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  1. I did the $88 dollar one as well. I have a contest idea for best original game and so set up a quick free site and forum http://nesmakerclassics.webstarts.com/ and well will see what comes of it, I won't be winning. I have slowly but surely been learning 6502 from a fairly good book I found online. I was sure I'd get to make a basic NES game but doubted it would be too advanced, with this and some 6502 anyone should be able to make a half decent game, and with some work I do believe some great new games will be made. I am going to restart and complete my DW 1.5 game which has sat since we made the RPG Maker game. And I spent years on a game for O.H.R.RPG.C.E which is 80 percent done, it will be redone and improved as an NES game, with all copyright material removed from it. Am interested to see how they figure out the music. I learned to make decent midi music but this is different Joe says... Probably the only kickstarter project I'm ever going to back. Really surprised it hasn't been done sooner. *** I guess I lose enthusiasm for things quickly, I cancelled my pledge. Sure it will be a fun little program when its released but I should probably do something more productive with my time than nostalgia, and it didn't seem I was too welcomed with my idea of a contest with an entry fee. I guess things on the internet should be free.
  2. I liked 1984 but probably not in my top books. Recently I read The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. I can highly recommend it, the movie is good too but different. I am currently re-reading a series I haven't read in 20+ years. The Riftwar Saga of books by Raymond Feist. I then plan to read all 40 or so of his books, I've read about a dozen long ago. Hobbit and Lord of the Rings of course. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is great. The 6 volume Clan of the Cave Bear series is near the top of my list by Jean Auel. The DaVinci Code was fantastic but the movie sucked a lot! I got through Don Quixote book one and enjoyed it, book two is supposed to be better. Duncton Wood sprang to mind, amazing story of moles or shrews or some rodent. HP. Lovecraft, am slowly working through the complete works of his. Have had long time plans to read the complete Shakespeare but so far have only managed to get done Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, and Macbeth. Read most of the Cantebury Tales. Right now I' half through a large 6502 Assembly manual. Actually quite a good read in itself.
  3. Anyone else backed this project? I have high hopes for it. The documentary The new 8-bit Heroes is also worth checking out.
  4. I don't know which would be best, VIII would impress the most I'd say because of the graphics and overall polish. I just gave my nephew his first DQ game and it was IX because all he plays I think is DS and it was the easiest and cheapest to obtain. He also got a 16" large plush slime to begin his Dragon Quest adventures.
  5. Downloading, looking forward to playing it. Am hoping the mess of a game I've been puttering at on and off for 5 years is done this winter! Cheated on some of the music but am happy I created... 60 % of it and 70% of the sound effects. I chose something different than RPGmaker and that will limit the overall game. Hope everyone had great holidays or still are.
  6. I wonder if anyone ever played this through?
  7. Opps, wrong place, all gone, better now...:S
  8. Yes a wrestling fan of sorts. Been watching since I was about 5, nearly 30 years with the exception of a couple years I took off here and there. And last month I had my first event, I've started a small all women's promotion. www.facebook.com/IWIWrestling there is a website but it's very rough at the moment. Big plans, little money.... interesting dilemma leads to creative thinking. Will be available soon I hope.
  9. Here is a recent pic of myself at my first wrestling event with Leah Von Dutch. http://www.facebook....&type=3
  10. This was a test shoot for the costume... had problems other than it wasn't warm enough for that afternoon.
  11. Hmmmmm, no disrepect to any fan artists from Japan, but as an artist who puts things on the internet I have to say this. Unless someone is making money off my art or claiming they did it then I don't care. Even if they're saying they did it I don't care, I doubt it would happen to me. Also I try to put my name on everything as well which none of them seem to do which is frustrating. As pointed out this was many years ago and links don't last forever. Had I not saved these creme de la creme of the pics (lots were crappy) I'd have never seen any again and not been able to share them with others on occaision. Now they were originally put on the web I would guess to be shared and I am not claiming to have created them and am not profiting so .... if any artist is offended, I am sorry and confused by it. Lessons to learn. Put your name on things. If you don't want it seen don't put it in a public place. If you want something then save it and make backup copies and hard copies and put them in fireproof safes encased in carbonite. Fanny Goldberg did not originally release Friday in 1932. Was sadder learning that than learning Santa was imaginary.
