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  1. Just wondering if you guys heard about this rom hack. http://www.insanedifficulty.com/board/index.php?/topic/4639-dragon-warrior-3-hardtype/ If it's harder than 2, then it'll be frustrating, to say the least... Well I'm going to find out myself! EDIT: Ah, damnit, I thought I was in the general forums. If a mod could move this around, it would be grand. Thanks!
  2. For some reason, VII didn't connect with me. At all. Perhaps it was the fact that it takes about a week of playing hide 'n seek before encountering your first slimes. Not really a fan of the long obligatory intro genre, I must say. Oh, and since I was practically raised by the NES Dragon Quest games, I'll go ahead and say that I thoroughly enjoyed II and its difficulty level. I mean, I've been raised by "Nintendo Hard", so that sort of difficulty was common for me.
  3. I definitely will when I get around the combat system. Meanwhile, here's one I've just made, as I got done with the basic status HUD. Items and equipment will be next. Oh, and the equipment shown in the status HUD are just placeholder pieces, to show what it'll look like. As you can see, the HUD has been influenced by DQ3r (for style) and DQ9 (for stats and equipment piece types).
  4. For some, I did use a soundfont (I believe famicon.sf2) thru VLC playback, and recorded it with Audacity in OGG format. That loops wonderfully throughout BYOND's FMOD implementation. I also used Famitracker to alter the pitch of certain NES tracks, and recorded it in OGG format with Audacity. I wish I was proficient enough with musical tools to compose my own chiptunes, though. I tried my best in 8-bitizing monsters from DQ5 and 6. I can tell you Murdaw will be in as a "checkpoint" boss, if you will, in a similar setup as in DQ6. I definitely plan to have Norturnus as a bonus boss too.
  5. Hey Erdrick, mind telling me where you found the Enix font? Tried Googling for "Enix font", but they give me the Squeenix one. Also, Guided tour of Fortelms, the leaderless mercenaries' capital. Minus the mercenaries...
  6. The old version I have, which is showcased in the first video, was playable, but with the code's way outdated for the newer features of BYOND (which I'd be crazy not taking advantage of). But at this rate, I should be up to par with what I did back in the days shortly.
  7. A ghost litterally came back, apparently...

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      Wouldst thou mindth much giving it up? :D

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      Luckily I have my Poltergust 3000 ready

