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  1. Maribel (at least in PSX version) is hilarious in the party chat 😂. "Dave, why is your face all red? What the hell were you doing in there you jerk!"
  2. Write in DQ II (NES because the Prince always dies) followed by write in DQ IX (boring) . I voted VI by default, but it wasn't that bad. It wasn't that memorable however. I'm shocked V had the lead in the polls just because of the monsters and customization.
  3. I have DQ XI for PC and it ran well. Is the Heroes series good and what kind of a spin off is it? It's currently on sale at Steam for 50% off and I'm debating whether I should take the splurge or not even though I won't have time to play it probably until the winter.
  4. It's been routine here. Working. Feeling like an old man considering I have a soon to be 2nd grader while I'm in my mid 40s. I did finish Pillars of Eternity II. Good game. Would have been great outside of the horrible level cap.
  5. Bought Pillars of Eternity II with the DLCs and Civilization VI expansion of gathering storm. PoEII was very good outside of that damn level cap. 1 DLC expansion was enough as well.
  6. I recommend reading the 1st game review first, and playing the first game first. Graphics - B+ - It's similar to PoE1, but slightly better. Slightly above average RPG graphics. Story and Atmosphere - A- - Equal to the original. Not quite Ultima VII or Dragon's Age or DQIV level, but it is very good. There is some customization with backgrounds which isn't the easiest to do in a direct sequel. Your HQ(s) here unlike the original is a ship. You lose your castle for reasons you see early on and are on a ship. There are ship combats as well, which take some time and money/resources to master. A few old timers are back, along with new party members. Some things carry over, but not everything does. I like the rivalries and navigating the factions. Like in real life, you can't please everybody. There is a way however to say "screw you all, I'm doing it my way" which I found satisfying. Length - C+ - Slightly longer than the first. It starts to drag a little at the end, but generally kept my interest until the end. The last 10 hours or so really dragged. I blame the damn level cap. I tend to be a completionist, but it's not worth doing if I don't gain levels from it. 3 DLC's are included. I recommend 1, if that. 3 are too many, and the level caps ruin one of them, maybe 2. Difficulty A- - Adjustable. You can play on easy mode or almost impossible. The sequel is easier than the first game outside of possibly the ship combats. There are also indicators about difficulty spikes. I think the Titan in the desert is one of the toughest battles, although less so once you level up and take the right team with you. Money is scarce early, but becomes easy to get later. Ship upgrades are going to be your biggest cost until about 2/3 in. Galleons are a must. Combat and Play Control (PC) - B - Easy for me to work with for the most part. I like the turn based addition tot his game. The downgrade is the damn level cap. I was about 3/4 done when I maxed out with everybody including the DLC specific folks. Beginnings and Endings - B - Nothing special, but nothing with a real sour taste in my mouth. Bugs - B+ - I had one hiccup crash at sea. Price - C+ - The game and both of the expansions/DLC were under $35. DLC wasn't IMO worth it. It would be if the level cap was reasonable. Overall - B - It's a good game. I prefer it to the original, but at the same time it makes the original better.
  7. Mudow (Mudo) is one of the toughest bosses I've ever battled. Hellcloud is the other.
  8. DQVII is my favorite, but I also loved the story and the partychat/characters. It didn't drag as much as most games of that length. DQXI is closest to DQVIII although I think slightly smaller. It's still a good game.
