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  1. I noticed that DD's discord server is gone from my list. Did I get kicked out of it or something?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg2ASzFcxp0
  3. 40 tries later, still nope, but I DID clear the mini-medal album
  4. Yes. And I hate that Sylvando gets this magical speed boost 75% into the race.
  5. I will Thunder Thrust the both of you...
  6. Taking a break from the trials and all I have to say is: #$*! Sylvando and #$*! Horses!
  7. I've just started Drustan's trials. Disciple trial was easy enough, Sage trial, on the other hand, are hitting pretty hard and I'm currently Lv. 70.
  8. I flew to Puerto Valor, and did Sylvando and Hendrick's power-up quest (I'm assuming each character has one). After that, I stopped by Phnom Nohn and saved that town...again. I still haven't ventured into town yet, since I saved at the dungeon save point after fighting the boss.
  9. I'm currently at Angri-La, working on the Wheel of Harma trials. How many of those do I need to do before I can move on?
  10. I, personally, don't have netflix, but I have friends who do, and I see regularly. Castlevania was amazing, as well as Little Witch Academia and the Fate series.
  11. Gotta get back in time! *cue Huey Lewis music*
  12. She actually is genuinely a good character. The reasoning behind the dozen different versions is not to "make her more interesting," but rather the studio capitalizing off her immense popularity. That same studio even points it out in a lot (among their other tropes) whenever they're given a chance to have fun and be more comedic.
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