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  1. Got further into Kingdom Come Deliverance. It's an interesting level system based on using the exact skill than using overall experience (although there's "Main Level" too). Reminds me of FFII leveling, but much better at it. Very difficult game, and that's how it was intended. People aren't supposed to win 1 on 5 in an armed combat. I've come to hate enemy dogs in this game.
  2. Michigan has been an overall disaster and one of the worst states for many reasons. I'll just say that my distrust of big corporations, big politicians (both parties), the media, big tech, and scientists (not actual science, scientists) has reached levels lower than I already had them. I've seen friends die due to corona patients being put in nursing homes. I've seen friends lose their businesses due to the regulations. Cloth masks are worthless, as I knew from the start. For me, it's worse than worthless since I'm asthmatic so I usually refused to wear them unless I had no choice in the
  3. I started Kingdom Come which is somewhat of a mixed RPG and mixed action (less so than Mass Effect or Dragon Age) game. It's got potential, and I really like the historical theme. I haven't had the time to really get into it yet, but I like the game so far.
  4. I beat the Chapter 3 Boss and finished the last "main" Tickington quest. I then looked up a good "level grind" trick to get my team up to level 99 (although Serena got up to 98). I was in the mid 80s. I've never gone to 99 for the main characters before (I have maxed out some monsters in DQV that had low caps). I'm probably going to go after Superboss eventually.
  5. Haven't been here in ages. Work's been busy. I took about a 30% paycut (as small business owner) and had to work twice as hard to keep my clients. I did get the DQ11 S edition for PC about three months ago. Great game and 2-3 times better than the original with story. Beyond that, Catherine and I got Pfizered, ditched the beyond worthless masks for good, and are living our lives. We refuse to live in fear (the Libertarian in me).
  6. This version is about 2-3 times better than the original. The sidequests with Tockington and the 2D option is a great add on, along with a few other features. Graphics - A - Reminds me a lot of DQVIII graphics which was DQ's high water mark. I haven't played PS4 version, but PC's was good. The 2D version adds a sense of nostalgia as well. Story and Atmosphere - A- - Big improvement over IX and similar to DQVIII although I put it below IV, V, and VII. The storyline is predictable to a degree with an expected doublecross and expected heel-face turn. Among the characters, I put DQ IV,
  7. I'm barely around these days with work and raising a kid. I bought DQ11 S version for PC, and got back into it a bit so I decided to take another visit here.
  8. My state locked down in the 15th, and it became very strict until Memorial Day weekend in my part of the state (and about a week or two after downstate). I'm "non-essential" but able to do some work from home. I'm "lucky" taking about a 30% reduction. At least I'm working. My hair at this point looks like something out of the mid-80s. I hate the lockdown. It wasn't needed where I lived. The only part that needed it here was the cities and areas with nursing homes. My state actually put convid patients into nursing homes which is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. We're j
  9. I'm 46 and will be married for 19 years as of May. I played the original DQ in the late 80s not long after it came out. It and Ultima IV were two of the first RPG games I've played. I'm as home with an RPG game as I am a sports game as a I am with a football or at my backyard firing range with my firearms. I can wear either camouflage or a suit depending on the circumstances. People have varying interests and I don't judge a book by its cover.
  10. I like it and also take it for what it is - an extremely hard game (original version).
  11. The PC demo was pretty good although the tomato farming part and water jug is a pain in the arse. It's longer than I thought too.
  12. I just beat the demo for PC. I'll probably wait for a sale. $60 is above my price range. I don't have a PS4 or Switch, so it is PC or nothing here.
  13. I purchased both DQ Heroes 1 and 2 at the same time on a sale. I'm in the middle of Heroes 2 right now and finished the main story of 1. I consider DQ Heroes 1 more of an action game (with some RPG elements) than an RPG and Heroes 2 seems like more of an action RPG (more freedom of movement). I never played Dynasty Warriors which is what this game is often compared to. DQ Heroes 1 is a mission based game which reminds me a little of Mass Effect's HQ and transport mixed with a DQ atmosphere. Your HQ has the normal DQ shops (except orbs replace armor), Priestess, Mini Medal, alchemy pot (n
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