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    My Vices (in no paticular order):<br />Fast cars, SMot Poking, beer, cheap vodka, Aldus Huxley, violence, videogames, xbox, xbox mods, www.xbox-hq.com, Forza, xlink kai, Madden, MVP Baseball, NCAA Football, Gambling, Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, Tech N9ne, Mushroomhead.....<br /><br />My Sports Teams: <br />football: Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys <br />baseball: Cleveland Indians and NY Mets <br />basketball: Cleveland Cavs

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  1. I'm gonna have to side with you on that one. I love Dragon Warrior 4. Its right behind Mario 3 as my favorite NES game. Right now I'm playing Dragon Quest 6, and I have to say this one is a close second. I love being able to catch monsters and fight with them.
  2. Right now I'm playing MVP 05 with up to date 07 rosters and mods with the New York Mets. My record is about 40-28 or something close to that. Playing Dragon Quest 5 and I'm to the part where I have to save my woman. And as allways I'm playing Forza Motorsports on xlink kai. All on my xbox.
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