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  1. Knight of Lodis? Yes, individual character leveling, like with every tactical RPG that is not the recent remake of Tactics Ogre. Vandal Hearts is totally linear, and you always end up being the right levels, as lower level = greater XP gains. Vandal Hearts II scales levels totally. You also go, turn by turn, simultaneously with your opponent. And Vandal Hearts: FoJ has not levels, you level up those stats you use.
  2. Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis, on GBA, is better than the Tactics Ogre Remake on PSP. It did everything right that FFT did wrong. Also, I would not call FFT "clunky." It was just a vastly different game. I can play through FFT from start to finish without grinding any more than from what random battles I stumble across randomly while playing through the story. Its not about powerful characters, its about genuine use of tactics. Tactics Ogre's remake is just ridiculously easy. There is virtually no challenge until you beat the game, and the deficit of your gear against the enemi
  3. Shining Force, Shining Force 2, and Vandal Hearts are all three great beginning level tactical RPGs. They are way less complicated than any of the Quest-designed ones (FFT, OB). Vandal Hearts II is pretty complicated, but Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement on PSN and XBLA is pretty entry-level, and a prequel to the original. You can get Shining Force and Shining Force 2 for really cheap--they are included with the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for pretty much every console since the Dreamcast.
  4. I have played through every FFT and Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre game as they came out, save for Prince of Zenobia, which was not released in America in any form. I liked the aesthetics of the remake for Let Us Cling Together better than the original game, but the original had better play mechanics, in my opinion. Knight of Lodis is my favorite game across the FFT and Ogre Battle spectrum. All-in-all, however, I prefer the Vandal Hearts series more. Vandal Hearts II is the best tactical RPG ever made.
  5. I played this game rotten right after it came out. $40.00 well spent. I love Tri-Ace passionately. This was probably the easiest Tri-Ace game, overall, but I still love it to death.
  6. Don't you dare warn him! Pyramid basements are how he learns!
  7. My parents were convinced the NES was the devil, role-playing games were forged in Lucifer's hellish crucible, and the Japanese were baby-eating fish men who dwell in the depths of the ocean. I managed, somehow.
  8. Emuparadise has a working hack of it. I just asked one of the admins.

  9. I approve of your ID name.

  10. I have actually purchased this game in all of its US-released incarnations, beginning with its first. My brother actually bought it back in 91', but I still played the piss out of it. The 3D DS remake was its second-finest incarnation. The best being the GBA version, the worst being the PSP. The difficulty Matrix adds to their remakes is a welcome change. Fighting Barbiccia in the DS remake was fantastic! For the first time in years Zeromus had me on the ropes, too! I still whipped his ass in the end, though. I cannot stress how much I hate The After Years, so I'll avoid that w
  11. All of these wonderful videos are proof that Japanese fans are on a whole other level than we are.
  12. This looks cool! I am somewhat of a badass at designing the kind of statistical matrix you could use to streamline enemies vs. the party throughout the game. I also have a few open-license video game-like fonts I can email you, if you want them. They are pretty nice, and work with RMXP, so I assume they also would with VX (which is like XP, but with a crappy mapping tool). I also know how to make good battle algorithms. Be careful about caterpillar scripts, btw. They can turn around and bite you in the ass when you try to program map events that call for your allies to move aroun
  13. Well, I was planning to work on my game today, but watching all of these videos has unexpectedly made me nostalgic for Dragon Quest IV. That Lucky Star (w/e that is) parody made me sad for Malroth.
  14. My pattern is to name the characters either after characters of my own making, or based on one of the movie/comic/literary/TV fandoms I also frequent, hence my DQIX NCIS group. I actually worship Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He is the will and the way--the path to righteousness. You know Mark Harmon saved some teenagers from a flaming car accident by beating the car apart with a slegehammer, and then he refused acknowledgement for doing so by a news team? You are the will and the way, and Mark Harmonith by thy name.
  15. I remember my friends giving me crap for naming my character weird names like "Batface" and its bizarre-like in older RPGs. I usually name my protagonists Bunkiey now, regardless of gender.
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