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  1. i have been playing castlevania:sotn a lot lately and i'm at level 70 and have about 40 hours of game time on it!
  2. hi! i'm sorry for asking this but i just got a boyfriend and he wants me to change my name to Yuffie Kisaragi
  3. i haven't played them all but my favorites go in this order: 1.dw2(hargon rules!) 2.dw3 3.dw1 4.dwm2 5.dwm1 that's all i have played so far i'm mostly a portable gamer in case your wondering!
  4. since this is dw/dq site i want to change my name to Hargon
  5. hey i was just wondering if we could get some avatars for hargon, he's my favorite dw/dq villian! http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics...ster/hargon.png i think this the one i'm talking about.
  6. i'm sorry but i changed my mind, can i be kefka again?
  7. that's trevor belmont from curse of darkness isn't? i have an idea,how about we take all thos images in the breeding charts for dwm1-2 and turn them into avatars!
  8. can i be changed from kefka to Rinoa? it fits me more than the name kefka seeing as how i'm more like Rinoa than kefka.
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