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  1. Ugh I don't know how to use this new fangled forum, like quote selectively n #$*!. Dwaine thanks for the wordy response, it saved me a ton of time researching and your even handedness. I usually just seem to trigger people . Mission accomplished! Yeah I did recall that Japan has an ultra nationalistic can do no wrong streak. The comment was pretty nasty and the reaction calling for his death was really not the best approach to changing hearts and minds either. Just annoying that video games has to put up with the mixing of whatever politics that someone does on their own time.
  2. Ugh don't me started on this. Oh well too late. If you are easily offended please look away. So I'm guessing what happened is the following: Some nothing loser video game "journalist" NPC combs what xe considers far-right Japanese TV show for dirt to gain notoriety. Maybe it is far right but it's hard to get an objective look at things in another language, and I don't trust most "journalist". Plus one of those a-holes dissed my DQ5r translations so their taste is clearly questionable! Sugi baby said something bad about a protected class with a very powerful and rich lobbying group. (
  3. Lo. I got me a Snes classic (well 2 snes classics and 1 nes classic and 1 playstation classic.) and I used hakchi2 to load DW4 with the below game genie codes hardcoded. Everything seemed fine with disabling tactics with "Try out" (well except for inconsistent spell screen flashes, donno what's up with that) until I met up with Chaos dolls in chapter 5. If a character got confused and took a turn the game crashed with a C7 error. I tested out picking "Use no mp" tactic but had the same issue, so I thought it was nintendo's emulator, clover-kachikachi-wr. So I spent considerable time figur
  4. Hmm, if I knew how to make it easy to work together using an Android app probably could get a lot of assistance. Kids these days always on their phones! Also looks like there was some typo correction in the 3ds version. Not too big of a deal though. ã“ã®ã‹ã£ã“ã†ã€€ã‚ãã¡ã‚ƒã£ãŸãªâ€¦[Line]{MALIBELL}ã¯ã€€æ€ã£ãŸã€‚[Line] <FF20> thought about[NL]changing outfits.<FF0B> ã“ã®ã‹ã£ã“ã†ã€€ã‚ãã¡ã‚ƒã£ãŸãªâ€¦â€¦ã¨[Line]{MALIBELL}ã¯ã€€æ€ã£ãŸã€‚[Line] #9999[Line]She realises she's had enough of her current look, and decides it's time for something new.[Line] If I only had more
  5. Oh yeah sure, I really wanted to be careful in my criticism. If I has a volunteer to de-accent the script and also target some of the place changes I wouldn't mind that. Though otherwise the PS version is already done and it's something I can do with minimal assistance. Hmmm, who could possibly help with that sorta localization.
  6. I did fine a version with the symphonic tracks inserted back in, it's named "Dragon Quest 7 US - UNDUB - SYMPHONIC" Anyway the main reason I am posting is to say I seriously tried giving it a chance. The dialogue to start was OK. Using Pilchard instead of fish wasn't too bad, though it was beaten to death. I did get annoyed at the overuse of kipper, wta is that? The Scottish accent wasn't too bad either, it seemed to fit well. Then I got to the town formerly known as "Dialac" and things just went to hell. The dialogue was so thick with a fake germanic accent that I had to strain my min
  7. Yah, just need a lil direction and a lil push. ^.^ Though depending on how legit the reports are DQ7 may still require a tweak.... Midi? Ugh! I'm doing better. Had some health issues that sound scarier than they are. Soon though I'll be makin some coin and feeling even better I'm really out of the loop.... I thought DQ7 3DS was already out. o.x
  8. *Casts vivify on the topic* Wait what, you guys got a C&D and ya stopped? SAWFT! Just kidding, C&D's mean SE actually cares (about money) and it was obvious a release was imminent. If SE would have sent one for DQ5r PS2 that would have been "great news", but I think they really didn't care because it was a version that had no chance of release outside of Japan. I'm regaining my enjoyment of life now (I think I can now look past a localization that tries way too hard) so I might even give DQ7 3ds a whirl. Wondering if the legit cart would run on a 3ds with arm9loaderhax..
  9. After pressing send while using the quick (not full) messager in firefox I just see the slime sending animation continue indefinitely. When I open another tab and check if the message was sent it appears as if it did. kthxgoal. Edit: Ok it finally did dismiss, though not sure if it was after a long period of time or if it was triggered by me posting this bug report.
  10. No prob, In the next few days I'll post an update there, got some news.
  11. I said the magic words and gerb fixed DQtranslations right up.
  12. Don't ask me. Wait what, I didn't as you for anything. Testy. Damarsman popped back in a little while ago, but then disappeared again. I don't know how to get ahold of him. Well let me know how long you noticed it was down first, maybe it's routine?
  13. That is definitely from the Debug menu. Those a story warps/flags. Yeah, the only issue is DW7PSX has 3615 entries and PQ7PSX has 3625, so someone would have to find the extras and remove em. What, Phantasy Quest VII? lol Hey Tom, you were part of DQTranslations, right? Is there anything you can do about the DQTranslations site being down? How long was it down? Damarsman would be the guy to ask. Also I need a DQ7 3ds um, hookup *hack*cough*hinthinthint*.
  14. That is definitely from the Debug menu. Those a story warps/flags. Yeah, the only issue is DW7PSX has 3615 entries and DQ7PSX has 3625, so someone would have to find the extras and remove em.
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