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  1. This is just wishful thinking, but what if they implemented multiplayer kinda like DQIX. I know it really changes the game, but imagine if you could choose between playing "Eight" or Yangus and you if you wanted to play mp you would have to find someone who chose the other character? This could make for some good replay value considering you could have two storylines ('cept that there aren't many times Yangus and Eight are separated. Maybe once?) Imo implementing this would make the fact that they make monsters appear on the world map more acceptable, because you would also see a crazy Yangus
  2. No. Square has a few games that don't use the 3D effect. Final Fantasy Explorers is one of them. It's usually to save processing power, I guess. It's probably not only processing powers, but also money since for most people the 3D isn't that important. I just hope they adress some of the issues (minor!) that were present in DQ VIII: 1.Alchemy pot with same speed as DQIX 2.Whenever a spell or ability targets the whole party, just say "no one was affected" instead of going through everyone saying "It didn't have any effect on person x", it's small but when you have a billion battles then
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