  8. Whoa hold on there, buddy, did I just bump a REALLY old thread? I think I did, as a matter of fact. Talk about necroing in a big way! It's been a while since I've worked on this, and truth be told, I was lost and confused within the whole code. So I started the whole thing from scratch so I could take advantage of the new features that BYOND now offers (60 FPS GOOOOOOOOO!). And of course, it gave me a great opportunity to redo some systems a lot better than they were. But that's always the challenge when you go back to developping: outdoing yourself. So it no longer is called No Man's Land. I thought that title was just rushed out of nowhere. Me and JP decided to call it Timeless Lands. It will be a tad bit more appropriate to the plot at hand. Here, have some relevant vids! - Under the old engine with the new BYOND. That didn't work out as well as I would've liked. - Under the new engine, using the new BYOND. And with 8-bitized songs (in ogg format, if you're wondering) to boot! - What I just spent the whole night on: HUDs, getting people to talk. Oh, and you has a map now!
  9. For those who are wondering, this game is NOT dead! I had to take a hiatus because of crazy shifts at work, but I've been working on it steadily lately. More info can be found on the game's official site, as shown in my signature. When I'll get spare time, I'll make new videos to show how the game progressed thus far.
  10. Yeah, expect that to happen often during test sessions. Once the game reaches a stable enough state, I'll leave a server on as the main, where savefiles will be kept.
  11. *** PUBLIC SESSION NOW BEING HOSTED *** I'll be hosting the game for the next few days. I haven't had time to do a whole lot of stuff, but that will come soon. I'll be on vacation starting june 21st, so I'll be able to get working on stuff I should've started working on ages ago! For those who haven't tried it, here's a good opportunity. And for those who did, welcome back! Enjoy for the time being, folks!
  12. Sorry... There was a power outage while I was at work... Server's back up now.
  13. Hey MPerry, I found the bug: There's a proc that controls how party followers react when the leader walks. I accidentally left out in that part of the code a reference to call the battle script even though you're a follower. However, only the party leader should be able to call the battle script. I fixed it, was simply an 'if' that I didn't close tight enough in the first place.
  14. DRAGON QUEST: NO MAN'S LAND PUBLIC PREVIEW!!! For those already interested in my project, here is the link to its BYOND hub entry. The server will be left up all weekend, since I'll be out of town, and will only come back sunday evening to see how much you guys screwed my game up! To play this game, you need to download the BYOND suite, which includes the BYOND client (http://www.byond.com) IMPORTANT: HOW TO USE THE BYOND CLIENT Keymapping on the numeric keypad (without numlock on) goes as follows: 5 = Action button (menu, command select) 7 = Cancel button (NES' B button) 8 = up 2 = down 4 = left 6 = right To communicate: 1- Social panel, click on the WorldSay verb 2- Type "wo" along with your text in the pink bar at the bottom EDIT: MPerry and myself tried the game, and there are still a couple of bugs which made the game unplayable. However, it all seems to be fixed now, so I've put the server back online.
  15. This is it! The battle system of Dragon Quest: No Man's Land! Now here's some Q&A in order to try to cover the obvious: Q- How come we hear beeps out of nowhere? A- That's stuff I haven't fixed yet, will be on the public test run. Q- How come some of the HUD's messed? A- This happens with a lot of BYOND HUD-based games that need to refresh client.screen often. Q- How come your guy levels up so quickly? A- Well, for one, I'll need to balance leveling. For two, he's alone against hordes of monsters. That's gonna be balanced as well. Q- How come you don't just run from battles? A- I haven't coded anything aside from the FIGHT command. Wanted the core to be done before I touch anything else. Q- How come the text isn't exactly like the NES battle HUD? A- I'll need to find a way to calculate how many lines a text string will take so I can order lines accordingly. Until then, it'll stay that way. Q- What's this "Waiting for others..." line about? A- Since it's a MMORPG on BYOND, I figured this message was required when in parties with other people. Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jcpmyleO_4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0nMfspe2nM
  16. The mobs you see in the video are actual mobs, with their stats already defined (I had to define those first prior to building the actual system that's gonna process those stats). And I didn't even have to use DM's proprietary DMI format for icons; I let the game handle PNGs of the monsters (which we re-ripped ourselves, for better format control) and parse them internally. Result: ressource file is MUCH MUCH LIGHTER! And thanks to Culix's advice, I learned how to get music looping properly with Fruity Loops. So no, you won't get any stupid silent gap while the midi file loops, nor any fadeout because the original author of this or that mid file didn't make it loop. My main objective with this project is to make it look as close to the real deal as possible, and I won't stop until I get that result.
  17. Man, I'm on fire today!!! New video!!! (if it's not available yet, just wait a few mins) This showcases how encounters are triggered. Needs to be polished a bit, but it show the main concept.
  18. Well, we'll certainly look into that. But now, it's that time of the day again! It's time for another teaser! Name alignment complete! Working for up to 4 enemy groups! Yayz! EDIT: The next one... I did it for the lulz! O.O
  19. Well, as far as coding goes, for now I have pretty much everything covered. However, once the battle system is up and running, my job won't be over! I'll have to code in PvP, casinos (yup yup!!! with the monster arena, too!! ^_^), and a lot of small sub-systems that will add depth into the game. So maybe I'll need help then. However, I'm not alone in this project, so I can't go around taking whatever decision I want. Fozzbozz will be taking care of all that's "arts-related" in the game, as well as administration & moderation (since I want absolutely no part of being a mod), so he has an equal part of decisional power in regards to any game-related decision.
  20. I know you'll probably hate this answer, but I never give out ETAs. Otherwise, I feel rushed to finish stuff out because people have expectations and stuff... And there's no better way to screw a project up than by rushing it. However, it shouldn't really take long.
  21. Battle system is under construction! I have no video yet because I'm still at the point of making it look right. Well, at least, the game generates random monster parties, instead of fixed ones. More to come soon, I'm not letting this part go until it's completed. And once it's completed, the game will be ready for a public test drive!
  22. NEW STUFF!!! DRAGON'S DEN EXCLUSIVE!!! Latest Video Preview (Video is about an hour or two away from being available to teh masses) In this video, I show: - Damage Floor & Death Detection system - Vyenina Castle - Paths yet to be explored in the small excuse of a storyline we have Enjoy! EDIT: Sorry about the mashed-up colors on the character, youtube didn't seem to like that's character's tastes in colors!
  23. Sorry, image host went boom due to a mistake of my part. Same for the screenshots before I restored them. So you may take off the link in your sig, it's just linking to some random pic because it won't find anything at the URL your IMG tag points.
  24. Just to let new people to this thread know: screenies are down for the moment. I'll get to fix this as soon as I can. Either that, or if I can't retreive them, I'll create new ones that will basically display the same thing as the old ones.
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