ????? [barbarus] ????? [Greygnarl] Pink sanguini ????? [shogum] Slime stack Teeny sanguini Trauminator Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Aces of Spades Angel slime ????? [Aquarion] ????? [beetlebully] Behemoth slime Beshemoth slime Canzar Cluboon Cluboon ace Conkettes Cyber slime Dark slime Dark slime knight Darkonium slime Dessert demon ????? [Diamagon] Diamagon ace Dierantula Dorsal fiend Dr Snapped Drake slime Drakularge Dual duellers Exorsus Fluffy Frou-fry Gem slime Grandpa slime Great dracky Gripevine Hawkhart Hawkhart ace Hyper heyedra King bubble slime Leonyx Magic slime Maniacal mole Metal kaiser slime Mortella Nardragon ????? [Nemeslime] Notso macho Paws ????? [Prince O’Thieves] Rigor Mortex ????? [Robbin’ Huddle] Rubble slime Sagittar Seedy weedie Snail slime Snowmangler Swarmtroop Thornella Ultra slime Weedie Wild slime ????? [Wildcard] Wormonger Wulfspade Wulfspade ace Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime ????? [schleiman tank]
  4. I believe these are also Terada. Quite a reimagining of DQ's most iconic creatures:
  5. This was always my favorite Dragonlord picture (not to mention Gwaelin, though Dragonlord is far more prominent):
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