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  1. the dlc thing is active now you can just sign up at http://registrationinfo.net/DQBsweeps ^-^ enjoy
  2. what is the plant looking one? bottom near the shiny king slime on the left and the slime that I think is rocket also curious about the pink one near the black one on the right
  3. ok neat just relax and drink some coffee milk man you look kind of messed up
  4. what about star ocean that has me a bit excited
  5. psst remember people that the http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DraDenif you are not in it =p
  6. I've used them for a few preorders mostly because the codes like you used and stuff and normal it has been like 2 days before the steam release at earliest the key pops up as it says on the site they are getting the key from SE then I wouldn't worry about it as much as some stuff I can understand some peoples feelings but hey just feel glad that it was a good deal for you now and wait also if the game has cards I may harass you with gems to make a pack for me =p or two or 7 .... who knows =p
  7. that was good of you at least you still have the keychain then! =p and the dlcs and chest
  8. i do not like the lack of pointiness on the slime myself....
  9. I think you need to get it from the website
  10. that is not a bad deal for people who didn't want the psychical stuff it costs a lil more then the base game but still isn't bad I don't think for collectors digital stuff.... also thanks for the heads up on the fans
  11. this made me log in to say I did enjoy that
  12. dragovrune your font and colors make it hard to read your post just for future referance
  13. wish I knew how to stat the monsters to GURPS myself =/
  14. i have http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mana_Khemia:_Alchemists_of_Al-Revison the ps2
  15. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=93285018 also might look at this game it is kinda neat http://store.steampowered.com/app/347940/
  16. bumping this to post this link that may or may not be useful for this https://cp.nintendo.co.jp/us/
  17. why even make the remakes if they plan on leaving things out from a pervious version
  18. I got stuff to work by clicking the top left hand thing and turning BBCode mode to on myself.... and as for quoting if you open link in new window....
  19. I think I uploaded all the ones I have made and stuff not 100% sure due to well it being some time and stuff sooooo ^_^ well heres hoping someone gets some use from them other then me
  20. Kawaii_koneko

    stuff for gifting

    stuff I made for gifting stuff and things to share
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