  9. Paradox Interactive has two of my favorite games, so when they had an RPG out, I gave it a shot. I had some Baldur's Gate type of vibes from this game once I started playing it. I started the Baldur's Gate games, but did not finish them. Graphics - B- - It's your average RPG graphics. It gets the job done. It doesn't stick out or catch my eye. Story and Atmosphere - A- - Not quite Ultima VII or Dragon's Age or DQIV level, but it is very good. There is some customization with backgrounds and you start off as someone off for a better life. Customization of attributes do matter. Some things you can't do without passing an attribute check. Events happen quickly and you become a Watcher that can read souls while at the same time are trying to figure out what happened to you. I won't spoil more than that. You travel to towns, recruit story companions on your team, hire companions if necessary (they aren't story members, just fighters you customize), and go on both sidequest and main quests. Fairly early into the game, you come across an old abandoned castle. If you do what needs to be done, that castle then becomes your HQ Suikoden style. Unlike Suikoden, you then upgrade the castle as needed to bring shops in, security, and prestige to get new missions. There's scripted parts that happen too. They often lead to injuries. If you are knocked out in battle or get dinged in a scripted event, you get an injury. Camping (you have up to 6 camping supplies at a time) or staying at an inn/castle heals injuries. Length - A - With the expansions this game and the sidequests get to a good 70 hours or so. It starts to drag a little at the end, but generally kept my interest. Difficulty A- - Adjustable. You can play on easy mode or almost impossible. Early in the game is more difficult with weak equipment and less people. It's a six person active party, and you will definitely need all spots filled when you go to the HQ abandoned castle or to Lord Raeric's castle. (11 total join, I think I had 4 join me before abandoned Castle HQ with one joining at the castle. I had a hired fighter as well in my party there) Once you start getting "exceptional" level equipment, more spells (fireball, neurotic lance, summoned creatures), more special attacks (knockdown) and "soulbound" equipment, things get easier although if you go places you shouldn't go early, you will learn real quickly. Side quests are more difficult than the main quest by and large. The castle basement levels post HQ are extremely tough the further you go (you're not supposed to finish the end parts until near the end of the game - take it part at a time). Some of the bounties are difficult at lower levels (the monks were my toughest fight). The mercs and the wizard sidequest is tough anytime with the wizard and his crew extremely tough boss. The eyeless quest in the expansion (toughest non-bosses in the game). As expected in RPGS, the toughest fight is not the final boss. It's the fight at the bottom of your castle and the fight in one cave in what was thought to be a routine sidequest. You don't have to fight them, however depending on the circumstances. You could talk your way out of one of those fights with the right attributes. Combat and Play Control (PC) - B - Easy for me to work with for the most part. I prefer turned based to real time since I like to control everything, but for real time it's good. One 1/2 grade demerit goes to the absurdly low level cap of 16. That really pissed me off. One real nice feature however is that you can (for a cost) retrain your characters from level 1. That's nice when you need to change a character's role as someone enters the party. Beginnings and Endings - B - The beginning is vague as is the midgame background. Eventually things start to make some sense at the end and tie the main quest and expansions together. Bugs - B+ - I think I had one freeze and that's it. Price - B - The game and both of the expansions/DLC were under $35. Overall - B - It's a good game. I'm currently playing the sequel which I so far prefer to the original, but at the same time it makes the original better. I highly recommend playing this game before playing Pillars of Eternity II. II is a true direct immediate sequel and it will spoil much of the first game, much more than Dragon Age games and even more than Mass Effect games (which also has some direct spoilers).
  10. I beat the painting (strong enemies) on level 30 - 2nd attempt. Oomph, Erik's earth damage per turn spells, Multi-thrust and Unbridled Blade (with Plantinum Powersword from casino - may have been +3 at this point) saved me. The toughest fight on strong monsters has been the Slayer of the Sands of all things. The big boss took me three tries. It was also 3 or 4 for the damn Act 2 arbonia dragon, which was my toughest opponent of all in the first playthrough (regular enemies).
  11. Level 60. Got all except 4 "sidequests" completed. I'm putting the battleground one off till dead last since that monster beat me even on regular strength enemies. The new dragon between Arboria and the Snaerfelt is also on my "dead last" last followed by the 4th fight challenge (which I only beat at around level 72 on REGULAR enemies). Going to start working my way towards the postgame dungeons now.
  12. Probably the toughest boss I ever fought was Mudo (Murdaw) on the emulator form of DQVI. Hellcloud comes close.
  13. In regards to the races, thank God for the Xbox Controller than works on the PC. I got past Platinum Difficult races because of that. As far as Sylvando goes, let me guess. Slayer of the Sands on hard monsters? That's a nasty fight.
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