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  1. To be fair, VGC uses the doubles format, so that immediately reduces the number of viable Pokemon. This year they also allow up to two legendaries per team, which kills the viability of even more monsters. It's no surprise that most of the top teams are very similar. In singles format and with legends banned there are plenty of options for team building.
  2. Well we do pretty much the same thing with GOTY/complete editions. We're just given the option of buying all the new content as DLC first.
  3. The new spell names intentionally use a similar naming style to the Japanese ones. I quite like them, and at the very least they're better organised and easier to remember. There's little rhyme or reason to the old ones. Is Twinhits the precursor to Quadhits? Why are Firebolt and Icebolt at complete opposite power levels? What kind of spell name is HealUsAll? In this day and age all this would just look crude and unprofessional.
  4. I loved Joker. The GBC games will probably always be my favourites, but I liked the move into 3D, and think Joker onward have much tighter game mechanics. I like that monsters are suited to certain roles instead of having almost identical potential. In other words, the 3DS remakes would've been perfect had SE not been so evil as to not localize them.
  5. I remember a Nintendo rep at that year's E3 saying that they chose not to localize Professional because it was designed for more "hard core" players. Uh...huh.
  6. Oh nice, they got rid of those weird and creepy animations Gem Slime's had since Joker 2. Now I can use it again.
  7. Zenithia (zen-ee-thee-ah) Marquis De Leon (marr-key de lee-yon) Aamon (ahh-mon) Gigaslash (gih-gah slash) Spiegelspire (spee-guhl spire) Count Uptaten (count up to ten!) Wyrtle (whirr-tall) Golem (goe-luhm) Barbatos (barr-bah-toss) Bishop Ladja (lad-yah) Woodus (would us) I'd also like to throw "Orgodemir" into the mix.
  8. If the riding mechanic is the reason for this then that's pretty lame. Being the first 3D game, I could understand Joker 1 having more pallet swaps at the expense of unique monsters. But cutting back for the sake of such an insignificant feature is harder to justify. Especially to this extent.
  9. The last three DQMs added a ton of great monsters to the line up and none of them were localized. Joker 3 makes big cuts and pads out the list with cheap pallet-swaps and it seems there may be a small chance of it coming over. You have to laugh.
  10. HP: 1934 MP: 467 Attack: 833 Defence: 455 Agility: 1055 Wisdom: 504 It also has Early Bird.
  11. I still don't understand your thinking behind this. They're not going to care which game gets here first. DQM is never going to steal Pokemon's thunder. If that's what you truly believe then you might as well give up on this game right now, because the first Pokemon for 3DS is likely to be gen 6, which is at least two years away. They're not going to put DQM 3D on ice for that long. It's 2013 or never.
  12. I think we'll be lucky to hear anything about a western release this year, let alone at E3.
  13. Coatol looks great. One of my favourites from the original. Having watched the latest DQX trailer, Queen Slime would be the icing on the cake. Took them long enough to come up with that one.
  14. Spotking has always been one of my favourites. It being absent from three DQMs in a row was criminal.
  15. Genders never went away. They were just changed to charges in the west.
  16. It sounds familiar because it's a DWM original. Joker 2 featured an updated version of it, and that's what they're using here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06nrQqR8yVE
  17. We don't know yet. I like how they've added the original intro to the battle theme.
  18. I couldn't care less about the story, but the gameplay is solid. I also appreciate how they attempted to give each character a truly unique fighting style. Fine couple of games if you ask me. They should make a third some time.
  19. But in this case there's a genuine reason for updating the mechanics. That would just be pointless. I'm all for the changes because I think every monster from dracky to Nokturnus should have their own strengths and weaknesses, and not just act as avatars for identical builds.
  20. I can understand the desire to use your favourites, but why would you want them to be identical to all other monsters? Is it not better that they have stats and qualities befitting their character? Professional's rank upgrades are a good compromise, and with any luck you'll be able to do that in this game. They're never going to strike the perfect balance, but it's preferable to having 500+ monsters with (resistances aside) the exact same potential. Oh behave.
  21. It's not like that at all. You can't compare a completely different series to one that's simply evolved. The mechanics were updated because leaving everything as it was would be highly detrimental to PVP. If you have any interest in online play then you should be all for the changes, and if you're only in it for the solo campaign then I don't see why it would bother you so much. I can understand being concerned about monster sizes, but they have given us another party slot to play with, so it won't be as restrictive as Joker 2. You can't expect them to just ignore all the progress they've made over the years.
  22. The feel of the original will be retained by the setting, characters, story and traveller's gates.
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