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  1. So I assume you got my mail then, Fozz. So yeah, this is my partner indeed. And the one I wait on for Vyenina Castle to be completed! j/k In any event, as soon as we're done with what Fozz has to complete (ie: Aqaveil's ship, Vyenina, Sole Island Cave), we'll hold a hosting session.
  2. Thanks! And thanks for the pointer on FL too. I figured out how to resize several of my MIDIs using that. Only thing that bugs me is that some of em do loop properly in a media player, but not in the BYOND client. But it's okay, I'm pretty sure it's a BYOND bug when the client parses something at the end of the file.
  3. I have to agree, I just looked at the videos, and it just feels like the old DW games... and WOW. Keep up the good work! And do you have any idea on when the demo will be available? and also, do you have a website for your game? First of all, I'd like to give my thanks, and some cookies, to everyone for the support. This is what tells me that this project's worth the effort! As you all know, I'm still a handful of hurdles away from making the battle system. Therefore, I might host the current WIP from time to time, notifying people in this thread maybe a day or two in advance. That could be an interesting possibility, depending on my work schedule. I'll have to get approval from my partner (who is the "artist" of this project, while I am more like the "mechanic") beforehand, of course. There still isn't any official website, simply because we didn't want to draw a lot of attention. There was a time when DW/DQ games went rampant on BYOND, especially when some DW/DQ game's source code was released. Therefore, we wanted to have a solid product to demonstrate before making the existence of this project known. And judging from your reactions, it tells me that the core of the project does indeed look good. My blog on BYOND Members will contain news about this project, although this thread will be the official news source for "No Man's Land". You just reminded me about something: I forgot to include the "key" sound effect when doors open. I'll add that to my priority list, since it'll be a breeze to fix! Thanks a bunch!
  4. I've been thinking about something... I know some people don't really like the MMORPG aspect of BYOND. And in regards to that, I think I have a good idea. I'll release three versions of this game: - One that is one-player only, in which you'll be able to make a party with Luisa's place, much akin to DW3. - One that is limited to 4 players, and that has PvP disabled. This version would be a multi-player coop-only version. - One that's got the classic BYOND MMORPG style, with PvP enabled. While the two first version won't require any administrators, the third will be moderated by a team we will put together whenever we'll start the server. As long as you have the BYOND client installed on your machine, you can play the two local versions (by having the dmb & rsc files and running them locally, which involves nothing more than a double-click on the dmb file). The MMO version will require you to go on BYOND's game page and log in from there.
  5. Well, today I've put a small video demo of the game on youtube. They are not ready at the time I'm writing this, but it shouldn't take too long... Demo - Part 1 Demo - Part 2 As for news on the game, I improved a bit how menus behave, and added stat-boosting seeds. What's left to be done for the game to be "publically" playable: - Bank (this is my next step) - Luisa's Place (for NPC mercenaries) - Damage Floor & Death - House of Healing - Battle System So that's about it for now.
  6. Well, this needs to be discussed with my partner in crime. I mean, it would sure be neat, but it would defeat the purpose of our original class system (can't tell more on that yet). However, if it gets included, rest assured we won't pull an SoE on you and make it a staff-only class. If it gets included, it's included for everyone, no ifs and buts! I'll grab Fraps or Camtasia shortly so I can make a small gameplay video. Of course, this won't include any battle, since combat is not in yet.
  7. Well, you can make your own games with the DreamMaker application that comes with the suite. However, it requires some basic programming knowledge, it is not as user-friendly as RM2K. You need to implement code, make your own "icon" (ie: graphical) ressources with DreamMaker, import your own music and sound effects (it doesn't support mp3 due to licensing issues, but it DOES support .ogg files!). Requires more work than RM2K, that's for sure, but it's much more flexible, plus it's online. However, lag can be an issue due to poor hosts (leeching torrents while hosting is NEVER a good idea, and some folks over there haven't learned that, still...), and as I stated a bit earlier, the engine is a bit choppy. But the flexibility and ease of use as far as coding is concerned are factors that do more than make up for it all. Oh, and on the topic of music & sound, I got a hold of Culix's midis... Awesome work there, dude! Mind if I'd use some of your work? I have several versions of some DQ tunes that either have a pause at the beginning, or that just fade out at the end. And since I'm no midi artist by any means, I'm not capable of "repairing" those midi files. Of course, you'd be credited should you grant me permission! Technically, you could, if you can get a hold of the dmb & rsc files of the game (This is what the BYOND client remotely connects to). That involves most of the time asking the game owner. Of course, that's at your own risks!
  8. EDIT ON MARCH 23RD: We lost the party screenshots by a stupid mistake on my part. We'll make some new ones when we'll host a private demo session for you guys at the Den. The date is, of course, to be announced.
  9. BYOND limitation. The HUD system I use won't let me ajust letters' x/y positions for one or two exceptions. The NES versions had this done correctly, though... As for connectivity-related lag, it depends on who hosts the game. Most of em host their game from their DSL/cable service and go on P2P networks at the same time. The rest is history...
  10. Well, the two other slots are for neckwear (such as a cape), and one accessory (such as the Meteorite Armband for example). While the neckwear would usually be another piece of defensive equipment, accessories will provide various kinds of benefits, as in most DQ games. As for BYOND, it's a massive multi-player platform. The main "pro" of it is that you can basically make any type of game you want relatively easily, while the main "con" is the choppiness of the engine (something you get used to over time). I suggest you try some of the games over there. There are maybe 2 or 3 DQ games on this system (along with 2 dead ones, where drama used to reign supreme... ), so you may want to give those a shot to get used to BYOND's engine. Well, time to get off my butt and work some more!
  11. Forgot two more shots: Hmm... whatdayaknow... I might like the NES old school looks, but that doesn't prevent me from bringing stuff from the SNES series! So far, this is what I've got done on my project: - Fully functional player's menu - Multi-Player partying (for those who don't know, BYOND is MMO-oriented) & relevant basic functions (such as interactive item usage) - Equipment system - Item sorting and manipulation system - On-map spell system - Shops & Inns system - Vehicles, for both sailing & flying - Searcheable areas, such as chests, jars and drawers Next steps code-wise: - Bank - Luisa's Tavern - House of Healing - Death detection (will be needed for battles) - Battle system Once I have this framework done, then we'll be able to shape it around a good story. One step at a time...
  12. LAST UPDATED ON 19/03/2014 - Project is now named Dragon Quest: Timeless Lands You may want to skip directly to page 5 for more recent news on this project. The rest of the pages contain broken image and youtube links. Thanks in advance. Offline Preview: http://bit.ly/1lBGV0I (Requires BYOND suite, available at http://www.byond.com/download ) Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/DQTLProject
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