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  1. Thank god it is Friday. This weekend seemed to have taken FOREVER to get here. Have a bowling and golf tournament this weekend. Gonna be a blast!!!
  2. I just ate a huge salad for dinner, and now looking at all that, I'm hungry all over again! One day I'd love to master a smoker, great stuff always comes out of them! It is a lot of fun. I started getting into BBQ/smoking back in 2012. Have spent a lot of time and money getting decent at it, but there is nothing better than a group of people unable to speak because they are too busy being in a food coma after eating ribs and pulled pork
  3. IDK how I missed a food topic. I cook a lot of BBQ. I mean A LOT. I grill almost every night as well. My smoker gets used nearly every weekend. Here's some stuff I've cooked: Brisket Burnt Ends Smoking a Pork Butt on my almost 40 year-old Weber Kettle Smoked Pork Loin Chicken quarters grilled over charcoal on my Weber Kettle I just really like this picture of my chimney starter going full-bore at 11:00 PM so I could grill some chicken breasts for work lunches Cold-smoking cheese in my propane smoker (used a pellet smoker tube for bot
  4. Hello everyone! It's been a minute since I last visited, but holy hell have things been crazy! My wife and I welcomed a baby girl a few years back, and she'll be 2-1/2 here soon. I feel like a jerk that I haven't visited since I last posted about my surgery back in 2015, but between my daughter, work, and a lot of stuff going on otherwise I haven't really had much time to do much. Kids are great and being a Dad is the best thing ever!!!
  5. Man. All my DQ stuff is in a box at my Dad's house. Best I can do is my PS4 DQ games. I'll have to get something set up.
  6. Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much for bringing Dragon Quest 7 and 8 for the 3DS over to the United States. I originally bought Dragon Warrior 7 on the PS1 and loved every minute of it. I unfortunately lost my copy during a move some years back and the prices for a new copy on Amazon/eBay out of my price range unfortunately. Dragon Quest 8 was easily my favorite PS2 game of all time. I have played this game so much over the last few years that it would be fair to say I have more time invested in DQ 8 than all of my other PS2 games combined. I am looking forward to being able
  7. Figures. I own all the 50% off games but VIII but I don't think my phone will run it.
  8. They forever lost my business when they started running this commerical. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo_hq_lS-GA Oh god. I had forgotten about this commercial.
  9. I found the greatest cereal in the world. It's by Malt 'O Meal. It's S'Mores cereal. It has what are basically golden grahams, cocoa puffs, and marshmallows in one bag. It might just be my new favorite cereal. http://www.malt-o-meal.com/product/smores/ If you can find it, try it. It's amazing.
  10. An NES JRPG that might actually be harder than DW 2. For some reason I really want to play it.
  11. So one of the possible side effects from my surgery was the possibility of a hole developing in my septum. Sure enough I have one after going to my check up today. It's about the size of the end of a pen with the ink retracted (so maybe like 1/32 of an inch, nothing huge) and it's far enough up in my nose that it won't affect my breathing in anyway. I have to shove neosporin up my nose twice a day now for another three weeks in hope that it will allow the hole to heal itself closed. The good news is everything else is healing nicely so it looks like my surgery will have been worth it. I do sne
  12. College is a great place to meet girls. I worked at our campus rec center and there were always girls coming in and I worked with some really cool girls too. Never really dated any but did hang out with a few and am still friends with most to this day.
  13. Thanks guys! I can't wait to see how much better I can breathe after tomorrow. And the next 9 months are going to be an adventure to say the least. As far as meeting someone goes, I was in the same boat about 5 years ago. I was doing everything I could to try and get a GF but after many a night at the bar or club and getting no where I just quit trying. the next week I was with some friends back home from college for christmas and met me now wife that night. We went to middle school and high school together, had a few of the same classes but were never friends in school. We talked for like
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