  12. Ok, many years ago I went through Japanese google searching for Dragon Quest, draque, DQ, and the like images. These are fan pics I saved from various places long ago.
  13. Again, here is the torrent for the DQI cd theater. CD and artbook scanned as well as I could seeing as each picture covers two pages. If the Den or Shrine want to use them and put them up on either site go for it. The torrent will be there for a while. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6139696/dqIcdtheater Some of my favourite Dragon Quest art is from the Emblem of Roto artbook I once had and sold to MetalIke. I had scanned many of the images but now only have a few of the scans. I sent those to the Shrine a while back. I like this fan pic I found many years ago on a Japanese site:
  14. Ah the age old question. I think if my DW 1.5 had ever been completed then it would have been the best DW/DQ game ever. Honestly it was great! I wonder if I have a cd with a copy of it anywhere????? Oh it was RPGMaker by the way. But I will have to go with "My favourite DW game is whichever one I'm currently playing."
  15. Started the site in '97 and I've been here pretty much ever since. I don't know what that says about me other than I know a good Dragon Warrior site when i see it.

  16. I love the story, all I can say is when is the movie due out???? oh and games will NEVER be as good as they were back in the day! Of course everyone has a different back in the day but my days were '82 - '95 Now i'm just a littleout of date with things but who cares.
  17. Hello all. It must have been a long while since i've posted in this topic. Again I will say none of them has had quite the same feel as the original had. So DW 1 is still my favourite but 5 did have by far the best story line. DW2 was the most difficult, 3 the most epic, 4 the most polished (damn AI - lol), 7 the longest and 6 the most ... well I never finished it. And as for DQ8..... I still haven't played it ! Bought it 10 am the morning of its release and still its not seen the inside of a PS2. It's a crime. One day I will play it though, one day
  18. Games i'm in the middle of playing are Zelda Ocarina, DW 3 GBC, Resident Evil2 and Master of Orion. But the game i'm most into is Darklands, I've got many many hours invested in it. I guess it is now available for download here along with a review. Anyone who gives it a chance will see what an amazing game it is. Home of the Underdogs - Darklands - Microprose.
  19. As Slime Master says, you need the RTP (run time package) for RPGMAKER 2000 to play Dragon Warrior Remix. In a way you can think of it as an emulator I guess.
  20. Glad you enjoyed the intro It only gets better from there Please let me know all thoughts on it, or any questions. *** Seeing as Slime Master edited his post instead of making a new one so will I. Yes there is "off kilter dialogue" I hope it doesn't detract too much from the game. Please post any other things you note while playing.
  21. I have long said DW1 is my favourite and I guess it still is. The best I think is is probably DQ5. Please try the first release of Dragon Warrior Remix V1.0 especially if you're a fan of Dragon Warrior 1.
  22. You start off with clothes and a bamboo pole. It should be fine and you should start in a room with two old guys behind desks not in King Lorik's chamber.
  23. Hopefully it will have a permanent home here on the Den soon but for the time being it is available on a free site so be patient if it is down when you go there and try again in a bit. Dragon Warrior Remix Site
  24. Its impossible for me to say. They're all special to me in different ways. 1 was the first and got me hooked, 2,3,4 all continued the tradition. 5 was a very great story and a lot of fun. I need a new Translation patch for 6, I invested so much time into that game and never finished. I got to areas and it seemed huge parts of text were missing. 7 wasn't all I had hoped but did satisfy my DW cravings sufficiently. For my money though 1 had it all except a party system. If I had choose one over the others i don't think I could. They're all great!
  25. The only one I haven't finished (due to a lousy trans patch in my opinion) is 6 #1 is an all time classic. 2 is great, 3 is great 4 is great, 5 surprised me and I really loved that one, 6 seemed good hope one day to finish it. 7 was a bit of a let down but still good especially after the long wait. The best one however is.... which ever one you are currently playing.
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